"Seance on a Wet Afternoon": Natur-TV host, Chucky Hesston, is filming the rare carnivorous snails of Kostner's World as they migrate down from the hills to breed during the monsoon season, an event that only occurs once a decade. He admires the rout of gastropods as they cross the quiet, waterl

Quote1.png 's no good! I'm just too tough ta kill by ordinary means! There's gotta be another way! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #32 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1996.

Synopsis for "Seance on a Wet Afternoon"

Natur-TV host, Chucky Hesston, is filming the rare carnivorous snails of Kostner's World as they migrate down from the hills to breed during the monsoon season, an event that only occurs once a decade. He admires the rout of gastropods as they cross the quiet, waterlogged road until he spots headlights approaching. He does his best to halt the oncoming traffic, but a speeding motorcyclist boots him aside and crushes a row of the endangered invertebrates under his wheels. The fallen naturalist nervously finds himself amongst the deadly escargatoire, and they devour the man who thought them "cute" with indifference.

The motorcycle enters the town of Deluge and parks outside the Noah's Fark Bar. A drenched Lobo steps out of the torrential downpour and removes his soaked hat, accidentally splashing a card playing patron behind him. The feral gunslinger takes offence and demands an apology. Lobo is not in the mood, which incites a duel, ending with Lobo putting a hole through his opponent's chest. 'Bo approaches the bar and orders a bottle of booze. Noah asks the stranger if he's in town for the "snail-shag," to which Lobo responds by smashing his empty bottle over the barkeep's head. He tells him he's trying to find Lupus Galoopus and Noah points to the fresh corpse on the floor. 'Bo examines the body but finds nothing to lead him to Lupus' wanted brother, Canis Galoopus, and thinks of an alternative solution.

Madame Sinestra welcomes three bereaved clients into her mystic parlour and seats them around the table to conduct a seance. Within her crystal ball she sees a tall, dark troublemaker approaching. Lobo sticks his head through the beaded curtain and asks if he's late for the "spook show." He bounty hunter joins the table but is unimpressed and impatient with all the mumbo jumbo. Eventually, Madame Sinestra becomes a conduit for a real spirit, and the ghost of Lupus manifests, furious at Lobo for killing him. Lobo demands to know the whereabouts of Lupus' brother, but after the threat of violence towards Lupus and his family and friends, Lobo realises he as no leverage over an uncooperative incorporeal form. Lupus, on the other hand, can cause trouble for the living, and possesses Madame Sinestra to project poltergeist powers. Lobo apologises to the woman being used as a conduit before knocking her unconscious, then warns Lupus that he's coming for him. The Main Man raises his sawn-off shotgun to his temple and sprays his grey matter out the other side, collapsing onto the table. The woman attending the seance screams at the sight, waking the disappointed Czarnian up. Realising he's too tough to kill with traditional methods, he leaves to find something more effective.

At Tuff Mutha Agricultural Meks, Lobo pays two locals to chain him between their tractors and rip him in half. Anxiously, the men oblige with his wishes and rend him right down the middle. Lobo soon takes spectral form and chases after Lupus. The men who assisted the suicide look down on the bisected body and figure no one could ever come back from that. Jed tries to stick to their employer's instructions, keeping the body for a couple of hours until it heals, but his companion assumes he was a lunatic and dumps the divided cadaver in a stream. The remains are washed away to a culvert outflow, were a vindictive snail recognises the motorcycling maniac that squished several of his fellow travellers earlier.

The spectre of Lupus stops fleeing, thinking he can't be harmed, but a left hook from phantom 'Bo teaches him otherwise. Lobo grabs hold of his victim and compresses him into a ball and prepares to eat him. Elsewhere, Lobo's flesh lies vulnerable to a similar fate, as a mob of molluscs start feasting voraciously. With directions to Canis, Lobo returns to the agricultural hardware store only to find his body removed. Fortunately his keen sense of smell is in tact and he sniffs himself out, only to find a skeleton stripped bare.

Appearing in "Seance on a Wet Afternoon"

Featured Characters:

  • Lobo (Dies; as a ghost)

Supporting Characters:

  • Madame Sinestra (Single appearance)
  • Carnivorous Snails (First appearance)


  • Lupus Galoopus (Single appearance; dies; as a ghost)
  • Canis Galoopus (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Chucky Hesston (Only appearance; dies)
  • Noah (First appearance)
  • Jed (First appearance)
  • Jed's Co-Worker (First appearance; unnamed)


  • Kostner's World
    • Deluge
      • Noah's Fark Bar
      • Madame Sinestra's
      • Tuff Mutha Agricultural Meks




  • Lobo's next publication appearance is Lobo/Demon - Hellowe'en #1, chronological Lobo (Volume 2) #33.
  • There are several short strips throughout this issue featuring "Casbo the Hostile Ghost," a Lobo parody of Casper.
  • In this issue, Lobo fails to commit suicide by shooting himself through the temple with a shotgun, despite successfully using the exact same method in Lobo (Volume 2) #27.


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