"Soul Brothers Part Two: The Gospel According to Lobo": Lobo regains conciousness within a black void, not knowing where he is or how he arrived here. Without warning he is suddenly struck by some invisible force. The blows continue to come from the darkness until the Main M

Quote1 In Heaven we've fallen -- I should have guessed! That voice is the voice of Heaven's major pest! To piss Him off is not what is best! Quote2

Lobo (Volume 2) #64 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 1999.

Appearing in "Soul Brothers Part Two: The Gospel According to Lobo"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lyndon P. Baynes (Final appearance)
  • Angels
    • Malazel (Final appearance)


  • Demons
    • Nytemayr (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Superman (As an illusion only)
  • God (As an illusion only)



  • Sphere of a Thousand Nightmares (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "Soul Brothers Part Two: The Gospel According to Lobo"

Lobo regains conciousness within a black void, not knowing where he is or how he arrived here. Without warning he is suddenly struck by some invisible force. The blows continue to come from the darkness until the Main Man decides to fight back. He throws his fists hoping to land a punch on his mysterious assailant.

Also enveloped by the pitch, Etrigan is blind-sided by an unseen foe. After being struck several times, the Demon ignites a flame in the palm of his hand to illuminate his surroundings, revealing his former ally Lobo to be the source of the fighting.

As the two combatants brutalise each other, Lord Nytemayr watches with pleasure as his captives are pitted against one another, trapped within the illusion of his Sphere of a Thousand Nightmares. The righteous soul of Lyndon P. Baynes scolds the demon lord for such malevolence and appeals to Nytemayr to embrace the good. Baynes signals his choir of demon converts to sing, requesting the great fiend join them. Nytemayr's true evil nature is disgusted by the singing, and he tries to banish the bad influence to the nightmare realm also, but Baynes is protected by the power of good, making Nytemayr's magic ineffectual.

Within the Sphere, the illusion manifests them to a new location; a bridge over a lava pool. Etrigan denies being responsible for this magic as they continue to brawl, but they are interrupted as Superman erupts from the molten lake, taking out part of the masonry. The Demon manages to regain his footing and punches Lobo clean into Heaven.

Landing on a cloud, Lobo picks himself up, confused by another sudden change of scene. Etrigan, too, knows something is out of place and ceases the altercation. An angel appears before them singing praise, but he is swiftly knocked out by the unholy bastiches, and Lobo commandeers his harp to rock out. His vocals are soon drowned out by a booming voice, and Etrigan informs his partner in crime that they are witnessing the presence of God Himself. The Lord bellows at the two intruders, accusing them of evil. Defiant to even the highest of authorities, Lobo and Etrigan insult the Creator to His face, receiving a thunderous jolt of lightning in return. More confused than ever, Lobo recalls he's been banned from Heaven, and Etrigan admits he would never be permitted within the divine realm, suggesting they are somehow caught in a dream. Lobo remembers encountering Nytemayr, causing them to flee and find a way to escape.

Back in Hell, Baynes has even compelled Nytemayr to join in the chorus, though mentioning he is off-key. The singing is interrupted with the crash of broken glass as the two captives break their way out of the Sphere. Staring daggers, the irascible companions have no time to exact retribution before they are pacified by Baynes' good vibes. They, too, join the joyous precession, spreading good will throughout Hell. Lobo trips over one of the demons in front of him, yet is helped back up and accepts the apology. Etrigan mocks him for going soft, but he also shakes off an injury without consequence. Lobo soon has a moment of realisation that they'll be doomed to be 'good guys' if they don't do something and helps return Etrigan to his senses. Wrapping Baynes to a post with his chain, Lobo initiates a massacre of the demon hoards that have been bewitched with kindness as Etrigan follows suit. Baynes watches in horror as the two lay waste to his converts, before they whisk him away back to Earth with Etrigan's spell. A drummer who had fallen behind catches up to the carnage wondering what happened. He asks a fellow demon if he's okay and is bashed over the head for the trouble. Nytemayr watches with relief as the animosity of Hell is restored.

Materialising in the park, Etrigan summons the angle Malazel to claim Baynes and receive their rewards. Their benefactor appears to congratulate them, producing a pot of gold as Lobo's payment. As the bounty hunter greedily plays with his earnings Malazel promises Etrigan one of his dreams will come to fruition, though, which one he does not know. The Demon decides there is one thing he's always wanted to do, and clobbers Malazel over the head and proceeds to tear out his wings with malevolent pleasure. Lobo doesn't hesitate to get in on the action as Baynes witnesses them tormenting the angel. Invigorated by their twisted fun, Baynes is corrupted into joining the dastardly duo to Malazel's dismay. Standing back, the cruel companions proudly watch over Baynes' debasement, and Lobo offers to buy Etrigan the first round.


  • Lobo's next publication appearance is Superman (Volume 2) #153.
  • Etrigan's next publication appearance is Day of Judgment #1.
  • While Etrigan claims his dream was to rip off an angel's wings, he had already plucked fifty angels previously in The Longest Day [1].
  • Previously, at the end of The Eternity Quest, Etrigan had explained how it was easy to enter Hell, but difficult to leave.[2] He and Lobo were obliged to use a gate to escape that time, yet Etrigan simply used a spell in this issue.


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