Loana is the fantasy wife of Kal-El, a dream induced by the Black Mercy.

In this vision, Krypton had not exploded, and as such Kal-El grew up on his native world and lived there his entire life, never venturing to Earth nor becoming the famed Superman. Kal-El met a Kryptonian recordkeeper named Loana, and they fell in loved and married. Their marriage produced a son, named Van-El.

Loana reflected a duality of Superman's love interests, Lana Lang and Lois Lane. Loana had the appearance of Lana and the personality of Lois. Had Loana actually existed, it is likely she died during her childhood, perishing during the doom of Krypton, which eradicated virtually all Kryptonians.


  • Loana-El was voiced by Dana Delany, who also voiced Lois Lane.



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