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"Genesis: 3-Piece Suite": Goldstar stands guard in the glow of the Godwave, informing the Armageddon Coach Party that the space they are entering is off-limits, due to the potential reality ending event taking place. He insists the party bus alters its course im

Quote1.png Death... I say to thee nay! Not because I fear self-sacrifice, but for the saftey of others -- for the smiles on the faces of the children -- for the little lambs gamboling in perfect meadows -- for the the Waltons, and the Osmonds, and that little prairie house -- for moms and their apple pies everywhere -- I call upon my powers to banish Death! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #44 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1997.

Synopsis for "Genesis: 3-Piece Suite"

Goldstar stands guard in the glow of the Godwave, informing the Armageddon Coach Party that the space they are entering is off-limits, due to the potential reality ending event taking place. He insists the party bus alters its course immediately, but the only response he receives is a large belch over the speaker. The drunken hooligans then bombard Goldstar with bottles of booze before blowing up his platform and running him down.

Lobo exclaims nobody is going to keep him from celebrating the end of the universe with his fellow renegade bounty hunters, while a slurring Jonas complements his driving, handing him another bottle of Strong Booz. Lobo raises his drink and shouts a toast to the end of days and the death of all heroes, as their party approaches Darkseid's vessel hovering in front of the Source Wall. Billy commends 'Bo on is party venue as he requests clearance for landing. A parademon orders him to leave or be destroyed, which doesn't deter the Main Man from making an abrupt, rough landing.

Goldstar drifts despondently through space, willingly giving in to the void as the Grim Reaper eagerly reaches out to claim him. His past flashes before him, a life of virtue, never straying from the high moral path. He has no regrets, only wishing he could have convinced everyone else to be good too. The darkness engulfs him.

On the deck of the immense Apokaliptian craft, Lobo rocks out with his fellow bounty hunters. Quietus appreciates the venue but Murder complains about Lobo's music choice. 'Bo smashes his guitar over Murder's head. A staggeringly drunk Jonas approaches Lobo go confirm if he's seeing things or if there really is a swarm of parademons bearing down on them. Lobo claims it's everyone for themselves as Darkseid's soldiers crash the party. The sheer numbers begin to overwhelm the small force of bounty killers until Lobo loads two clips of illegal Rapi-Fire Mini-Nukes, turning the tide of battle.

In the very clutches of Death, Goldstar suddenly comes to his senses, wresting himself from the Reaper's ghastly grasp. Unafraid of his own demise, he fears only for the millions who may perish through his inaction. Summoning all his power, he bathes the macabre entity in the aura of his goodwill, banishing it back to the gloom.

With the parademon hordes massacred, Lobo bangs on the humongous entrance, demanding he and the others be let into the party. Alerted to the disturbance, Darkseid, who has no time for such distractions, commands his minion to unleash the Ziggurat. The assembly of drunken idiots outside are enthused to see the cold metal doors swing inward at first, but their jaws drop when they are faced with the monstrous Ziggurat. The alien beast in full battle armour tears through the crowd of intoxicated trespassers, their weapons paltry in comparison.

Above the onslaught, Goldstar uses to his goodygoody vision to confirm that some of bounty hunters are still alive, but concedes his power is nothing compared to the might of Darkseid. Determined to help no matter what the cost, Gold Star willingly opens himself to the unparalleled power of the Godwave. The combined energies of trillions of good souls flood into his physical being - overwhelming forces that he can't hope to control - as the force tears him apart, illuminating the dark in a burst of brilliance that blinds the Ziggurat. Lobo doesn't hesitate and orders his companions to focus their fire while they have an opening. The mighty Ziggurat falls, the wretched creature knowing its lord and master will sentence it to death for its failure. Lobo puts it out of its misery with a clean execution, a reward for livening up a dull party.

As the banged-up tour coach leaves, bottles are ignominiously hurled at the weightless remains of Gold Star rent asunder by the Godwave, by the very souls he sacrificed himself to save.

Appearing in "Genesis: 3-Piece Suite"

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Other Characters:

  • Death
  • Mr. and Mrs. Widdle (Flashback only) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • The Waltons (Mentioned only)
  • The Osmonds (Mentioned only)





  • Armageddon Coach Tours
  • Darkseid's "Kirbyesque" Platform


  • Lobo comments that Parademons fry up good with onions.

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