Lloyd Ventrix was an an ex-con who acquired a suit that allowed him to turn invisible.

Ventrix was divorced from Helen Ventrix, who had the custody of their daughter, Kimberly. Using the invisible suit, Lloyd sneaked into Kimberly's bedroom and posed as her imaginary friend "Mojo". During one of these meetings, Lloyd learned that Helen and Kim were moving away from Gotham and he did not like the idea. Using the invisibility suit, he started a crime spree to acquire some wealth and convince Helen to stay in Gotham, but his actions only attracted the attention of Batman, who deduced Ventrix's identity after a quick research. However, by the time he warned Helen about her ex-husband's scheme, he had taken Kim away.

Batman followed Lloyd and stopped him from kidnapping the little girl. Lloyd tried to escape using his invisible technology and after a long chase, he was forced to fight the Dark Knight. For the most part, Lloyd got the upper hand of the fight, mostly because of his invisibility, but once Batman figured a way to spot him, Lloyd was knocked unconscious in a few seconds.



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