"The Hunting Party, Part 2: You Spat on My Grave!": At Heropolis, the gathered heroes toast the life of Goldstar. An hors d'oeuvre falls from Little Miss Goodasgold's plate and Badlucky Happigo attempts to pick it up. Captain Yodel steps in to recover the cocktail s

Quote1.png Lissen up, ya feeb! When th' Main Man kills somebody, they stay dead! I dunno what th' big difference is with you, puke-head, but don't worry -- I'll soon sort things out! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #53 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 1998.

Synopsis for "The Hunting Party, Part 2: You Spat on My Grave!"

At Heropolis, the gathered heroes toast the life of Goldstar. An hors d'oeuvre falls from Little Miss Goodasgold's plate and Badlucky Happigo attempts to pick it up. Captain Yodel steps in to recover the cocktail sausage first, accidentally bumping into the waiter as he rises, causing a domino effect amongst the others, with Super-Rev falling into the fireplace. Badlucky is thankful it wasn't him that started the chain reaction, while Mr. Bigbutnice is simply glad Lobo wasn't around to see it.

Lobo is occupied elsewhere, fending off the attack of his formerly deceased nemesis. Goldstar bombards his opponent with niceness vibes, but the Main Man grabs a shovel and beats the righteous revenant to his knees before pounding him back into the grave with his own headstone. Dead and buried once more, Lobo celebrates Goldstar's second demise by lighting a cigar. His satisfaction falters as all the other dead superheroes begin to rise from their resting places.

From the window of the funeral reception, E.M.F. witnesses what appears to be his former parter Lucky flying past. Shaken by seeing the ghost of his friend, Badlucky fetches the startled hero a chair, inadvertently pulling it out from under Mr. Bigbutnice who falls to the ground, causing yet another ensemble accident that sends Super-Rev into the flames again.

Lobo is in his element at first, fragging undead dweebs left, right, and centre until the sheer numbers overwhelm him, and Blind Justice lands the finishing blow with Goodhammer. As soon as the Main Man is rendered unconscious, all the zombie heroes vanish into thin air, and the shadowy gathering of hooded figures emerges to investigate. Certain Lobo is down for the count, they remove their disguises, revealing themselves to be devoted members of the Goldstar Fan Club. The leader recovers the electromagnetic generator that was planted on their enemy by the Morituri brothers at the bar, causing Lobo to manifest his own ignominious defeat. Instead of finishing Lobo where he lies, the leader decides he must first be broken and humiliated like their idol was, then turn the paragon of evil into a force for good.

Badlucky's pager alerts him to his next job and he excuses himself from the wake, slapping one hero heartily on the back. Unfortunately, the snacking hero starts choking, and Captain Heimlich is called for urgently as Happigo walks away obliviously. His new courier job is waiting for him beside his van, and the Goldstar Fan Club instruct Happigo to deliver the inert bounty hunter to the Devil's Asteroid.

As the groggy Lobo recovers from his incapacitation, he slowly takes in his surroundings and realises he's been stranded naked in an unfamiliar environment. At first he wonders if he's in Hell, but soon notices the delivery confirmation from Spaceborne Express beside him. His anger towards Badlucky subsides briefly when he notices a small group approaching from the distance, and he moves forward to ask where he is. The four robots declare themselves bounty hunters hired to pursue the Czarnian and they open fire. Lobo dives into a gully engulfed by thorns before emerging again, hoping to ambush the metal menaces.

Circling the Devil's Asteroid, the Goldstar Fan Club watches the manhunt transmission from the surface. While the others gain pleasure from Lobo's suffering, one member questions their actions, claiming it is a horrible act that Goldstar himself would never condone.

With nothing to lose, Lobo charges the Robot Bountyhunters head-on, only to have his legs severed by machine gun fire. Relentless, Lobo waddles towards them on his hands until they are severed from his body as well. Defiant to the end, Lobo throws his torso at his assailants to fight them with his bare teeth. With the Main Man's humiliation complete, his aggressors unload everything they have into the Czarnian until he's little more than bloody pulp.

Appearing in "The Hunting Party, Part 2: You Spat on My Grave!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Badlucky Happigo


  • The Goldstar Fan Club
    • Bountyhunting Robots (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Goldstar (As an illusion only) (Final appearance)
  • Little Miss Goodasgold (Final appearance)
  • Captain Yodel (Final appearance)
  • Mr. Bigbutnice (Final appearance)
  • Super-Rev (Final appearance)
  • E.M.F. (Single appearance)
  • Lucky (As an illusion only)
  • Blind Justice (As an illusion only)
  • Politeman (As an illusion only)
  • Sleeper (As an illusion only)
  • Boyscoutman (As an illusion only)
  • Johnny Malignant (Mentioned only)
  • Captain Heimlich (Mentioned only)
  • Goody Goody Man (Deceased; on a tombstone only)
  • Captain Reasonable (Deceased; on a tombstone only)
  • Serendipity (Deceased; on a tombstone only)


  • Heropolis
  • The Devil's Asteroid
  • Malibu (Mentioned only)
  • Hell (Mentioned only)


  • Goodhammer
  • Electromagnetic Generator


  • Spaceborne Express Van
  • Goldstar Fan Club Ship


  • There is a series of mini-strips throughout this issue entitled Short and Snappy Tales of Death. It is uncertain if these can be considered chapters from the book or not.
  • The Gold Star Fan Club claim the electromagnetic generator they planted on him caused him to see his worst fears manifest in his mind, which doesn't explain how E.M.F. could see his dead partner Lucky fly past the window.
  • It's never revealed what E.M.F. stands for, but the symbol on his uniform would suggest it involves electromagnetism.

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