"Lobo, P.I. Part Three: Laddy in Cement": Suspended upside down, bound in chains, Lobo is interrogated by Big Jake on the whereabouts of Eddie the Head. A gorgeous dame tries to convince him to talk, but his stubbornness gets him dropped head first into a barrel of Kwik-Set

Quote1.png Somebody's gonna end up in plaster for this! Somebody else, that is! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #16 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 1995.

Appearing in "Lobo, P.I. Part Three: Laddy in Cement"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Eddie the Head
  • Mia Culpa (Single appearance)
  • Dawg


  • Big Jake (First appearance)
  • Big Jake's Gang
    • Hoss
    • Mikey
  • The Protection Gang
    • Morry
  • Ratties

Other Characters:

  • Hammer City Police
    • Lieutenant Keitel (First appearance)
  • Al (Cameo)
  • Darlene (Cameo)
  • The Falkon (Deceased)
  • Spillane (Campaign posters only)


  • Planet Malteez
    • Hammer City
      • The Docks
      • Building 221
      • Nail-Studded Club
      • Hammer City Carnival (Mentioned only)
      • Maltiez Military's Secret Weapons Factory (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Lobo, P.I. Part Three: Laddy in Cement"

Suspended upside down, bound in chains, Lobo is interrogated by Big Jake on the whereabouts of Eddie the Head. A gorgeous dame tries to convince him to talk, but his stubbornness gets him dropped head first into a barrel of Kwik-Set Cee-Ment and dumped into the harbour, like so many others who now sleep with the fishes. Encased in concrete, he has time to reflect on the last few hours that led him to this predicament.

Al and Darlene, having heard the commotion outside, exit the Diner in their sleepwear to find all the dead bodies of Big Jake's Gang. Upstairs in his office, Lobo makes Eddie the Head to explain why the dead Falkon thought he was so important. Eddie recalls how he was a mentalist at a carnival until Big Jake made him a lucrative offer to memorise the secret military formula for high explosives. The getaway went sour and Eddie lost his body in a mincer accident, but Big Jake's medics managed to save his cranium. He was stolen from the hoodlums by The Falkon, which brings him into Lobo's possession.

Some of the buildings rat population help themselves to the Lug on the floor, but Dawg pounces on them and eats his fill.

As Big Jake continues with how important he is, making him the most sought after person in Hammer City, police cars arrive at the crime scene where a pile of dead bodies litters the sidewalk, arresting Al and Darlene who are standing right beside them. They return shortly after as the two innocent bystanders direct them to the real culprit.

Lieutenant Keitel bursts into Lobo's office with his squad, warning the P.I. reclined at his desk not to make a move. Lobo defiantly flicks the ash off of the end of his cigar and the boys in blue open fire. Lobo yields and Keitel approaches him, demanding to know where Eddie the Head is. Lobo feigns ignorance, and after a thorough search of his rat-infested room, the coppers turn up nothing and begrudgingly leave.

With Eddie stashed in a place no one would find him, Lobo sets out to find Big Jake, hoping to claim a reward on the prized noggin. His enquiries lead him to the Nail-Studded Club. He leaves his arsenal with the coat check girl and orders a drink at the bar. His presence is noticed by members of the Protection Gang he messed up, who plot their revenge. While Lobo turns to ogle the headline act, Mia Culpa, one of the goons spikes his drink.

As the the Mickey Finn takes effect in the bar, the rats in Lobo's office plot their own attack on the murderous dog.

His senses may be dulled, but Lobo is still lucid enough to catch the thugs sneaking up behind him in the bar mirror. He lands the first blow and pummels the two-bit gangsters mercilessly. With the joint cleared, the Main Man staggers up to Mia asking for an urgent introduction to Big Jake... and perhaps a quickie beforehand. The groan of police sirens encompasses the dive bar and Mia drags the woozy private dick out the back, narrowly evading Lieutenant Keitel's raid. Unfit to drive, Lobo mounts his hawg, straddled by the sultry singer and speeds off, blasting his way through a campaign billboard of Spillane to escape.

The rat revolution advances, but even their numbers are no match for the savage beast who sends them retreating with his wild, bloodthirsty hunger.

Mia advises Lobo to head for the docks, where Jake is every Friday night. Interrupting the unloading of a drugs shipment, Mia runs to her man while her companion stumbles behind, offering up Eddie the Head for a cut of the action. Big Jake doesn't even bother to negotiate and sends his men to rough up the brazen interloper.

At the bottom of the waterfront, Lobo flails his legs to rid himself of the congregating crabs as well as topple himself upright. Waddling from the ocean as a cinder block with legs, Lobo assures himself someone is going to pay.


  • This is the first of the Lobo P.I. issues to incorporate "The Ratties" strips throughout the main story.


  • Lieutenant Keitel is an homage to actor Harvey Keitel, even stating, "I'm one Bad Lieutenant!"
  • Big Jake's smuggling boat is named "Monkee Bizness" and is from Key Largo, Malteez.
  • The Kwik-Set Cee-Ment is produced by Boulting Bros. the company featured heavily in The Qigly Affair.

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