"Return of the Space Cabby": Standing before a Judge in the Scar City Courthouse, the hapless Space Cabbie finds himself facing a string of serious charges. He pleads to doing nothing more than his job and explains the situation.

Quote1.png Think you own the road or something, friend? I see punks like you all the time on this job! I'm not afraid of your stares and glares! Quote2.png
Space Cabbie

Lobo (Volume 2) #21 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1995.

Appearing in "Return of the Space Cabby"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Barrington Wilkes (becomes a demonic insect)


  • The Satan's Shnooks Gang (Single appearance; all die)
    • Sammy (Leader)
    • Sammy's Girl

Other Characters:

  • Scar City Judge (Single appearance; unnamed)


  • Scar City
    • Scar City Court House (aka Scar City Law Caughts)
    • Scar City Int. Airport
    • Cheap n' Cheerless Bar and Grill Concession
    • Big Bounty
  • Sector 2154 (Mentioned only)


Synopsis for "Return of the Space Cabby"

Standing before a Judge in the Scar City Courthouse, the hapless Space Cabbie finds himself facing a string of serious charges. He pleads to doing nothing more than his job and explains the situation.

To escape the mundanity of his usual beat in Sector 2154, the Space Cabbie takes on a time job, but as soon as he reaches Scar City International Airport his client runs off without paying, leaving him stranded without enough money to make the return trip. He's soon approached by a large, sweaty man introducing himself as Barrington Wilkes, who insists on a ride despite the Cabbie's reluctance without a licence to operate in Scar City. The gentleman coughs up blood and threatens to sue if he is not taken home immediately!

On the gridlocked highway, Lobo, straddling his hawg, strikes a match on the roof of the space-taxi to the Cabbie's displeasure. He rebukes the punk for his behaviour, receiving a face full of smoke followed by a fist for his trouble. The light changes and Lobo speeds off. Nursing his nose, the Cabbie turns to speak with his passenger who seems to have fallen asleep.

Lobo, who has been tailing the Satan's Schnooks, is ambushed by the gang up the road. He manages to dive off of his bike but the gunfire sprays a tanker of "nuke oil" causing a massive explosion. The Space Cabbie witnesses the conflagration, but before he can take a detour a burning figure emerges from the flames and calls for a taxi.

Lobo commandeers the passenger seat against the Cabbie's wishes as he already has a fare, even if a mucus membrane is starting to grown over Mr. Wilkes. Lobo impatiently forces the Cabbie to follow his bounty targets by stepping on the accelerator himself, despite the red light. They tear through the city, tracking down stray members of the gang, leaving mayhem in their wake before they find the leader Sammy and the rest at the Cheap n' Cheerless Bar on Highway One. Held at gunpoint, the Cabbie ploughs his vehicle into the bar while Lobo serves death from the passenger window.

The gang is slaughtered with the exception of Sammy who launches his bike off-world and Lobo forces the Cabbie to pursue without clearance. The meter reads 25,000 credits and climbing but 'Bo reassures the driver that he always pays his debts. Sammy leads them into an asteroid belt. The Cabbie is reticent but obliged to pursue, just as the husk that was once Mr. Wilkes completes its metamorphosis into a grotesque alien insectoid that attacks Lobo. While Lobo is distracted, Sammy takes his vantage point and unloads his weapon on the space-taxi. With his cab taking heavy fire the Cabbie makes one last play, pressing the turbo ignition. Sammy watches in awe at the cab's evasive manoeuvres, while not focusing on his own trajectory straight into an asteroid.

The Cabbie lands what's left of his precious taxi outside the nearest bounty office and Lobo inquires what he owes. The Cabbie reaches for the broken meter which reads, "free ride." Lobo walks off happily while the SCPD arrive to arrest the reckless cab driver.

The Judge considers the tale, but without any witnesses to verify his defence, the Space Cabbie is sentenced to 500 years hard labour. As the poor man is escorted out of court, a space-taxi riddled with holes swoops down and Lobo yanks him inside. The bounty hunter tells him how he stole the cab out of the impound lot and came back to give him his 100,000 credits earned for helping take down the Satan's Shnooks. 'Bo suggests they head to nearest bar but the Cabbie requests the nearest auto shop instead.


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