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Lobo is a Czarnian slaver who killed the rest of his people except for his beloved Princess Sheba. He is imprisoned in a maximum security prison in Colorado. Lobo was discovered unconscious in a crashed spacecraft in the deserts of New Mexico along with many other alien slaves. After attempting to escape the prison, his strength and ferocity was realized and he was restrained in the most effective manner. Eventually Lobo manages to overpower the reverse polarity restraints and escapes. He easily destroys every wave of defense the prison had to offer and escapes the prison, vowing to destroy Earth as soon as possible, but not before getting revenge on the prison's Director Maxim.[1]


Lobo is eventually tracked down by another Czarnian bounty hunter who is revealed to be the "real" Lobo, claiming that he is in fact an imposter.[2]

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Lobo was among the many prisoners kept in a prison called the Catacombs. He was later freed by Maxwell Lord alongside several other prisoners (Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Rustam, and Johnny Sorrow), who eventually succumb to Lord's influence. It is revealed by Amanda Waller that Lobo, alongside the rest of the prisoners released by Lord, was a member of Amanda Waller's first Suicide Squad. Batman eventually implants a bomb into Lobo's brain and detonates it, blowing up Lobo's head. After Lobo regenerates, he discovers Batman did so to free him from Lord's control. Lobo was among the many heroes that Batman rallied after Maxwell Lord gains the Heart of Darkness and uses it to control the Justice League. [3]

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