"Bo on a Dolphin": Suffering from a severe hangover, Lobo applies the only cure he knows besides more alcohol, frolicking with the Space Dolphins. Riding carefree on the back of Lundgren, Lobo feels immediately invigorated as the pod navigate through an asteroid field. A

Quote1 Man, we oughta be in a circus! 'Cept if we wuz, I'd have ta burn it down fer exploitin' us! Quote2

Lobo (Volume 2) #34 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1996.

Appearing in "Bo on a Dolphin"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Space Poachers
    • Captain Ahab (Only appearance; dies)
  • The Satanic Spirit-Forces (Mentioned only)
  • The Evil Reptilians (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Tourist (Single appearance)
  • Activist (Single appearance)
  • SPCA Officer (Only appearance; dies)
  • Celia of the Seals (Single appearance)


  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rigelian Fur Mine (Mentioned only)
  • The Gabi Desert (Mentioned only)
  • Bob's Nova-Burger Stall (Mentioned only)
  • The Twelfth Harmonic Overtone of the Fourth Dimension (Mentioned only)
  • Port of Spain (Mentioned only)


  • Lobo's Spacehog
  • SS Little Lad (Derelict; destroyed)
  • Cosmo's Guided Tours Ship
  • Cosmo's Guided Treasure Tours Ship (Destroyed)
  • Space Poacher's Ship (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Bo on a Dolphin"

Suffering from a severe hangover, Lobo applies the only cure he knows besides more alcohol, frolicking with the Space Dolphins. Riding carefree on the back of Lundgren, Lobo feels immediately invigorated as the pod navigate through an asteroid field. Amongst the space rocks they come across the derelict SS Little Lad and playfully pass through it's silent interior. A piece of metal jutting out snags on Lobo's belt, causing two frag grenades to come loose and drift away.

As they exit the shipwreck, Lobo spots a ship providing guided tours ejecting garbage from the side. Lobo tells them they're not welcome, but an enthusiastic sightseer dons a suit and leaves the craft against the guides instructions. Floating in the vacuum of space, the rogue tourist can't help but express his awe of the beautiful creatures. Running out of words to describe their majesty, Lobo offers "fishy" as an adjective, to which the tourist foolishly corrects him, explaining they're mammals. Lobo punches the pedantic traveller, breaking his helmet, and three of the dolphins playfully swat him around with their tails. The tour quickly moves on to their next destination as Lobo returns to cavorting with his friends.

It's not long before they run into an activist who aims to free all large space-faring mammals. Lobo impatiently points out that they're already free, and has Lundgren swat him away with a flick of his tail.

Before he can even get on his way again, Lobo is halted by a SPCA officer investigating a report from a sightseeing tour regarding illegal interaction with a wild species. Lobo claims he's wilder than they are, but the bureaucrat declares the area a wildlife sanctuary and makes him leave. Lobo and Lundgren head off while the officer tells the rest of the pod they'll no longer be bothered, yet they all abandon the new sanctuary and follow the Main Man to the officer's chagrin.

The pod glides towards the feeding grounds where they encounter Celia of the Seals, who beseeches the dolphins to share their higher consciousness with her. The exhausted Lobo has no idea what she's talking about, but Celia implores that they are really star-beings from another dimension, protecting creation from evil. Aggravated, Lobo informs her that they're only here because they're hungry, before he quickly excuses himself to raid a school of space fish, partaking in the eating himself. After feeding they meet up with Celia again. Lobo exclaims his pal likes her as Lundgren offers her a fish. She recoils in disgust at the thought of raw fish, so Lobo slams her ungrateful head into her suit with the catch.

In the distance, Captain Ahab surveys the pod and prepares to make his move on a group of stragglers. Lobo and the others have their lunch interrupted by an cry for help. They speed away, following the signal to find their fellow celestial cetaceans caught in a net. The poaching vessel fires a warning shot to clear the distraught dolphins as the captured ones are hauled into the ship. They blast off into space as Lobo arrives and knows the dolphins can't keep up. He whistles for his spacehog and catches up with the pirates, who fire harpoons in retaliation, not stopping the Czarnian for a second. Aware that his fishy friends will be drowning in the oxygen, he's reluctant to blast his way in and risk hurting them. Lobo propels himself onto the hull of the ship and rips it open with his bare hands. The vacuum jettisons the culprits who die horribly, while the rescued dolphins gather around their saviour gratefully.

Fully refreshed by immersing himself in the cetacean company, Lobo bids them farewell and launches away on his bike. Without paying attention, he crashes through the unsuspecting SPCA officer's path, leaving a fireball in his wake.

Back at the site of the SS Little Lad, a treasure tour leads a group through the ghost ship's empty bowls. The guide's detector picks up something unusual. He mistakes the frag grenade he finds for an alien receptacle and attempts to open it, killing them all in a huge explosion. The pod of dolphins laugh at the carnage as Lundgren affectionately remarks on what a bastiche Lobo is.



  • In this issue it is stated that Space Dolphins drown in oxygen.
  • Celia of the Seals tells Lobo that Space Dolphins are really, "star-beings from the twelfth harmonic overtone of the Fourth Dimension," and that they're "here to protect all creation against the satanic spirit-forces allied with the evil reptilians." It is unknown if she is accurate of not.

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