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"Soul Brothers Part One: Heaven Sent... Hell Bent": Lobo arrives at his employer's rendezvous on Earth, which happens to be hosting a revivalist meeting. He forces his way through the gathering to mock the preacher on stage, only to look on with incredulity at [[Etrigan (New

Quote1 That's what I like about yer countrymen, Etrigan -- they're always ready fer a fight! Quote2

Lobo (Volume 2) #63 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 1999.

Synopsis for "Soul Brothers Part One: Heaven Sent... Hell Bent"

Lobo arrives at his employer's rendezvous on Earth, which happens to be hosting a revivalist meeting. He forces his way through the gathering to mock the preacher on stage, only to look on with incredulity at Etrigan behind the lectern. His old acquaintance welcomes him with a blast of Hellfire which burns off Lobo's hair and frightens the crowd who scatter immediately. As the Demon moves close to gloat, Lobo wraps his hook around his throat. The two frenemies tussle until a divine entity intervenes.

The angel introduces himself as Malazel, the one who requested the presence of the two misfits. Malazel wishes to retain their services in order to reclaim an innocent soul from Hell. Lyndon P. Baynes was supposed to be the one trillionth soul to enter Heaven, and the hellions refuse to return him to his rightful place. Malazel promises that Lobo will be richly rewarded, while one of Etrigan's dreams will come true. The mercenaries both accept the terms and Malazel departs, but not before Lobo distracts the angel, causing him to fly into overhead power lines. With a wave of his hand and incantation, Etrigan opens a portal to his unholy home. The local sheriff and his posse try to apprehend the two troublemakers from the gathering, but are all incinerated by the magic field.

The despicable duo arrive in Hell next to wailing sinners up to their necks in molten gold. Etrigan recommends they start at the Hall of Records. Lobo mounts his hawg while Etrigan follows, hopping across the pool using the sinners' heads. Their path is soon blocked by a band of demons asking their purpose. Lobo tells them he's come for Baynes and defiantly the demons attack. After a shower of bullets and a burst of Hellfire, only one of their opponents remains, pleading that they don't take the "good soul." Etrigan is confused by this outcry, but Lobo hastily puts a bullet through the last demon's head. Etrigan rebukes Lobo for his rashness, especially upon discovery that the dead demon is the master of the monstrous Hellosaurus which now approaches. Lobo casually raises his gun, but a swift flick of the beast's tail throws him from his bike and knocks Etrigan back. Lobo's damaged spacehog malfunctions and flies off on its own, and faced with creature's maw, Lobo improvises by using the deceased master's corpse as a puppet. Thinking its owner is still alive, the Hellosaurus allows the comrades to ride on its back.

As they travel further, they come across several demons flagellating damned souls bound to stalagmites. Lobo inquires where they might find Baynes, but is completely ignored. Irritated, Lobo threatens them, demanding they talk or be fragged. One of the tortured sinners acknowledges Lobo, telling him to leave their demon friends alone. Etrigan curbs his irascible companion's fury, now very suspicious of the strange atmosphere in Hell, watching as the demons and damned switch places, taking turns being the tortured and tormentors.

Elsewhere, Lobo's errant Spazzfrag speeds high across the planes of Hell. A servant of Lord Nytemayr approaches his master to notify him of the approaching vehicle. Uncertain of its purpose or providence, Nytemayr watches the inbound projectile before is crashes at his feet in a fiery explosion.

The Hellosaurus ascends the stairs to the vast Hall of Records, where all souls that pass into Hell are processed. Etrigan is distinctly aware that the Hall is not as busy as normal. Only one, lone demon remains, vexed about his fellow bureaucrats who just suddenly quit. Lobo snoops through the filing cabinets while lighting a cigar, and just to be destructive, sets the records on fire to the stressed civil servant's dismay. They mount back up and leave the Hall engulfed in flames.

After a while, Lobo asks Big-Ears why he's being uncharacteristically quiet. Etrigan points out their surroundings. Demons relaxing instead of inflicting punishment on the damned. Ancient foes playing games together. The Demon surmises that the soul of Lyndon P. Baynes is spreading goodwill throughout Hell. The two of them burst out laughing at the irony and Etrigan, believing his promised dream to be fulfilled, decides to abandon the quest. Lobo, on the other hand, has no intention of reneging on his word, and the two bicker back and forth, unaware that they've crossed into the Forbidden Zone. In the heat of the argument, the corpse of the Hellosaurus' master falls to the ground and the beast turns on its passengers. Dismounting them with its fiery breath, the monster finishes by trampling them into the ground.

With only their heads protruding from the earth, they continue to squabble about completing their task. Their animosity attracts the attention of a robed man who preaches peace. The messiah-like figure reveals himself to be Baynes, followed by a his own devoted demon disciples singing vigorously. Lobo's satisfaction of locating his target is short lived, as a great shadow looms over them, cast by the evil Lord Nytemayr.

Appearing in "Soul Brothers Part One: Heaven Sent... Hell Bent"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Angels
    • Malazel (First appearance)
  • Lyndon P. Baynes (First appearance)


  • Demons
    • Hellosaurus Master (Single appearance; dies)
    • The Hellosaurus (Single appearance)
    • Nytemayr (First appearance)




  • Etrigan's previous publication appearance was Hitman #1000000.
  • Etrigan is erroneously depicted as being able to levitate in this issue. He has only ever displayed this ability once before when wearing the Crown of Horns.

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