"Losers (Part III of III) - The Fragnificent Hundred": Chained tight to a gurney, Lobo is incredulous that the Lobo who has captured him could be a real clone of his. The counterfeit Lobo is eager to explain;

Quote1 Y'know, 'Bo, this is gonna feel real weird! Ain't many guys get ta kill themselves an' still stay alive ta boast about it! 's gonna be a gas! Quote2
Lobo Clone

Lobo (Volume 2) #9 is an issue of the series Lobo (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1994.

Appearing in "Losers (Part III of III) - The Fragnificent Hundred"

Featured Characters:

  • Lobo (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Lobo Clone (Flashback and main story)
  • Kannit Renegades (Destroyed)
    • Deek (Dies)
    • Gip (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Kanis-Biz (Mentioned only)


  • Planet Kannit
    • Fort Impregnable (Destroyed)
      • Library
      • Bomb Shelter
  • Planet Cairn (Flashback only)
  • Antares (Mentioned only)
    • Xenonex (Mentioned only)
  • Algol-B (Mentioned only)


  • Mini-Nuke/Mini-Transmitter


Synopsis for "Losers (Part III of III) - The Fragnificent Hundred"

Chained tight to a gurney, Lobo is incredulous that the Lobo who has captured him could be a real clone of his. The counterfeit Lobo is eager to explain;

After L.E.G.I.O.N. snuffed out the drug lord Kanis-Biz, causing his associates to retaliate, Vril Dox tricked Lobo into creating a clone army to defend Cairn, whilst poisoning the original's drink, neutralising his cloning ability permanently. As the violent clones mindlessly ran into battle, one clone had the intelligence to hold back and secretly survived the massacre, vowing to exact revenge on Dox for his callous manipulation.

The clone on the other hand can still replicate, and hooks Lobo up to machine to draw all the blood he needs for testing. Lobo asks why he bothers with his tainted blood, to which the clone responds with his plan to control his own clone army. Shaola demands her freedom, as she too was enlisted under false pretences by Dox. The clone tells her Dox never intended her to live and that he would release her later, after he tests the blood he just extracted.

With the room clear, Shaola picks the lock on her restraints and refuses to free Lobo. He tries to convince Shaola by informing her of the mini-nuke he has secreted under his kneepad. She removes it, but only to activate the timer, resting it on Lobo's chest and leaving him to die. Frantically, 'Bo musters all his strength to break his chains and stops the bomb at the last second, only to run into his doppelgänger again.

The identical individuals brawl furiously, with the clone lauding his own intellectual superiority, but the real Main Man doesn't give up and lands a powerful jab on his counterpart, spilling a little blood on the ground. Instantly the droplet reacts, twisting and writhing into a another carbon copy Czarnian. Lobo's scheming replica rebukes him for creating an uncontrollable clone before the blood work is finished. Lobo, however, likes the idea and pummels the clone, spreading as much blood as he can, filling the room with belligerent, naked Lobos. As the two leaders vie for control, the divided room schisms into two warring factions, causing the imitation to try to end his meddling prototype. Unarmed, Lobo spots the mini-nuke on the ground and decides to end it all in a blaze of glory, but the bomb simple smashes on the floor revealing a transmitter inside.

Orbiting Planet Kannit, Vril Dox takes this as a signal to launch four massive warheads on Fort Impregnable. Knowing Dox has played Lobo for a fool once more, the clone stabs 'Bo and bolts out of the room. Lobo pursues his likeness to a bomb shelter and manages to dive in after him as is closes. The fort is reduced to rubble in a gigantic conflagration. Pleased with himself, Dox spies a small craft approach him for the surface of Kannit. Not surprised Lobo would somehow escape, he prepares the seven million credits to assuage the betrayed bounty hunter upon his arrival, but is instead obliged to appease Princess Shaola.

On the decimated surface of Kannit where Fort Impregnable once stood, a trap door opens and a triumphant Lobo emerges... but which one?



  • Amongst the Clone's library there is a book entitled, Warp Drive close to, Space: The Final Frontier.

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