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"The Duel": As Tartan Quarantino reads the confirmation letter of Lobo's insurance policy, Lobo and Jonas head into the Big Big Arms Bazaar. Lobo is excited to update his armoury, while Jonas is content with his tr

Quote1.png Oh man, I knew I wuz gonna have fun t'day! Just fraggin' knew it! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #26 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 1996.

Synopsis for "The Duel"

As Tartan Quarantino reads the confirmation letter of Lobo's insurance policy, Lobo and Jonas head into the Big Big Arms Bazaar. Lobo is excited to update his armoury, while Jonas is content with his trusty Krupps 101 Infinite Setting Beam Blazer. While checking out the sights, Lobo trips on a cable, spilling his beer on Erik the Khund's totem pelt. Lobo callously takes the sacred fur and wrings above his mouth so as to not waste a drop. Erik is extremely insulted by this and slaps Lobo, challenging him to a duel to the death as per the Khund's Savage Code. Lobo accepts without hesitation, but one of the Bazaar's staff members objects, until Jonas knocks him out. Lobo is about to attack with his hook 'n' chain, but Erik stops him, informing him that under the Khund's code, the insultee gets to choose weapons.

To Lobo's disapproval, Erik chooses rapiers. A crowd starts to form around the duelling duo, and when Jonas overheads someone predict the Khund to win, he starts taking bets on the action. Lobo draws first blood, carving "Bo" into his opponent's chest. Furiously the sword fight intensifies until both of their rapiers snap under the pressure. They both stab each other with the broken rapiers in a stalemate and agree to escalate the duel. Lobo commandeers a Shokfist military gauntlet and a Powerax while Erik grabs an energy whip and a war hammer. Both still standing after a savage brawl, the indestructible adversaries advance to firearms, followed by bazookas. The Bazaar security forces who eventually show up to try and stop the fight are obliterated in the crossfire.

Battered, but not broken, the relentless rivals take the battle to the air. Lobo picks a biplane, while Erik pilots a One-Man Blam-O-Copter. The blazing dogfight is cut short when they collide with one another. Both looking worse for wear, Lobo concedes the Khund is tough, and goads if he's prepared to take it to the extreme conclusion. Determined to win at any cost, they both reach for a Binky-brand nuclear warhead each.

Spectators start to panic, but Jonas tells them to exit outside in an orderly fashion, before he himself frantically pushes the crowd aside to escape. Lobo and Erik raise the nukes over their heads and face each other. Jonas and the others watch from a distance as the bazaar is replaced by a mushroom cloud. Emerging from the burning ruins, Erik can be seen, and the excited gamblers demand Jonas pay up. Casually, Jonas motions them to look again, as they witness Lobo walking out of the flames, hoisting Erik's head on a pike.

Tartan sits in his office perusing another letter from Cosmic Insurance. They announce that they will be withdrawing their coverage of Lobo after having to pay out on several thousand claims against him, which has bankrupted the company. Wilson P. Quagmyre finishes by inquiring if there are any vacancies for trainee bounty hunters at his agency. As Lobo struts through the door, Tartan exclaims twelve billion credits is a lot even for him, and queries what caused so much damage. Lobo simply replies that he spilled his beer.

Appearing in "The Duel"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dawg
  • Binky the Bomb (Single appearance)
  • Penguin Gang Member (Cameo)
  • Cosmos Insurance (Mentioned only)
    • Wilson P. Quagmyre (Mentioned only)


  • The Big Big Arms Bazaar (Destroyed)
  • Quarantino's Bounty Agency



  • One-Man Blam-O-Copter
  • Bi-plane


  • Lobo's previous publication appearance was in Guy Gardner: Warrior #29.
  • In this issue Krupps is misspelled as "Krups."
  • There is a secondary comic strip advertising the product line of Binky Bombs.


  • At the Bazaar, there is a wanted poster resembling Mickey Mouse.
  • There is a G.I. soldier at the Bazaar with "Joe" written on his helmet.
  • There is a cameo of a penguin in a wanted poster in Quarantino's agency with a bounty of 10,000 credits.

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