"Lobo, P.I. Part Two: The MacGuffin Man": On Planet Malteez, in the heart of Hammer City, the landlord of a crummy building talks up the areas potential to a prospective tenant, and inquires what his line of business is. Lobo lights his cigar and tells him he's a bounty hunt

Quote1 See, ya should never make threats unless ya can back 'em up! Otherwise, what happens when ya come up against a monster like me? Quote2

Lobo (Volume 2) #15 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 1995.

Appearing in "Lobo, P.I. Part Two: The MacGuffin Man"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Al
  • Darlene
  • Dawg
  • The Falkon (First appearance; dies)
  • Eddie the Head (First appearance; unnamed)


  • The Protection Gang (First appearance)
  • Big Jake (Mentioned only)
    • Big Jake's Gang

Other Characters:

  • Landlord (First appearance)
  • Hammer City Council (Single appearance)
  • Bank Manager (Single appearance)
  • Lobo's Clients
    • Stacked Dame (Single appearance)
      • Bunny (Mentioned only)
    • "Sherlock" (Single appearance)
      • Watson (Mentioned only)
    • Jilted Wife (Single appearance)
      • Albert (Mentioned only)
      • Albert's Secretary (Mentioned only)
  • Ratties (First appearance)
  • Public Health Officials (First appearance)
  • Spillane (First appearance; campaign posters only)
  • L.E.G.I.O.N. (Mentioned only)
  • Vernon Z. Qigly (Mentioned only)


  • Planet Malteez
    • Hammer City
      • City Hall
      • Pan-Galactic Bank
      • Building 221
        • Lobo's P.I. Office
        • Al's Diner (Hammer City; grand opening)


Synopsis for "Lobo, P.I. Part Two: The MacGuffin Man"

On Planet Malteez, in the heart of Hammer City, the landlord of a crummy building talks up the areas potential to a prospective tenant, and inquires what his line of business is. Lobo lights his cigar and tells him he's a bounty hunter, or rather a private detective, after the Landlord's reluctance to accommodate such a dangerous occupation. Lobo throws his knife, skewering one of the many rats in the office against the wall. He removes the blade and tastes the blood to intimidate the nervous owner. The Landlord hands Lobo a list of people he will need to see in order to file an official return for his tenancy, who in turn, writes him a bad check before starting the processes of becoming a licenced P.I.

The City Council is not impressed by Lobo's records, and when he misunderstands the requirement of a test to mean his physical prowess rather than an oral exam, the stuffy old men usher him quickly out the door, explaining he will hear their decision at a later date.

At the Pan-Galactic Bank, the manager is staggered by the erratic, irresponsible money management of the cannibalistic brute now asking for a business loan. Lobo explains without money he becomes irascible and he's likely to take it out on those he considers responsible.

The Landlord of building 221 over-embellishes the gritty location to two more clients interested in restaurant space. Al is determined to make his business work in Hammer City, and remains optimistic for Darlene, despite the dingy surroundings.

Lobo is already advertising his newest venture, and while his first client is aesthetically pleasing, her assets prove to be too distracting for him. He amends his first attempt by giving his undivided attention to his next, but his silent, stony stare only unnerves the timid man who excuses himself. His final meeting with a jilted wife is also a debacle, when he blames her for her husband's philandering.

After a long, unprofitable day, Lobo leaves his office to find a joint to drink at. As he steps out onto the street, he sees Al and Darlene surveying their newly refurbished diner and calls out to them in surprise. Al's head drops in anguish as Darlene tries to console him. Their first customer - once again - greets them jovially by slapping Al on the back and Darlene on the tush. Al groans miserably as his worst nightmare points out he lives right above them, before they are interrupted by two public heath officials investigating a rat problem. 'Bo directs them upstairs, though they are too late, as the dog ate them already. Lobo returns to guiding his friends inside when they are halted once more by three thugs running a protection racket. Without hesitation, Lobo buries his fist into the first hoodlum and commandeers his axe, which he uses to cleave off its former owner's ear, followed by his associate's hand, disarming him. The third threatens to torch the building, until a chained hook smashes the molotov in the goon's hand, immolating him instead. As the lowlife fireball runs down the street, Lobo decides the other two should pay him protection money, and parts them with their cash. As soon as the protection gang flee, two tattered health inspectors also make a running exit, escaping from a "mad dog!" Lobo hands Al all the cash he just pilfered to open up a tab. Al is astounded. Not only did Lobo pay in advance, but the scuffle did no damage to the premises at all!

As evening falls, the Hammer City vigilante know as The Falkon soars over the rooftops, evading the incoming fire of eight heavily armed henchmen with jetpacks. One of his wings is struck by laserfire and he falls to the ground, conveniently outside the building of a private detective. His entrance wakes Lobo from his drunken slumber and the wounded Falkon pleads with him to protect his luggage from Big Jake's gang. They are spotted by the pursuing criminals through the window and fired upon. Once The Falkon offers him ten thousand credits, Lobo shoots back, eradicating them all. Unfortunately for 'Bo, the winged hero died from his injuries, and without paying! Lobo decides to check out what could be so important inside the case, only to find a living, bodiless head.


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