"Death Trek 100 Part One: Wagons-Yo!": Hired as a trail guide by Silas Wartz of Splashdown, Lobo sets out on a historical reenactment to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the two pioneering families that journeyed the perilous Devil's Trail to Promised Land. As the c

Quote1.png Beat it, ya chump! I'm bein' paid t' trail guide, not be fraggin' pleasant! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #35 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1997.

Synopsis for "Death Trek 100 Part One: Wagons-Yo!"

Hired as a trail guide by Silas Wartz of Splashdown, Lobo sets out on a historical reenactment to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the two pioneering families that journeyed the perilous Devil's Trail to Promised Land. As the crowd cheers them out of the city, a fellow traveller orders Lobo to wave goodbye. Lobo rips of his arm and obliges using the bloody limb.

Lobo expresses his disappointment that the trek is only a re-creation, but Silas insists everything is exactly how the original pioneers had it, with the exception of the TV support vehicle filming their every move. Silas' nephew Randy leans out of the truck to blow a kiss to beautiful young Juliet Rinosseri in the next vehicle. Silas pulls the boy back inside and scolds him for fraternising with the Rinosseri family. Randy points out that the two families are working together on this event, to which Silas says is different, as it's for profit. The television rights and video sales for trek will fetch a high price. Lobo passes by Juliet's window and propositions her, chuckling to himself as the girl ducks out of sight anxiously.

The sun blazes down on the wagon train as it reaches the base of the mountain. Lobo assesses the narrow road and recommends the TV support vehicle go first, as it will be able to tow any other vehicles should they break down. As the TV crew ascend the risky pass, two gun toting bird boys swoop down and attack them. Lobo races forward to stop the assault and Silas sends his cousin Reno along after him. Lobo quickly catches up just as one of the helpless crew members is thrown over the cliff. The winged bandit watching the back fires at the approaching motorcyclist, but Lobo rears up onto one wheel and crushes the feathered freak under his front tyre. Reno joins Lobo and opens fire on the other ornithological outlaw who has commandeered the truck. He callously fills the new driver's head with holes, sending the support vehicle into a ravine where it explodes violently.

With nothing to fall back on, Lobo suggests they turn back to Splashdown City, but Silas convinces everyone that there are still camera crews waiting at their destination and money to be made. One by one the trucks are lowered down the cliff face by rope, and Randy and Juliet sneak away together before her mother catches them and drags her from him. Suddenly, the rope tethered to the final truck breaks and it plummets down on top of a second, killing five more members of the party. Lobo examines the rope and claims it's been cut. Hoping to weed out the saboteur with his own methods, Lobo is held back by Silas, reasoning it may not even be someone in their midst.

After burying the dead they continue onward into the Forest of Skulls as the sun begins to set. They make camp for the night with Lobo assigning lookout duties, seeing as the forest is home to the native headhunters. Silas asks Lobo what these natives are like, and the guide simply raises his gun and fires a few shots into the air. A dead primitive falls from the trees seconds after. Lobo inquires what's for dinner, and the cook apprises him that all they have is what the pioneers ate, soy-crap. 'Bo drags the native corpse away with him, grumbling that he'll cook his own food.

The young love birds, Randy and Juliet, have to be separated once more, as Silas sits by the fire telling the story of how their feuding families cooperated to survive the harsh environment one hundred years ago. Strangely, just like the original explorers, their expedition lost one truck going up the mountain and two coming down. More disconcerting was the fact that someone in the first crossing betrayed the rest to the natives, losing many people in the carnage. Listening in, Lobo assures them it won't happen on his watch and checks the man on watch. Spinning the unresponsive guard around, Lobo is clubbed over the head with a stone hammer by a native in disguise. The whole camp his ambushed as Lobo lies face down taking repeated blows to the skull.

Appearing in "Death Trek 100 Part One: Wagons-Yo!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Randy Wartz (First appearance)
  • Juliet Rinosseri (First appearance)
  • Silas Wartz (First appearance)
  • Reno Wartz (First appearance)


  • Bird Boys (Single appearance; die)
  • Native Headhunters (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Rinosseri (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Cooky (Only appearance; dies)
  • Grandpop and Grammaw Rinosseri (Mentioned only; die)
  • The Wartz Triplets (Mentioned only; die)


  • Splashdown City
  • The Devil's Trail
    • Mountain Pass
    • The Forest of Skulls
    • The Desert of Despair
    • Hell River
    • Death Valley
  • Promised Land


  • Lobo's Spacehog (With wheels)
  • Wagon Train (Two trucks destroyed)
  • TV Support Truck (Destroyed)


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