"Welcome to Cheezworld": Lobo and Jonas head off to the job Quarantino has booked them, a cushy security gig at a theme park.

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Lobo (Volume 2) #19 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1995.

Appearing in "Welcome to Cheezworld"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Walt Dizzle (Only appearance; dies)


  • Harry Dizzle (Only appearance; dies)
  • Henry Dizzle (Only appearance; dies)
  • Frizzle Dizzle (Only appearance; dies)
  • Dave (Only appearance; dies)
  • Apus (Only appearance; dies)
  • Spidermonkey (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:


  • Space City Robinson
  • Cheezworld (Destroyed)
    • Administration Building
      • Walt Dizzle's Office
    • Vanda's Big Wheel of Fortune
    • Beer Concession
    • Roller Coaster
    • Leisure Lake
    • Frankfurter Log Flume
    • Angel Gabriel Skytram
  • Simian City Safari Park (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Welcome to Cheezworld"

Lobo and Jonas head off to the job Quarantino has booked them, a cushy security gig at a theme park.

They arrive at Cheezworld in high spirits, with Lobo assuming it's going to be more like a vacation than work. They pass a disgruntled youth with a can of glue, planning a little retribution for some slight the park caused him.

They meet with the owner, Walt Dizzle, and his three sons, Harry, Henry and Frizzle. Walt shows them the first anonymous letter demanding $50,000 credits, followed by the second which threatens to detonated a bomb in the park if he doesn't close down. Lobo questions the upset owner, asking him why his own security can't handle it. Walt explains they all quit to work at Simian City Safari Park. One of his sons defensively interrupts Lobo's line of questioning and orders him to find the bomber... in uniform!

The scheming youth quickly flees the administration building with his glue just as the two macho bounty hunters try to refuse wearing the ridiculous rabbit outfits to blend into the crowd. Walt explains they're already under contract and sends them on their way.

With the delusions of their holiday dissipating, the two costumed comrades are soon mobbed by a bunch of obnoxious, demanding children. The Dizzle boys watch Lobo chase the ankle-biters past their window and mention how he'll have to die if he gets in their way.

Lobo grabs a handful of two babes he passes as the duo patrol the gaming booths when Jonas spies a suspicious looking character heading for the Ferris wheel. He follows him on the ride while 'Bo checks out the concession stand and fills his suit with beer cans. His flirtation with the barmaid is cut short when the shifty guy Jonas was tailing - who turns out to be suicidal - crashes through the roof.

Just as they regroup, an explosion sabotages the roller coaster. As much a Lobo would enjoy to just watch the impending carnage, Jonas reminds him they've been hired to protect the the park, and they divert the oncoming car into Leisure Lake. Lobo's keen sense of smell recognises the explosives as Boomex and he follows the distinct scent to three masked men who immediately open fire on them. Jonas dives for cover but 'Bo takes several bullets to the torso, puncturing his beer cans. Jonas provides cover with his Krupps while Lobo commandeers a frankfurter log flume to flank the assailants. He shoots two dead on the descent and crushes the third on his approach.

Walt Dizzle runs towards the scene just as Lobo unmasks his son Frizzle. With his last breath, Frizzle accuses his father of being a "stingy old coot," always making them work with no time to enjoy themselves. As Frizzy dies in Walt's arms, Lobo realises that only the first note was extorting money, the second wanted Cheezworld closed down.

They board the skytram to survey the park and spot a shrewdness of simians setting a bomb underneath the Ferris wheel. Lobo calls out for them to halt, but they instead blast the skytram off of its rails. While Jonas struggles with his one opponent, Lobo dispatches the rest with ease and comes to his aid. With all the apes from the rival park defeated, Lobo returns triumphantly to Walt Dizzle who is not as impressed with his performance. Three dead sons and a his life's work in disrepair, he angrily demands they take off their costumes and dismisses them. Jonas' suit won't come off, having been coated with glue on the inside. As they walk away from Cheezworld, the charge placed under the Ferris wheel detonates, sending it rolling through the wreckage and crushing Walt.


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  • Walt Dizzle is a parody of Walt Disney, with Cheezworld the equivalent of Disneyland.
  • The phrase, "Swing me 'round till I'm dizzy!" is said seven times throughout this issue.

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