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Quote1.png Why are you? [...] I am because I have loved with torrid abandon. I am because I've laughed my father's laugh and I sang the songs my grandmother sang in a ship crossing water. I am because I've bled, and I've suffered, and found joy from between the fetid trees, and in barber shops. Quote2.png
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Frenzy (real name Lloyd Jefferson) is a stoic, philosophical member of the Sisterhood of Dada with the ability to became a living cyclone of chaos. A sculptor filled with a hunger for change, especially in regards to race in America, he joined the Sisterhood to bring about the Eternal Flagellation, making him an enemy of the Doom Patrol.


  • Aerokinesis: Jefferson is able generate strong currents of wind, aided by the machinery strapped to his back.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series {{{Source}}} and is an adaptation of Frenzy. The original character was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case and first appeared in Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #26.
  • Frenzy was portrayed by Miles Mussenden.



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