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"One Hit Wonder": Hanging out at Al's Diner, Lobo stands up in surprise when he sees himself on TV, pummelling the Uptown Crowd from last night, the footage backing the new hit song from Somekinda Rapguy. Darlene exclaims how "hunky" he l

Quote1.png Whaddaya think I am -- a brazeer? Th' Main Man don't need no support! Awright! Sooner we get this gig started, sooner I'm stinkin' rich! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #13 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1995.

Synopsis for "One Hit Wonder"

Hanging out at Al's Diner, Lobo stands up in surprise when he sees himself on TV, pummelling the Uptown Crowd from last night, the footage backing the new hit song from Somekinda Rapguy. Darlene exclaims how "hunky" he looks on TV and asks for his autograph. Lobo graciously takes the pen and signs Darlene's chest to her dismay. Al is impressed that his best client is famous, and inquires just how much Lobo was paid in royalties. Th' Main Man's face drops and he becomes infuriated by the injustice of not seeing a single credit for the use of his image, putting his fist through the TV set in a fury.

Talking his way past the receptionist at Big Bux Records, Lobo finds the man in charge in the Sex 'n' Drugs Dept. Grabbing Mr. Bux by the throat and seating him uncomfortably on one of his awards, he demands reparations. Bux tentatively explains that the copyright ownership rests with the maker of the image, not the subject. Before the cheated Czarnian can rip his head off, Bux reminds him he can still cash in on his trending fame. While all the current merchandise in Lobo's image is copyright, Bux proposes to make 'Bo a star in his own right, starting with a fresh look.

In the Image Dept. Lobo is test fitted with several new looks, Bux attempts to convince him the "transvestite" act hasn't been used in sometime. When Bux tries to further persuade Lobo, by asking the opinion of another band in the hall, they foolishly laugh at the "Mabonna" persona which results in their collective heads being crushed together. A hook in Bux's nose is all the assurance he needs that Lobo's real image is the way to go.

Bux formulates his client's fast track to stardom, sending Lobo first to the recording studio to create the single, "I Can't Sing That Fraggin' Crap." Next is a live television interview that ends with the interrupting host getting his microphone forced into the opposite orifice of its intent. Pulling up to a crowded venue, Lobo violently parts the throng of people thinking there must be free booze or something, only to discover it's his own signing session.

On Paradise Island, an exclusive retreat for the rich and famous, Somekinda Rapguy gets another anonymous call, tipping him off to Lobo's show tonight where he will be able to get more footage for his next video.

At the Hardkore Bowl, Lobo yanks the announcer off stage to bypass the supporting act and rocks out with his angry single. The crowd responds well until Lobo spots Somekinda Rapguy filming him once more, and drives off the stage to shove the camera down his throat before stomping him into a puddle of flesh. The horrified audience turn on him, and the Main Man's fifteen minutes of fame are over as he hews his way through his former fans. The whole incident is recorded by his supporting act, Little Milt and the Schmilts.

From his prison cell, Lobo watches his murderous rampage as it backs the hit single from Little Milt and the Schmilts, "Angel of Death." As no felon can profit from his crimes, Lobo screams in frustration as their lucrative song plays on repeat.

Appearing in "One Hit Wonder"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Uptown Crowd (On a TV or computer screen)

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Bux's Receptionist (Single appearance)
  • Arnie (Agent) (Single appearance)
  • Phil (Recording Engineer) (Single appearance)
  • Little Milt and the Schmilts (Single appearance)
  • Somekinda Rapguy (Only appearance; dies)
  • Anonymous Caller (Presumably Little Milt) (Single appearance)
  • Bam Bam Bam (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Etrigan (Cameo)
  • Penguin Gang Member (Cameo)
  • A Gorilla (Cameo)
  • The Main Man and the Scumbuckets (Band; mentioned only)
  • Clony Cloni Clone (Band; mentioned only)
  • The Barfbag Surfers (Band; mentioned only)
  • Simon and Periwinkle (Band; mentioned only)


  • Al's Diner
  • Big Bux Records
    • Sex 'n' Drugs Dept.
    • Image Dept.
    • Recording Studio
  • TV Studio 1
  • Paradise Island (Rich Rock Stars Only!)
  • Hardkore Bowl
  • Prison


  • Alcohol
    • Auld Headache Beer
    • Gutrot Beer



  • Song titles in this issue include, Vampire Codpiece Love by Bam Bam Bam, Suck Knuckle Butt-Head by Somekinda Rapguy, I Can't Sing That Fraggin' Crap by Lobo, and Angel of Death by Little Milt and the Schmilts.
  • In the Hardkore Bowl audience you can spy cameo appearances of a Gorilla (a DC trope), two of Lobo's Penguin Followers, and a few rows into the centre, the back of Etrigan's head.

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