"What I Did on My Holiday": A new school term begins at Grimgray High, and the teacher wastes no time in asking her students to produce their first assignments, asking someone to volunteer to read their Summer vacation essay. Cecil B. Geecky, a dumpy child with thick, round glasses, wearing a th

Quote1 Awright, wool-fer-brains! Change back inta yer true self afore I reduce ya ta mutton! Quote2

Lobo (Volume 2) #55 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1998.

Appearing in "What I Did on My Holiday"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Shapeshifter Gang (All die)
    • Marvin Warp (Flashback and main story; dies)
  • Professor Dunne aka Norman Sykes, Ph.D. aka "Doctor" Laverne Nomoz (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • The Geecky Family (Dies in flashback)
    • Dad (Dies in flashback)
    • Mom (Dies in flashback)
    • Lettice Geecky (Dies in flashback)
    • Gran'ma Geecky (Dies in flashback)
  • Lots of Sheep (Many horrible deaths PETA wouldn't approve of)
    • Larry the Lamb (Sheepworld mascot)


  • Grimgray High School
  • Sheepworld (Destroyed)
    • Hall of Sheep Fame
  • Shapeshifter Gang Hideout (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "What I Did on My Holiday"

A new school term begins at Grimgray High, and the teacher wastes no time in asking her students to produce their first assignments, asking someone to volunteer to read their Summer vacation essay. Cecil B. Geecky, a dumpy child with thick, round glasses, wearing a themed sheep hat, is struck in the face by a spitball. The teacher takes his short cry of discomfort as an sign he wants to go first. From his desk, Cecil delivers his account of his family's holiday to the new theme park, Sheepworld.

The Geecky family were greeted by Larry the Lamb as they drove through the entrance and exited their vehicle amid a mob of sheep. Cecil eagerly regaled his family with facts about the genus ovis, mentioning how some are horned, just as a ram head-butted him in the rear.
Elsewhere, hiding behind a rock near a log cabin, Lobo and Billy the Girl took their opportunity to bag the Shapeshifter Gang. They came out blasting, quickly executing the hired guards, and rushed the cabin. They held the gang at gunpoint until they discovered it was simply a cut-out with a note attached. Lobo picked up Billy and dove out the nearest window. Lying on the ground, Billy asked what he was doing. Eventually the explosive trap ignited to Lobo's vindication.
Back at Sheepworld, the Geecky family entered the Hall of Sheep Fame, a gallery dedicated to many of the genetically enhanced sheep who contributed to history. Gran'ma Geecky suggested they all get kebabs.
Outside the park's gates, a security guard explained to two bounty hunters they couldn't enter without a child under three feet accompanying them. Lobo hammered the guard on the head repeatedly until he was short enough, before walking him through the entrance, hand in hand. Once inside, the they tossed the unwanted guard into a pen of carnivorous sheep, and 'Bo began sniffing out the Shapeshifter Gang's precise location. He watched incredulously as the Geecky family enjoyed a ride on a sheep-drawn wagon before he approached a mob of sheep, which Lobo was sure their fugitives were hiding amongst. With a whiff, Lobo picked out a innocent looking ewe and put a gun to its head, warning it to take its original form. With no response, Lobo blew the top of the sheep's skull away. He informed Billy of how the Shapeshifters regained their form in death, as they watched the bleeding pile of mutton in front of them. With no change to the dead sheep, Lobo fragged another one with no results. Billy pointed out that his keen sense off smell was not as effective as normal, and Lobo figured it must have been dulled by the explosion.
Two security guards came running to the aid of all the executed sheep lying in the field. Lobo picked up a familiar scent and told Billy one of the guards was a Shapeshifter. A guard opened fire at this statement and the bounty hunters dived behind a hotdog cart for cover. Uncertain which guard was the one they were after exactly, they killed both and took bets on which one would be the bounty.
Billy collected her fifty credits and spotted another target scaling the roller coaster. Climbing after him, the two comrades became pinned down from the high vantage. Billy took a sharpened steel comb from her belt and threw it clean through the criminal's head, just as he was lighting a bomb. Cecil looked behind from the roller coaster car and saw the explosion taking out the tracks, as the next car plummeted into the Baa-Baa-Burger stand below. Lobo and Billy congratulated themselves with a high five.

Cecil is interrupted by his teacher who thinks the boy is making the story up, sceptical that such ghastly events could have taken place. Cecil swears he's telling the truth and his classmates silence the teacher to hear the rest of the story.

As they searched for the remaining two outlaws, Lobo decided his sense of smell was back to normal and surveyed another mob of sheep. In the middle of the flock, a Shapeshifter whispered to his partner that Lobo would never hone in on them, until a bullet ricocheted off his horn. Panicked, the Shapeshifter took his original form to at least go down fighting. The desperate outlaw attempted to load an incendiary cartridge to his weapon just as Lobo filled him full of holes. The flammable round burst in the middle of the herd, causing a fiery stampede of terrified burning sheep which trampled any guest in their path, before reaching a fuel tanker supplying the park. The resulting conflagration left the park in disrepair.

Cecil sobs at the memory of losing his entire family to the stampede, and the deaths of thousands of innocent sheep. Suddenly, the class turns around in fright at the sound of their wall collapsing. Lobo and Billy barge into the room demanding that Cecil B. Geecky surrender himself, believing him to really be Marvin Ward, the last remaining member of the Shapeshifting Gang. Cecil, or rather Marvin, grabs hold of the teacher and puts a gun to her head. Transforming back into his true form, he demands the bounty hunters drop their weapons or he'll force the kids to watch their teacher die. Billy agrees, and they toss their guns onto the desk in front of them. Lobo makes sure he hands over all of his weapons, chucking Marvin his grenade, albeit without the pin. Billy rushes forward and rescues the teacher moments before the grenade blows up in Marvin's face. The old woman thanks Billy for saving her life, but Billy arrests her for being a notorious impersonator of educators. The bounty hunters wave goodbye to the class of children covered in gore, telling them they have the rest of the day off.


  • There is a series of mini-strips throughout this issue entitled Hall of Sheep Fame.


  • Billy calls Lobo "loverboy" several times in this issue. Though the canon status of Lobo (Volume 2) #37 is questionable due to the narrative style, it may be possible that the two bounty hunters actually are casual lovers.
  • There is a student in the class who resembles Charlie Brown.

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