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"Bludhound Blood": Vril Dox gives Lobo a lead on a $100,000 credit bounty to capture a terminally ill psychopath named Bludhound before his disease kills him. Following his path of destruction, Lobo calculates that

Quote1 You wicked, wicked fellows! See what happens when you play with sharp things? I'm cranking up the niceness vibes to maximum! Quote2
Gold Star

Lobo (Volume 2) #5 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 1994.

Synopsis for "Bludhound Blood"

Vril Dox gives Lobo a lead on a $100,000 credit bounty to capture a terminally ill psychopath named Bludhound before his disease kills him. Following his path of destruction, Lobo calculates that Bludhound is making his way to Planet Harmony.

Bludhound was indeed on his way to Harmony. After trashing a diner and dragging the owners behind his spacehog, Bludhound notices his right hand swell up, a sign that the final stages of Rob's Disease are stetting in. With little time remaining, he knows he has to stop wasting time and finish his final mission, but first he wants a drink. Catching sight of a commercial spaceship, Bludhoud crashes his hog through the hull and raids the liquor cabinet. The terrified passengers take notice of his swelling feet, so he murders them all for gawking.

On the surface of Harmony, Ernest Widdle cheerfully greets his fellow citizens. The peaceful atmosphere of Harmony is suddenly disrupted by gunfire, as three armed robbers run from the bank. Secretly, Ernest slips out of his public persona and becomes the superhero, Gold Star! Flying in front of the fleeing crooks, Gold Star uses his powers of pure goodness to make the lead see the error of his ways. While the thief sobs on the ground from guilt, Gold Star is distracted by two boy scouts helping an elderly woman cross the street. He flies over to reward with scouts with his gold stars of approval, before returning to the criminals. He gives the lawbreakers the option of either voluntarily enter his rehabilitation program or receive and extra strong dose of his morality powers. The felons choose the former and Gold Star escorts them to the centre amicably.

Hovering outside Harmony's orbit, Lobo finishes reading a chapter of his book, impatiently waiting on his bounty to show up. When Bludhound finally does show, Lobo intercepts him and they unload their weapons at one another. Evenly matched in their crazed ferocity, the two speed head on towards one another in an unparalleled game of chicken. Neither one gives in, and their spacehogs collide in a blaze of glory.

Pleased with himself as he soars over the city, Gold Star's super senses detect the two feuding thugs plummeting from the sky and he swoops in to collect them. He delivers them to the ground safely, suggesting they shake hands and make up before he buys them a round of root beer. The "supercheez's" good nature earns him a sock in the puss from both parties and the continue brawling savagely. Witnessing their wicked nature, Gold Star bombards them with good vibes to halt their violence. Bludhound is the first to surrender to the saccharine assault and reveals his intentions on Harmony.

Bluhound mentions how father was philosopher who experimented on the concepts of good and evil with his own children. His twin brother was raised knowing peace and virtue, while he, Rasputin Widdle, was handed over to slavers for a live of misery. Gold Star is overcome with excitement, he reveals that he is Ernest Widdle, Rasputin's long-lost brother! Bluhound has no desire to bond, he only sought out his his brother so he could "kick th' crap" out of him before he died.

Time is running out for Lobo to claim his bounty, so he shoves two frag grenades into Gold Star's tights, the resulting explosion sends the hero through the wall of his own rehab centre. Lobo sets his sights on his true target, but just as he does, the last symptom of Rob's Disease sets in, and Bludhound's head shrinks until it implodes. With no bounty and a trashed bike, Lobo takes a commercial shuttle off of Harmony. As Gold Star mourns the headless corpse of his twin, he vows to track down Lobo and make him pay for what he's done.

Appearing in "Bludhound Blood"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bludhound (Single appearance; dies)
  • Bank Robbers

Other Characters:

  • L.E.G.I.O.N. (Mentioned only)
  • Bill and Betty (Only appearance; die)
  • Mrs. Pankhurst
  • Mr. Murdoch
  • Boy Scouts
  • Rehab Reception Robot


  • Planet Harmony
    • Gold Star Rehab
  • Bill 'n Betty's Burger Barn
  • Stratus-8 (Mentioned only)
  • Owlsley's World (Mentioned only)
  • Skandex (Mentioned only)
  • Koolin System (Mentioned only)




  • Lobo's Spacehog (Destroyed)
  • Bludhound's Spacehog (Destroyed)
  • Commercial Spaceship (Destroyed)
  • Harmony Shuttle


  • Some of the classes listed on the program at the Gold Star Rehab centre include, Political Correctness, Sensitivity Training, Right and Wrong, Morals and Self-Discipline, Puppet Theatre, Candy Making, Basket Weaving, and Origami.

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