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Quote1 The world will always need Superman, and when there is a problem, you will be there for them, but right now, this family needs you more. Quote2
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Lois Lane is a driven and righteous reporter for the Smallville Gazette, formerly the Daily Planet, and the wife of Superman and mother of twin sons Jordan and Jonathan.


Lois' mother left the family when she was a child, and Lois never spoke of her again after that. Her father Sam Lane reacted by burying himself in his work and distancing himself from his daughters, worried that if he was around them too much he would drive them away like he had their mother. Lois essentially raised her younger sister Lucy and was often hard on her, as she had no idea how to look after another child. This lead Lucy to believe Lois hated her, and their relationship was strained.

When Lois grew up she became a reporter at the Daily Planet. She was assigned to mentor rookie reporter Clark Kent, who joined that paper at around the same time Superman revealed himself to the world. Lois initially disliked Superman, believing that his heroics merely treated the symptoms rather than the major systemic causes of Metropolis's problems, and resented that the stories of his exploits overshadowed her in-depth reporting. After some time working together she fell in love with Clark but kept her feelings a secret. She was eventually assigned to interview Superman live on television and, when a colleague told her that Superman seemed interested in her, she replied that she was in love with Clark, unaware that Superman was Clark and overheard her with his super-hearing.

Lois and Clark dated and he eventually revealed to her that he was Superman. They got married and had twin sons Jonathan and Jordan. As tests conducted at birth suggested the boys were unlikely to develop superpowers, Clark decided they should conceal the fact he was Superman from them, although Lois wanted to tell them. When the boys were toddlers Lois became pregnant again with a girl, who she planned to name Natalie after her grandmother, but she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

As the boys grew up, Jordan developed severe social anxiety, which Lois spent years helping him to deal with. In contrast Jonathan was confident and popular, and an extremely gifted athlete, which led his parents to suspect he possessed latent superpowers.

Five years ago, Lucy was staying with the Kents after she lost her job and her engagement fell apart. Lucy became interested in self-help guru Ally Allston, and under Ally's influence she overdosed on drugs as Ally claimed she would ascend to another plane of existence. She almost died and was only saved by Lois' last-minute intervention. Lucy moved out despite Lois telling her not to leave as she believed Ally was a grifter and responsible for the death of one of her followers. Lois swore to do whatever it took to bring Ally down and wrote an expose on Ally's "Inverse Society", using Lucy as an anonymous source. Lucy claimed that during her near-death experience she saw her shadow self as Ally said would happen. Lois left this detail out of her article despite promising Lucy she would include it. When the article came out, Lucy cut all ties with Lois, believing she was biased against Ally.

Season One

The Daily Planet was bought by Morgan Edge, a billionaire mogul seen as a "man of the people" despite his businesses doing great damage to the communities they were located in. Edge fired many of the Planet's staff, including Perry White and Clark.

Shortly after he was fired, Clark's mother Martha Kent died and the family went to Smallville for her funeral. At the reception, a stack of steel poles collapsed on the boys were in the barn and yet they walked away unharmed. The next day they went to Smallville Bank to close Martha's accounts and the account manager, Clark's old friend Lana Lang-Cushing told them that Martha had taken out a reverse mortgage on the farm and they would need to sell it to cover the outstanding debt.

When they returned to the farm the boys confronted them, revealing they had discovered Clark's rocket in the basement. They told the boys the truth and that they suspected Jonathan may have inherited his father's powers. Both boys ran off but that evening they got into a fight at a party at the Shuster Mines just outside of town, where Jordan instinctively fired a blast of heat vision, revealing that he was the one with powers.

The Kents relocated to Smallville, taking over the farm and Martha's debt, to be closer as a family and to allow Jordan to safely explore his powers. Lois continued to work remotely for the Planet but publicly quit when Edge had an article of hers completely rewritten. She joined the Smallville Gazette, whose single employee Chrissy Beppo was a major admirer of her. Although Chrissy was technically Lois's boss, she acted more like a mentor to the younger and less experienced reporter.

Edge attempted to purchase the Shuster mines, even visiting the town personally to drum up support for a vote by the town council. Lois attempted to publish an editorial in the Gazette warning of the damage Edge would wrought if allowed into Smallville but he threatened to sue her for violating a non-disparagement clause in her Daily Planet contract. Chrissy was forced to pull the article and the motion passed, granting Edge the mining rights.

Edge reopened the mines, revitalising Smallville's flagging economy. A mysterious man calling himself Marcus Bridgewater approached Lois, claiming to be a tech journalist also looking into Edge. He suggested to Lois that they infiltrate the mines and together they entered disguised as safety inspectors. Lois quickly became suspicious of Bridgewater when he revealed that he possessed knowledge and equipment that a simple journalist should not have. In the mines he showed her a deposit of X-Kryptonite, which she had never heard of before. They were attacked by Edge's assistant Leslie Larr, who was also revealed to have powers, and Bridgewwater fought her off with a laser. Lois demanded that Bridgewater tell her who he really was, as he was clearly lying about being a reporter. However, she was called away by Clark before she could interrogate him further, as Jordan had accidentally injured Jonathan with his super-strength.

Lois eventually learned that "Marcus Bridgewater" was in fact John Henry Irons, a soldier from another world destroyed by his world's Superman, and who had been married to and had a daughter with her counterpart. Edge also revealed that he was in fact Tal-Rho, Clark's Kryptonian half-brother, who was planning to conquer the world with an army of humans converted into Kryptonians just like the Superman on John Henry's world.

Tal-Rho built an army of "Subjekts" from the people of Smallville, but Clark was able to return them to normal using the Eradicator, a device developed by his birth mother. The process required him to channel all his body's stored solar energy into the Eradiactor and release it in a single blast, leaving him unconscious and severly weakened. While Clark was passed out, Tal-Rho was able to enter Clark's mind and learn his secret identity, and forced Superman to join him, threatening he would kill his family if he didn't. Clark left with Tal-Rho and Lois called John Henry for help.

John Henry and Sam's initial plan was to kill Superman if he had been turned. Lois begged John not to, revealing that Superman was her husband. John flew to Tal-Rho's Fortress in the Badlands and fought Superman, who had been possessed by a Kryptonian warrior known as Zod. During the fight, Clark heard Lois's voice over John Henry's comm link and was able to briefly regain control. He asked John Henry to kill him to protect the world. John realised that unlike the Superman of his world, Clark had a home and family to fight for and convinced him to fight his programming. Clark was able to destroy Zod within himself and they captured Tal-Rho, who seemingly destroyed the Eradicator before he was caught.

Three weeks later Tal-Rho escaped from prison, having absorbed the power of the Eradicator. He kidnapped Jordan and implanted the consciousness of his father Zeta-Rho into him. Zeta lead the Eradicator and a group of human soldiers implanted with the consciousnesses of the Kryptonian Defense Council to attack the Shuster Mines, where the Eradicator would use the vast quantities of X-Kryptonite to convert the entire population of Smallville into Kryptonians, while Zeta and the Council protected him. As Zeta expected, Superman and John Henry Irons attacked them. Irons knocked Zeta unconscious with a red solar blast and carried him to the Kent Farm where Lois used Tal's device to enter his mind, trying to reach Jordan and help him resist Zeta. Zeta realised what she was doing and woke up, attacking Jon Kent. Lois was able to find Jon trapped inside his mind and help him fight Zeta-Rho. Jordan destroyed Zeta's consciousness inside him, just in time to prevent him killing Jon. Meanwhile Clark and John Henry defeated Tal-Rho and he was imprisoned.

With the invasion finally averted Lois invited John Henry to stay on the farm, but he told her it would be too painful to be around her all the time. He decided to contact his dead sister's counterpart on Lois's world but just as he was preparing to leave a capsule crashed to Earth on the farm and his daughter Natalie emerged.

Season Two

Natalie ran to Lois and attempted to hug her, believing that she was her mother, but John stopped her and explained the truth. Lois stood in silent shock until the two departed in John's RV. Natalie's arrival stirred up Lois' issues stemming from her mother leaving the family when she was a child and felt guilty that she did not immediately love Natalie upon meeting her. Lois repeatedly tried to reach out to Natalie over the next three months, but Natalie refused to speak to her. She eventually called John and asked him to arrange a meeting between them. John took Natalie to Smallville ostensibly to try out a diner he liked, where Lois met them. Natalie angrily stormed out and Lois followed her. She told Natalie that although she was not her mother she still wanted to get to know and be friends with her, and she eventually convinced Natalie to agree to move to Smallville. At the Kent Farm, Lois officially introduced Natalie to her family.

Chrissy received a call from a podcast host, wanting a comment from Lois as one of her sources for an old article had apparently recanted and claimed Lois had lied. Lois quickly deduced this was Lucy. Meanwhile, a bizarre alternate version of Clark emerged from the mines and disappeared after a fight with Clark and John Henry.

Lucy gave an interview on the podcast claiming that Lois had fabricated her article and had a personal vendetta against Ally. Lois and Chrissy learned of a secret meeting the Inverse Society were having in New Carthage, but this turned out to be a setup as Lucy confronted Lois and recorded her admitting that she hated Ally and had left Lucy's vision out of the story.

Chrissy was shocked by this apparent breach in journalistic ethics and and felt like Lois did not respect her as an equal, and so met with Ally and asked her to explain the Inverse Society's beliefs, promising to remain objective. Ally told Chrissy that there was a mirror dimension where everybody has a shadow self, and the purpose of the Inverse Society was to help people make contact with their other halves. Ally secretly drugged Chrissy and caused her to overdose, and she was clinically dead for several minutes. Chrissy saw the shadow dimension and learned that everyone in the shadow dimension feared Ally, who had taken over the world. That night Chrissy told Lois what she saw, and agreed that while Ally may not be a liar, she was dangerous and needed to be stopped.

Sam convinced Lucy to come to Smallville and make peace with Lois. They were initially hostile, but Lucy was happy to reconnect with her family, especially her nephews, and ended up staying for the whole day. She went with Lois to Jon's football game and revealed that she believed Lois had accepted Ally's teachings, since Chrissy had taken the same drugs she had and seen the shadow dimension. Lois told her that Ally was still dangerous and had poisoned Chrissy without her consent and they argued again until Lucy stormed off.

Ally took a group of supporters, including Chrissy, to the mines to cross through the portal left by Clark's counterpart into the inverse world. However, most of the Society members were painfully disintegrated by the portal. Clark arrived to save them, but was only able to rescue Ally, Chrissy and one other person. Lois and Sam feared that Lucy was one of the people killed, but that night she showed up at the farm, claiming that she had backed out of going into the mines at the last minute and no longer believed in Ally, and agreed to have brunch with Sam and Lois the next day. Sam took her home, but she gave him drugged tea and stole his access card when he passed out, revealing that she was still working for Ally. She delivered his card to Sergeant Erin Wu, a Society member in the DoD, who freed Ally. Lucy and Erin subsequently disappeared and Ally crossed through the portal. Clark chased after Ally through the portal and disappeared for a month. Lois covered his absence by claiming he was on assignment out of town for the Gazette.

A month after Clark went through the portal, Jon-El, Jonathan's counterpart from the shadow dimension, came to the farm and attempted to use his pendant to merge with Jonathan. Jordan tried to stop him but Jon-El easily threw him aside. Fortunately Clark chased Jon-El through the portal and arrived in time to break them apart before the fusion could be completed. Jon-El told Clark he couldn't stop what was coming and flew away. Clark told his family everything he had seen in the inverse world, that Jon-El was working for Ally Allston and Ally had fused with her other self and gained immense power.

Jon-El kidnapped Lana to bait Clark into a trap. When Clark came to save Lana he incapacitated him with a Kryptonite bomb and returned to the farm. He fought Jordan again and initially dominated the fight, but Jordan was able to rally and defeat Jon-El as he was gradually weakened by the yellow sunlight.

Ally would need Jon-El's pendant for her ultimate plan to fuse the worlds together, and so John Henry and Natalie attempted to find a way to destroy it but were unable to generate enough power. He suggested instead collapsing the portal but Clark refused, as it would mean leaving the other world to Ally's mercy. John Henry calculated that he and Tal-Rho together may be able to destroy the pendant, and Tal-Rho agreed to do it if Kal-El would treat him like his brother rather than an enemy. However in order for Kal to be able to bring Tal-Rho into his family, Tal would need to convince Lois that he had changed.

Kal-El took Tal-Rho to the Kent Farm to try and make amends with Lois. Tal told her that he had followed the path Zeta set him on, hoping that if he restored Krypton he could get his family back, not realising that he could have made a family with the Kents, and promsied her that he would never hurt anyone she loved again. Lois reluctantly decided to let him help, as Tal was their only chance to stop Ally before she could hurt the people she cared about. Clark and Tal successfully destroyed the pendant, but Tal snuck away after they did so. Sam and John Henry believed that Tal would try to harm them now that he was free, but Lois was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, sensing that his desire for redemption was sincere.

Sam tracked Sergeant Wu to an isolated lodge where he suspected Lucy may also be. He went to Smallville to collect Lois, hoping that the two of them could convince Lucy to leave before he called in the troops. Chrissy Beppo insisted on coming too and Lois agreed. Sam reluctantly took Chrissy along but when they arrived ordered her to stay in the car as a lookout. Lois and Sam went into the lodge to talk to Lucy. They told her that the pendant had been destroyed and Ally could not merge the worlds as she had promised, and that when Ally merged with her other self she had become a monster who drained the life from people. Lucy would not listen and told them to leave, but Sam handcuffed himself to her, refusing to leave her behind.

Sam claimed that the keys to them were in another location, and if Lucy wanted to be freed she would have to leave with him. The family was forced to seriously talk for the first time in years and Lucy revealed that she believed they had always seen her as an inconvenience and that Ally was the only one who loved her. Lois promised Lucy she had never seen her as a burden and that Lucy was the only thing that had kept her going when they were growing up, but Lucy was still unsure and said she needed time to think. Sam unlocked the cuffs with his fingerprint to prove he trusted her and claimed that the issues between Lucy and Lois were his fault, but they both told him that it was their mother's fault for abandoning them all.

However, before the family could move towards reconciliation Ally returned. Lucy was awed to see that Ally had merged and Ally promised she would too, claiming she had found a way to merge the worlds without the pendant. Lois told her Ally was a monster and wanted to make her into one too, but Lucy still had faith in Ally and wanted to help her. Ally said they needed Superman to be able to merge the worlds and demanded that Lois and Sam summon Superman but they refused.

Lucy took Sam's ELT device to call Superman and Sam tried to stop her from activating it. To Lucy's horror Ally used her powers to drain Sam's life force and yelled at her to call Superman despite Lucy begging her to let Sam go. Lucy activated the ELT and Superman arrived. He tried to fight Ally but she drained his energy too, seemingly killing him. John Henry and Natalie responded to a distress call and tried to stop her but Ally simply tossed John aside and left of her own accord. Natalie was able to resuscitate Superman and they flew Sam and Superman to the DoD. Sam survived with moderate injuries but Clark's powers were completely drained and did not recover no matter how much solar energy he absorbed.

Sam and Clark were both released from the hospital, and shortly afterwards the inverse world's sun appeared in the sky, indicating that Ally was somehow merging the worlds together. John Henry and Natalie calculated that they had less than twelve hours before the worlds merged and tracked the source of the merge to the Shuster Mines, but couldn't detect Ally in the area. Clark realised that Ally was in the space between worlds that he and Natalie had passed through when they crossed between dimensions. John decided to go into the void and stop Ally.

Sam told Lois to prevent Chrissy revealing the truth, despite Lois and Clark telling him that people needed to know. The DoD instead put out a cover story that the double suns were an extremely rare optical illusion. However Lois decided to tell Lana, who had recently been elected mayor, the truth and Lana held a town hall where she told the people of Smallville everything. The townspeople did not believe her, but Clark showed up as Superman to confirm that it was all true and his powers were gone and he could not save them. Lana told everyone to go home and be with their families.

After the meeting Clark was attacked by Jon-El and Lois was unable to do anything but watch. Jordan and Natalie arrived to fight off Jon and Lana-Rho, another one of Ally's henchmen. Jon-El and Lana were taken into custody by the DoD. Sam offered to take the Kents to a secure location, but Lois and Clark told him they would rather be together at home while they prepared for what was coming. Lois asked him to come with them but he said he was needed at the Pentagon.

When the Kents got home they found Natalie, who was unwilling to go home without her father. They told her she was welcome to stay with them, and Lois assured her that John would come back. The worlds began to merge, and they were all transported to the inverse world. As some things from their house had also been transported over, Clark realised that people and objects were randomly shifting between the worlds as they merged. To their shock, Tal-Rho was waiting for them in the house, having also been transported to the inverse world.

Just as suddenly they were transported back to their own world, but Lois remained behind and while her inverse counterpart went back to her world. Fortunately, Clark was able to regain his powers and undo the merge, returning Lois home. At a celebration afterwards, Lois confessed to Chrissy that Clark was Superman, telling her she was tired of lying to her. Later, Clark took the family on a boat trip into the ocean, where he created a new Fortress of Solitude in the sea for the whole family.

Season Three

Lois learned from John Henry that Bruno Mannheim, a crimelord she had investigated for years while with the Planet, was the lead suspect in the murder of his counterpart on her Earth. She investigated the murder in the hopes of bringing Mannheim down despite John Henry's request that he leave it alone. To try and get information she made an appointment with John Henry's sister, a doctor, under a false name. Dr. Irons refused to talk about her brother when she realised who Lois was but also told her that the symptoms she had reported when she made the appointment suggested that she may be pregnant again. Lois was initially ambivalent about the prospect of another baby, but after reminiscing about early motherhood with Lana and watching old home movies of the boys at their sixteenth birthday party she became excited about being a mother again.

However, that evening Dr. Irons called her and told her that her pregnancy test had come back negative and she needed further tests to determine what was causing her symptoms. They eventually discovered that Lois had a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Lois dove into her investigation of Mannheim to avoid going to chemotherapy treatments, afraid of what they would do to her. She eventually found the courage to go with the support of her friends and family.

Lois started taking her chemotherapy treatments at a hospital in Hob's Bay which Mannheim had spent a fortune in turning into one of the best medical facilities in the country in order to get information on him. Her first appointment was the day of Smallville High's Valentine's Dance, which Lois was hoping to chaperone after her treatment. She snuck off during treatment to investigate, but Mannheim found and confronted her. He took her to the hospital's research lab and told her that his mother had been poisoned by a toxic waste dump near their home when he was a child, and everything he did was to prevent another death like hers. He also promised to send her all the research files to prove he was on the level. When they returned home, Lois was too exhausted and sick from the chemo to go to the dance, much to her disappointment. When the kids returned home, she danced with Clark and Jordan.


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