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"Underworld Unleashed: Soul 2 Soul": In the middle of space, the Cosmic Rock Zombie radio satellite finishes playing the speedthrashdeathjunk metal song, I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks. The overgrown D.J., Wolfman Wilf, announces the next song, I Killed My Folks (No Acci

Quote1.png What an ignominious end fer th' galaxy's top assassin -- bit ta death by a billion fraggin' ants with th' Devil's own music blarin' in my head! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #22 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1995.

Synopsis for "Underworld Unleashed: Soul 2 Soul"

In the middle of space, the Cosmic Rock Zombie radio satellite finishes playing the speedthrashdeathjunk metal song, I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks. The overgrown D.J., Wolfman Wilf, announces the next song, I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks, the same song he's been playing on a loop for thirty years. Having not left the studio in all that time, Wilt decides he can't put off getting a haircut any longer and brings in Tony LePoni as a temporary replacement. He warns the young D.J. that all he has to do his repeat the same song constantly to keep Lobo happy.

Across the universe, Lobo tracks down his bounty target, Doc Bugg, to Earth by scent. The Main Man is rocking out to the violent music playing in his head... until Tony decides to take back the airwaves and play soul music. Lobo assumes there must be some interference and starts punching himself in the head to rectify it as he directs his hawg to New York City.

New York is in chaos, with spreading fires and roaming demons, just as 'Bo remembers it (in his mind.) One demon tries to attack the passing alien but Lobo retaliates with his firearm. Doc Bugg recognises the unique gunshots and runs in the opposite direction, murdering a man standing in his way with a sandwich board reading, "Pray, for the end is nigh!" Bugg suddenly realises Lobo has tracked him this far so there is no chance of escaping him. In desperation, Bugg pleads to whichever Earth deity will listen to him... and Neron answers.

Tackled from his bike, Lobo dispatches the offending demon with his blade before savagely bashing his own head against a brick wall in an attempt to alleviate himself from the sickening soul songs. Not far away, Neron informs Bugg he will give him the power to defeat his enemy in exchange for his immortal soul. Bugg agrees, asking Neron to make him a super-villain. The demonic salesman allows him to choose his own powers, and at the sight of Lobo approaching he requests something "apt." Neron grins and obliges, transforming Doc Bugg into the Bugmeister! Now hearing through his legs like a spider, the anthropomorphic arthropod questions how his new form is supposed to defeat Lobo. Neron is apathetic, vanishing just as the bounty hunter arrives.

Confused, Lobo recognises the scent of Bugg but he doesn't match the image on the wanted poster. It doesn't help that he has another mawkish melody being beamed straight into his skull which he hammers into the tarmac. Suffering, he orders Bugg to go back with him immediately so he can fix the dweeb at the radio station. Bugmeister summons his fellow insects for aid instead, and an army of ants swarms over Lobo, biting him mercilessly. Collapsing in pain next to a damaged street light, Lobo grabs hold of the loose wires, electrocuting himself whist frying the ants also. Bugmeister takes flight to regroup his forces but Lobo shoots his wings and he plummets to the ground. Not wanting to delay a second more, Lobo steps forward to execute the Bugmeister, falling into his pitfall trap instead. Lying in a hole burrowed by thousands of creepy crawlies, an avalanche of insects buries Lobo alive, that is, until he starts eating his way out from under them.

With all his power, the Bugmeister amplifies his ultrasonic pulses to summon a monstrous beetle from beneath the earth, commanding it to destroy his foe. Lobo fights fire with fire, whistling at his own ultrasonic pitch, sending the giant beetle against its master. Bugmeister focuses his abilities to overpower Lobo's instructions but is struck in the face with a chained hook. The beetle takes the Bugmeister in its pincers and just as Lobo is about to demand his release, the trauma of the terrible track throbbing in his brain causes him to instead derive some pleasure from watching his bounty be devoured instead.

As Lobo mounts his hawg, Neron manifests, offering him anything he wishes for the price of his soul. Lobo agrees quickly and Neron claims his payment before asking the Czarnian's greatest desire. Lobo rejects the suggestions of wealth and power and demands Neron's soul in return, a fair exchange. Bewildered, Neron anxiously imparts that he has no soul. Furious, Lobo prepares to open Neron up for welching on his deal. Avoiding petty violence, Neron returns Lobo's soul, offering him a free request as compensation for the misunderstanding. Lobo decides there is something else he wants, he'll even let Neron keep is soul for it. Lobo leaves Earth, finding relief in the silent vacuum of space, while Neron frowns at the sound of Thriller pounding in his head.

Back at the C.R.Z. radio satellite, Lobo draws close behind the enthusiastic Tony LePoni, inquiring if he is the D.J. Tony foolishly acknowledges his role, while proudly proclaiming his hate of metal and love of soul. Lobo puts a bullet through his head.

Appearing in "Underworld Unleashed: Soul 2 Soul"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Wolfman Wilf (Single appearance)
  • Tony LePoni (Only appearance; dies)


  • Doc Bugg aka Bugmeister (Only appearance; dies)
  • Neron
  • Demons

Other Characters:

  • Oedipus Wrecks (Band; mentioned only)
  • The Lo-Lites (Band; mentioned only)
  • Jackson Five (Mentioned only)
  • Smoothdoods (Band; mentioned only)



  • Lobo's Micro-Radio Implant (Removed)



  • Lobo's next published appearance is in Showcase '95 #9
  • Because it was never revealed in the comics if it was the original Lobo or his clone that survived after the events of Lobo (Volume 2) #9, this issue is often used as definitive evidence that it was the original who survived, as he still had the micro-radio implant in his brain.


  • Wolfman Wilf had been playing I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks at C.R.Z. for thirty years under threat of violence from Lobo should he ever change it.
  • Soul songs include, Where Did Our Love-Thang Go? by The Lo-Lites, A Kissy Kind of Love by the Smoothdoods, and Thriller.

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