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Lobo Land is a pocket dimension engineered by Lobo, using the reality-altering power of the Death Metal.


The reality was created by the Czarnian bounty-hunter Lobo, using the Death Metal (actually a shard of the reality-altering Element X). He populated this dimension partly with Czarnian-like people, including Czarnian version of Prime Earth's heroes. The heroes of this universe were more violent than their Prime Earth counterparts. Lobo dubbed it "Lobo Land".[1]

When planet Krypton exploded, a scientist launched a space pod, deciding to send to Earth. When it crashed in a field, it was discovered by a human couple and inside of the pod, they found a strange-looking boy. He later went to become the super-powered hero Superman.[1]

After a night at the cinema of Gotham City, a family was ambushed by a mugger, who was killed by their little son; later he became the Batman. Meanwhile, the Wonder Woman of this world only cared about dolphins, seeing humans as lame and killing a man she once saw floating near Themyscira, after mistaking him for a dolphin.[1]

At some point in time, the Flash, Martian Main Man-hunter, the Spectre, Superman, Wonder Woman and other super-powered beings came to form a super-hero team.[1]

When the Batman who Frags ambushed Lobo and Brainiac, the Czarnian hunter defeated him and sent him into the reality. After landing in the new reality, the Batman Who Frags was ambushed by this world's Justice League, who beat him up.[1]


  • Batman
  • Cyborg
  • Justice League
    • The Flash
    • Green Lantern
    • Martian Main Man-hunter
    • Superman
    • The Spectre
    • Wonder Woman


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