"The Hunting Party, Part 3: The Good Machine": Badlucky Happigo delivers the mangled corpse of Lobo to the Goldstar Fan Club, but is displeased about hauling dead bodies around. One of the Robot Bountyhunters holds a gun to Badlucky's temple, so

Quote1.png Why do I get th' feelin' I wuz havin' more fun dead than I do alive? Never mind -- I'll soon rectify th' situation! Quote2.png

Lobo (Volume 2) #54 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1998.

Synopsis for "The Hunting Party, Part 3: The Good Machine"

Badlucky Happigo delivers the mangled corpse of Lobo to the Goldstar Fan Club, but is displeased about hauling dead bodies around. One of the Robot Bountyhunters holds a gun to Badlucky's temple, so he keeps his reservations to himself until he leaves. But the displeased courier is not the only one who protests the sick satisfaction the Fan Club seems to be getting from the Czarnian's torment. One member declares their methods of revenge are not the Goldstar way, but his reproach is ignored by the others. The Robot Bountyhunters demand their payment for subduing the target, when Lobo's arm begins to twitch. They blast his severed limbs further to keep his healing power at bay, and the Fan Club decide to retain their services a little longer.

The Fan Club get to work, hacking and dicing Lobo's body parts before tenderising the remains with mallets into a bloody pulp. They add sulfuric acid to the mix pour and all of the gory goop into an irradiator, destroying any hopes of the Czarnian tissue's ability to recover. They add the concoction to fuel their great machine, a generator beam that spreads good will across the universe at tachyonic speed.

On the surface of a desert world, Badlucky sits in the Fu Bar, feeling sullied by his involvement in Lobo's death. A fellow patron tries to reassure him, claiming the universe is better off without the evil bastich. Badlucky removes a handkerchief from his pocket, and unveils the severed finger he found left in his van. Three armed bandits storm into the bar with the intent to rob it, only to suddenly become compelled to to buy everyone drinks instead.

In fact, all across the universe, violence and hatred are replaced with kindness. On a world embroiled in war, the two factions cease their conflict in favour of peace. A murderous wife abandons cleaving up her adulterous husband to make passionate love with him instead. A lumberjack hugs the tree he intended to fell. An inmate sentenced to death by the electric chair is executed as the high voltage courses through his body, the altruistic vibes not reaching the guards in time.

On board their ship, the Goldstar Fan Club celebrate their success in bringing harmony to the universe. With their mission complete, the Robot Bountyhunters request payment, which they decide to donate to charity.

The Fu Bar is a alive with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, causing Badlucky to wonder if he should destroy the last remaining piece of Lobo now that the universe is so happy. But a rogue, nasty thought seeps into Badlucky's mind, compelling him to sneak into the men's room and flush the finger instead. Other malevolent ambitions creep into briefly tranquil worlds, as war once more flares, and husband and wife turn on each other.

The Goldstar Fan Club watch the news in horror as the universe is consumed by more hostility than ever before. The Robot Bountyhunters demand payment once more, since they gave theirs away, and execute the head of the Fan Club when he questions them. They are interrupted by a communique from Badlucky, suggesting they turn off the machine. While the robots are distracted, the Fan Club hold them at gunpoint and bind them.

Elsewhere, floating in a repulsive stream of waste, the finger slowly becomes a hand, and not long after an arm, until a man removing his pants to use the toilet is shocked to find Lobo emerging from the bowl.

Badlucky tries to convince the Fan Club to shut down their machine, but they are now enjoying the chaotic carnage. Badlucky tends to agree with them, especially since he isn't bringing anyone bad luck. A Fan Club member looking out the window warns the others about Lobo approaching rapidly on a commandeered spacehog.

The Main Man breaches their ship with a relentless thirst for retribution, fragging the defenceless robots first before massacring the Fan Club dweebs. One member tries to escape, and runs bleeding towards Badlucky hiding around a corner. The wounded man collapses into a vat designed only for liquids, and the machine begins to overload. Knowing when it's time to leave, Lobo jumps on his bike and launches away just before the ship explodes, with Badlucky desperately clinging to the rear.

Climbing into the back seat, Badlucky recalls all the terrible things the Fan Club did to Lobo. The Main Man asks him how they managed to get a hold of him, to which Badlcuky foolishly explains how he was the delivery agent. Lobo wallops him on the head until he falls from the bike, and is left suspended in space while Lobo speeds away in his birthday suit.

Appearing in "The Hunting Party, Part 3: The Good Machine"

Featured Characters:

  • Lobo (Dies; resurrected)

Supporting Characters:

  • Badlucky Happigo (Final appearance)


  • The Goldstar Fan Club (Final appearance; all die)
    • Robot Bountyhunters (Final appearance; all die)

Other Characters:


  • Goldstar Fan Club Ship, Orbiting the Devil's Asteroid
  • Fu Bar


  • Goldstar Fan Club Ship (Destroyed)
  • Spaceborne Express Van (Destroyed)
  • Lobo's Spacehog (A new version, presumably stolen)


  • There is a series of mini-strips throughout this issue entitled Short and Snappy Tales of Death. It is uncertain if these can be considered chapters from the book or not.

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