"Incident in a Men's Room": Lobo and Jonas survey the entire Joe Pensi Mob through the window of a crowded dive bar. To avoid fragging any babes, and to keep their insurance rates down, 'Bo spikes the booze with a diuretic, drawing all the outlaws

Quote1.png "Giant rabbit shoots dead urinatin' outlaws!" It ain't gonna look good on my record, 'Bo! Quote2.png
Jonas Glim

Lobo (Volume 2) #20 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1995.

Appearing in "Incident in a Men's Room"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Joe Pensi (Only appearance; dies)
    • Joe Pensi's Mob (Only appearance; all die)

Other Characters:

  • Restroom Patron (Single appearance)
  • Local Sheriff (Only appearance; dies)
  • Squatter (Only appearance; dies)
  • "The Grapper" (Single appearance)


  • Where the Wild Things Bar
  • Public Toilet (Destroyed)
  • The space once occupied by Planet Hoozer (Flashback only)


  • Diuretic

Synopsis for "Incident in a Men's Room"

Lobo and Jonas survey the entire Joe Pensi Mob through the window of a crowded dive bar. To avoid fragging any babes, and to keep their insurance rates down, 'Bo spikes the booze with a diuretic, drawing all the outlaws outside at once to the public restrooms to minimise collateral damage.

They head into the spotlessly clean men's room to wait for the diuretic to take effect. Lobo shoves the janitor aside as he and Jonas position themselves against the urinal. Lobo is interrupted mid-stream by a tap on the shoulder, causing him to turn and finish relieving himself on the bathroom attendant's leg. The polite man mentions that Lobo seems familiar to him. Lobo recognises him immediately as Gold Star and angrily shoves the mop in his face for not remembering his own nemesis! Gold Star reveals he can't remember anything, not since he was recovered from space after the planet he was on presumably exploded. The two bastiches decide to take advantage of the goody goody supercheez's amnesia and explain that his name is "Dick" and he's their slave.

The prank is interrupted when a stranger hoping to use the facilities excuses himself as he passes between them, receiving death stares in return. Nervously, he tells the two burly men giving him dark looks that he can't go with anyone watching. He is immediately booted out of the exit. Before they can barely get back to ribbing Gold Star, the man returns with the Sheriff. Lobo and Jonas sandwich his head between their fists then finish by ramming him through the wall. Again, just as they attempt to toy with "Dickeroony" once more, they investigate a noise in the last stall. Since it's nothing more than a vagrant squatting in his makeshift home, the boys return to reminding Gold Star of the life debt he owes them. Gold Star is appalled to hear he was a such a bad person and the two cruel masters dish out a severe beating as punishment.

'Bo suddenly wonders what's taking their targets so long and takes a peek outside, only to see a line of them hosing down the side of the bar. Disgusted by their laziness to walk across the alley to take a leak, the two bounty hunters announce themselves before blasting the goons dead as they try to reach for their guns.

Joe Pensi investigates the sound of gunfire outside with a rocket launcher in tow. Lobo and Jonas dive for cover and retreat to the restroom as the remaining members of the gang pin them down under heavy assault. The small building isn't holding up to the relentless salvo. The homeless man in the end cubical asks them to please keep the noise down when he is vaporised by an incoming missile. With no other means of escape, Lobo asks Gold Star (Dick) to fly them to safety. The clueless former hero has no knowledge of being able to fly, posing like an idiot with his arms outstretched and going nowhere, until Lobo motivates him with his hook in a sensitive area. The painful surprise causes Gold Star to propel himself upwards, returning to rescue the two bullies who take advantage of their new position, dropping a few frag grenades onto the last of Joe Pensi's Mob. Remembering they killed the local Sheriff, they make for the next town to claim their reward.


  • Lobo's next publication appearance is in Showcase '95 #6.
  • In this issue, Gold Star's name is written as "Goldstar" without the space for the first time.


  • No trivia.

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