"The Big Brawl! Part One: The Trouble with Jackie Chin!": Lobo proudly struts into Tartan's office leading his live bounty by a chain. The Big Bopper is worth a big bounty of ten thousand credits, but after the brute bops Tartan over the hea

Quote1.png Sorry, kid, it's mature viewers only. Seeing violence of that nature might well deprave and corrupt you. Quote2.png
Tartan Quarantino

Lobo (Volume 2) #45 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1997.

Synopsis for "The Big Brawl! Part One: The Trouble with Jackie Chin!"

Lobo proudly struts into Tartan's office leading his live bounty by a chain. The Big Bopper is worth a big bounty of ten thousand credits, but after the brute bops Tartan over the head, Quarantino informs 'Bo that he doesn't have the facilities to hold such a maniac. Lobo is obliged to take charge of the wanted man until Tartan can arrange a secure cell, and he can't pay Lobo until the Bopper is officially taken into custody.

Lobo begrudgingly drags the Bopper down the hall, now in serious need of some cash, when Paranoid Jones peeks his head out of the utility cupboard to usher Lobo inside. Jones explains everyone is potentially out to get him and he needs a bodyguard. He pays Lobo enough for a weeks protection, just before a kid pokes around the door to deliver a pizza box from "La Bomba" for Paranoid Jones. Jones panics, thinking it's an assassination attempt, and frantically passes it to Lobo who dunks it in the mop bucket. He inspects the suspect package to find a soggy pizza.

Walking by the poster board with his new client and bounty in tow, Lobo overhears Jonas and Jackie Chin complaining about the lack of work. The Main Man makes a passing remark to which Jackie takes offence. The two exchange threats and insults until the conflict escalates to violence and Tartan turns the fire extinguisher on them. With the scuffle broken up, Tartan addresses everyone, announcing that today only, he has arranged a battle royale brawl for bounty hunters only. Billy asks what the prize for winning is, with Tartan responding it's for the glory of being the toughest bounty hunter on his books. With only one hour to prepare for the big fight, Lobo finds himself burdened with a bulky outlaw and a needy client who won't let him participate.

Al daydreams about a high-class, ritzy diner, but even his fantasies are plagued by Lobo, and his own anxiety explodes his reverie. Darlene comforts him, but looks a little disappointed that they haven't seen Lobo in a long time. The absence of their most abysmal client hasn't stopped him causing Al grief, with a franchisee demanding his money back after Lobo destroyed his business. The front doors of the diner swing open and the Main Man greets his favourite restaurateur, followed by the usual inappropriate acknowledgement of Darlene. He takes a seat with a six-pack of Strong Booz and starts "training." Paranoid Jones tells Lobo he'll have to taste his beer in case it's poisoned. Lobo retorts by exclaiming that if it is poisoned, it will be he who's done it, and pours the beverage down his oversuspicious client's throat.

Not far away, outside the boarded up Lobezno Warehouse, Tartan hangs up a banner for the Big Brawl. A nosey kid asks him what he's doing and Tartan explains, in his pretentiously verbose manner, that the fight is a genius way for his violent employees to find an outlet for their pent up frustration with the lack of work. The kid asks if he can watch the action, but Tartan apologises, telling him viewing such depraved violence could corrupt his young mind. He finishes by impatiently kicking the kid away.

Lobo releases a hefty burp and prepares to leave. He asks Al if he'll look after his prisoner for a while, offering him a five hundred credit tip for the trouble. Al looks at the giant of a man and asks if he's dangerous. The Big Bopper bops Paranoid Jones over the head with his fist, so Lobo climbs onto his back and pummels the thug with a mallet until he's complacent. He hands Al the hammer in case he causes anymore trouble.

Lobo joins the queue outside signing up for the event with an iron ball replacing his hook. Tartan records their name and blunt weapon of choice upon entry. Billy the Girl with a sock full of sand. Knobtail Ferrari and his... knobtail. Jackie Chin brandishing a sledgehammer. Murder carrying a baseball bat. Johnny Quietus wielding a tire iron. Scalyfist Grogan clutching a studded mace. Lunkhead P'zaz clenching a stone club, while his brother Titch clasps a little stone club. Not to mention Jonas bearing his father's thigh bone.

Inside the empty warehouse, the combatants circle around Tartan as he tells them to "get set." Jackie Chin and Lobo stare daggers at each other. At the last second, Paranoid Jones approaches Lobo, reminding him of his obligation to protect his paying client. Lobo knocks him over the head curtly just as Tartan commences the fight, and the Main Man is blindsided by Jackie's sledgehammer from behind. Looming over the felled Czarnian, Jackie asks him how his healing power copes with a pulped head.

Appearing in "The Big Brawl! Part One: The Trouble with Jackie Chin!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Big Bopper (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Big Brawl Contestants
  • Nosey Kid (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Sam "Shnook" Shrimp (Wanted poster only)
  • Malvollo Arcudi aka "The Maske" (Wanted poster only)
  • The Waltons (Wanted poster only)
  • J. Seinfeld (Wanted poster only)
  • Puce Sillis (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only; dies)
  • Fearo the Robot (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • Mike Bytson (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only; dies)
  • Earzilla (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • Evandear Oilyfield (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • The Invisible Man (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • Gassius Clay (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • Grossanne (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)
  • James Bombed (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only; dies)
  • The Hordes of Khan (The Galaxy's Greatest Fights! only)




  • Spazfrag-4 (Mentioned only)


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