"Lobo, P.I., Part Five: True Pulp Dogs": Al slumps on the counter dejected, no amused by the irony that his diner is the only thing left standing amongst the flaming rubble that what was formerly Hammer City. Lobo blames the gasman for the d

Quote1.png I'm ruined! Beaten down, never to rise again! I must be jinxed! Any ordinary psychotic maniac would have destroyed the diner -- and left the city standing! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #18 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1995.

Synopsis for "Lobo, P.I., Part Five: True Pulp Dogs"

Al slumps on the counter dejected, no amused by the irony that his diner is the only thing left standing amongst the flaming rubble that what was formerly Hammer City. Lobo blames the gasman for the disaster, before coming to the conclusion that without P.I. credentials, and with no clients in a razed city, it's time for him to move on. Despite everything, Darlene holds him back for a goodbye kiss. Excited by the display of affection, Lobo invites her up to his office, which she rebuffs, disappointed in him. He leaves respecting her refusal, if not disappointed himself.

Emerging from the underground transit system, the remnants of the HCPD investigate a distinct odour in the air. They follow the scent to Django and his Killa Rasta Gangstaz passing a bong of vegan red around. Their attempt to bust them for possession is met with savage retaliation, as Django and his crew slaughter the outmatched officers.

As Lobo rides over the smouldering debris of the city on his way out, he comes across the remains of Quarantino's Bar. He helps himself to a seat - and a drink - beside the dishevelled owner, Tartan Quarantino, who amuses himself by reciting philosophy.

Back at Al's Diner, there is very little Darlene can say to Al who has hit rock bottom. Just when they think things couldn't get worse, Django storms in demanding the whereabouts of Eddie the Head. With a defeatist sigh, Al leads them out back to the microwaved skull. Looking down the barrel of a flamethrower, Al quickly divulges that only Lobo knows the explosive formula now. The Rastas take the two hostage and escort them up to the roof, where Django announces himself and his terms over a megaphone. Lobo manages to hear the demands over Tartan's one-sided dialogue, and sets out, after shutting Quarantino up with a keg of Lug to the head.

Instead of a head-on assault, Lobo sneaks in through to the diner via the sewers, but Steppin' Razor is waiting for him. He manages to avoid the Rasta's bionic blades, but they cut through his trusty chain. Unarmed, Lobo grabs the first thing in his vicinity, the Pro-Nuker microwave, and Steppin' Razor's head violently joins Eddie's.

Assuming someone will be watching the stairs, Lobo scales the outside of the building and peers through the window, where Big Bong squats smoking with his back to him. He prepares to ambush him when he is blindsided by Big Yout' and held down by his mechanical claws. Restrained, Big Bong forces the Czarnian to inhale his powerful drug. With one last effort, Lobo kicks Big Yout', sending him backwards out of the window, but the smoke takes immediate effect, and Big Bong accompanies the baked 'Bo to the roof.

Django threatens to kill his hostages if the hazy Lobo doesn't share the secret formula with him. Lobo happily complies, saying it's right here in his pocket. Big Bong stops him and takes the parcel out himself, identifying it as ordinary plasteek, just before it detonates. Punching Killerman back into Django, Lobo dives for Big Bong's gun. Killerman unleashes all of his implanted cybernetic arsenal and Lobo returns fire. When the smoke clears, it is Killerman who falls, leaving only Django. Lobo is engulfed in flame and tumbles down the stairs into a bathroom. Django stands over him and reveals he was the one who betrayed him to El Bastardé, but before he can finished the job, Lobo quickly grabs a burst pipe and douses the flamethrower then knocks out his opponent.

Jonas spots Lobo pull into Space City Robinson and a crowd of bounty hunters forms as he tosses the bound traitor in front of them. While all those who have been victims of Django's betrayal exact revenge, Lobo seeks an apology from Bunsen. His former bounty agent admits Lobo was right, and asks for an apology in return, only to receive another fist in his face. Lobo is not bothered by Bunsen's renouncement and heads over to his new bounty agent, Tartan Quarantino.

On Malteez, the government decide to rebuild Hammer City, bringing in almost ten thousand construction workers, and there is only one place in the entire area they can go to eat... Al's Diner.

Appearing in "Lobo, P.I., Part Five: True Pulp Dogs"

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  • Django
  • Killa Rasta Gangstaz
    • Big Bong (Dies)
    • Big Yout' (Dies)
    • Killerman (Dies)
    • Steppin' Razor (Dies)

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