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"Losers (Part II of III) - The Fragnificent Three": Lobo and his crew of outlaws find themselves falling into an ambush. Lobo leads the retaliation, being the only one with ammunition, but Princess Shaola is right by his s

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Lobo (Volume 2) #8 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1994.

Synopsis for "Losers (Part II of III) - The Fragnificent Three"

Lobo and his crew of outlaws find themselves falling into an ambush. Lobo leads the retaliation, being the only one with ammunition, but Princess Shaola is right by his side and plunges her knife into the closest renegade. Together they slay their welcoming party before the others even land.
Gus looks at the remains of General Angrad and points out they no longer have a guide. Lobo orders Biter Wylie to take the Barker brothers and capture one of the retreating renegades. Biter refuses to be ordered around until 'Bo motivates him with a swift head-butt. Gus finds a map in Angrad's effects when two renegades sneak up behind them. When Lobo and Shaola cease fire, Biter and the Barkers laugh as they approach with a prisoner and two severed heads on poles.
Biter takes the honours of interrogating their captive. When their victim refuses to reveal how they knew to ambush Lobo's team, Biter chomps off his ear. As soon as the renegade cracks and is about to divulge his leader, a fail-safe explosive detonates from inside his head. With no new information, Lobo orders the team to set up camp for the night.

At the break of dawn, a mortar shell makes a perfect beeline for the sleeping seven, timed with an assault force to finish off what the explosion missed. Examining the corpses, they only find their own dead men along with a booby trapped note from Lobo.
From a distance, the team hear the blasts but immediately come under fire from a sniper. Biter takes the heat, the first shot grazing his metal jaw, but wounding his limbs more severely. Lobo orders Gus to take out the sniper. Sneaking up behind the gunman, Gus apologises to "James" under his breath before pouncing on him.

A blip on the renegade's surveillance dies and operator Deek suggests they wipe them out swiftly, but Gip disagrees and sticks to their leaders instructions. Another renegade interrupts with a delivery of medical equipment for blood work. Leader's orders.

Lobo asks the injured Biter if he wants to hold back, but the stubborn brute hobbles past him to prove his worth, only to lean his makeshift crutch on top of a landmine. Lobo tells Ratty that it's his turn to step up. Reluctantly, under the treat of violence, Ratty constructs a tool to clear a path through the mine field. The device works, and Ratty is so overjoyed he chases after it to reclaim his invention, only to step into a giant leg-hold trap.

With two dead, the remaining five approach the suspension bridge spanning Death Gorge, the perfect place for the renegades to ambush them again. Hesitant to cross, Shaola announces a volunteer is required, inciting the Barker brothers to run haphazardly forward. Halfway across, Bob is fired upon by the hidden forces on the other side. Clyve returns fire in despair as he watches his sibling fall into the river below. Clyve dives in after his brother without hesitation, only to both be eaten alive by carnivorous fish.

Lobo leads Shaola and Gus to a safe route into Fort Impregnable. They scale the cliff to an unguarded sewage outfall, entering the fort via a grate. As soon as they make their way down the empty hall a cage trap drops down on Lobo and Shaola. Lobo beckons Gus to free them quickly, but "Gus" informs them that he's dead. A traitor has been in their midst the whole time. Monitoring L.E.G.I.O.N. communications, allowing insight to Vril Dox's selections, the mysterious insider killed Gus in advance and wore his skin to infiltrate their team. Removing the gorilla suit, the spy is revealed as none other than Lobo himself!

Appearing in "Losers (Part II of III) - The Fragnificent Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Reginald "Biter" Wylie (Dies)
  • Edmond "Ratty" Ratlova (Dies)
  • Princess Shaola
  • Angus Buccleuch (Deceased; really Lobo clone wearing his skin)
  • Bob Barker (Dies)
  • Clyve Barker (Dies)


  • Kannit Renegades (First appearance)
    • Gomez (Dies)
    • Vernon (Dies)
    • James the Sniper (Dies)
    • Deek
    • Gip

Other Characters:

  • General Angrad (Deceased)
  • Spiral Army (Mentioned only)
  • Vril Dox (Mentioned only)
  • L.E.G.I.O.N. (Mentioned only)


  • Planet Kannit
    • No Man's Land
      • Sniper's Alley
      • Mine Field
    • Death Gorge
    • Suicide Ridge (Map only)
    • Fort Impregnable
      • Control Room
      • Sewer


  • Playbot Magazine
  • Map


  • Lobo calls Ratty, "Ratzinski." It's unknown if this is just a name Lobo made up or an editorial error.

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