"Bomandi, th' Last Bo on Earth!": Bomandi and his Saber-tooth dawg find themselves surrounded by a pack of carnivorous dinosaurs. Bomandi warns them all to back off before he gets mad, poking a tyrannosaur in the face. The apex predator sev

Quote1.png Ha! I don't give a monkey's hump how I got here! This is what I wuz born an' bred fer -- th' heat o' battle! Th' taste o' blood! Th' screams o' the' dyin' an' wounded! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #38 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 1997.

Synopsis for "Bomandi, th' Last Bo on Earth!"

Bomandi and his Saber-tooth dawg find themselves surrounded by a pack of carnivorous dinosaurs. Bomandi warns them all to back off before he gets mad, poking a tyrannosaur in the face. The apex predator severs his hand with one chomp, inciting a frenzied brawl before the monstrous reptiles depart, leaving Bomandi trampled. He sits up wishing he knew how he arrived in this unknown environment, thankful at least for having the loyal companionship of his dawg. The mutt sniffs at his severed hand on the ground and snatches it up. Bomandi chases after him to try and retrieve his missing appendage, running into a group of bipedal dogs. Curious about the talking humanoid, Doc Canis tells his men to capture him for experimentation back at his lab. Bomandi punches the first soldier that comes near him then bolts when the others open fire.

Not long after Bomandi flees with the dog-men in pursuit, a group of four men on horseback materialise. The time travellers gaze upon the "Valley of the Gwangi" and the bounty of dinosaurs they plan to hunt and farm, sending the food back to the starving civilisation of 2000 A.D.

High above the jungle on the plateau, Professor Challenger proudly surveys a "Lost World" untouched by man. One of his fellow adventurers isn't so sure that's accurate, as he discovers a "Jurassik Porc" action figure of Alan Grant.

Not far away, a group of ageing rock stars peer from the dense foliage and decide they've found the perfect location for their "Dinosaurs of Rock" comeback concert.

As the sun begins to sink behind the mountains, Bomandi watches his kill roast over an open fire, discontent with his new stone age situation, that is until a gorgeous blonde dressed in the skin of what must have been a very small animal approaches. Bomandi leers at her lustfully and she points to herself saying nothing but, "Luana." Bomandi hands her a leg of Jurassic pork and escorts her into his cave. Her name repeatedly echoes from the dark while the dawg devours the unattended dinner outside.

Perplexed by the clamshell packaged figure, the explorers check their map of the of the Lost World. They are joined by the cowboys who inform them it's actually the Valley of Gwangi, who in turn are corrected by Robert Plant who points out the site of their rock concert. The humans are all interrupted by Doc Canis and his soldiers, apprising them that they're really in a post-apocalyptic America, a world now dominated by genetically-enhanced animals that enslave humanoids. He orders their capture.

Three burly cavemen find Bomadi's cave and hear Luana's name emanating from inside. Her mate Toomac and his friends run in after her with spears in hand, and a naked Bomandi comes sprinting out. He comes to an abrupt halt when he hears the announcement of the rock concert's commencement booming over the loudspeakers in the distance. The music aggravates Bomandi as well as attracting the surrounding Mesozoic wildlife. When Tiptoe Through the Tulips start playing, Bomandi snaps and enters a chaotic, primal riot that demolishes the stage. The battle royale involving everyone is savage, but Bomandi revels in the carnage before he is sent flying with a swipe of a stegosaurus tail. Before Bomandi has a chance to shake off the blow, a stampeding sauropod squishes him underfoot.

Hazily regaining consciousness, Lobo barely shakes away the memory of the crazy dream before a tyrannosaur looms in front of him. Taken by surprise, Lobo unleashes his weapons, filling the giant lizard full of holes, until he realises he's in a collapsed cinema screening Jurassik Parc. He now recalls that he had followed Lizardboy Malinga to Earth after planting a tracer on him, but the time bandit wasn't going down easy. Their firefight spilled into a nearby movie theatre and Malinga took out a load bearing pillar, bringing down the ceiling. Lobo asks a survivor buried in the rubble how long he was unconscious for before setting out to find his bounty, only to find his leg snagged. He uncovers a "Big Burster" bomb manacled to his ankle but isn't worried. He rips off the chain and programs his own time belt to home in on the tracer he attached to Malinga, sending it on its way.

Inspired by the film that was showing, Lizardboy Malinga transports himself to the Cretaceous Period to lie low until Lobo is dead. He sets up a hammock and relaxes. In the distance he notices a disturbance, and something that resembles his explosive falls from the sky into the crater of a volcano. The cataclysmic eruption is unlike any other, bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Lobo leaves the cinema with an odd feeling. He never got to see Malinga die, and doesn't have proof to claim his reward, not to mention a splitting headache, yet he has a strange sense of satisfaction as if he just wiped out an entire major species.

Appearing in "Bomandi, th' Last Bo on Earth!"

Featured Characters:

  • Lobo
    • Bomandi (In dream sequence only)

Supporting Characters:


  • Lizardboy Malinga (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Dinosaurs (In dream sequence and main story)
  • Dog-Men (In dream sequence only)
    • Doc Canis (In dream sequence only)
  • Prehistoric Man (In dream sequence only)
    • Luana (In dream sequence only)
    • Toomac (In dream sequence only)
  • "Scavengers" (In dream sequence only)
  • Explorers (In dream sequence only)
    • Professor Challenger (In dream sequence only)
  • Dinosaurs of Rock (In dream sequence only)
  • Barney the Dinosaur (Mentioned only)






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