Quote1.png Lois. I have absolutely no regrets. I honestly don't know how I got so lucky. I crossed an ocean of stars and somehow I found you. Thank you for choosing me. Quote2.png
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Lois Lane was the president of Earth-2, wife of Clark Kent and mother to their son, Jon.

Lois Lane was a reporter at Daily Planet and married her fellow reporter Clark Kent, who was secretly the superhero Superman and later on gave birth to a child named Jonathan Samuel Kent. She was staying at the Kent apartment along with his best friend Damian Wayne when the Anti-Life Equation started infecting people, but all three were ignorant of it. Jon searched for her phone when she couldn't find it, but it was destroyed by Superman as soon as his son discovered it. Clark destroyed all the screens in the house and told them about the infection, before stating he'll assemble the Justice League. She however advised him against it as they couldn't be sure who had survived.[2]

After she learnt that her parents were okay, Clark decided to head to Smallville to check on his own but decided that his family and Damian needed to be someplace safe for the meanwhile. She then suggested leaving them at the Daily Planet, to which he agreed, and stated they could use its radio system to communicate with others. Bruce later told everyone at the Planet building about how the infection was spreading.[1] Superman later emptied the building from all the Anti-Living and barricaded the entrance. He suggested she come with him to Smallville but Lois rejected it stating they needed to establish contact with others.[3]

Lois learnt from Martha Kent about Jonathan being infected when Superman brought her and they mourned him together. After getting the radio tower working with Green Arrow's help, she called out to everyone on radio and told them that the League was assembling in Metropolis. Later, an infected Captain Atom approached the Planet building when he was about to blow up,[4] but Lois and everyone else there were saved by Dinah while they city was destroyed. As the heroes set up sanctuaries for survivors and severed the internet, she along with others shifted to the Fortress of Solitude. Lex Luthor and Cyborg made a plan to evacuate survivors from Earth, though Superman strongly disagreed. When he in return mocked him for losing two homeworlds, Lois punched him in anger.[5]

Barry Allen was later infected when the fortress was attacked by the Martian Manhunter, but was stopped by Superman who was infected himself. Bidding goodbye to his family before turning, he thanked her for picking him and she in return stated the same, before the two shared a heartfelt kiss and he left the planet.[5] The heroes later decided they needed to evacuate Earth, but Lois stated her husband, who had returned after turning, could easily stop them. Wonder Woman agreed and decided to modify Batman's plans for taking him down by merging his Green Kryptonite piece with the magical Sword of Athena. Lois left Earth while others deal with him, but found they had failed as he approached her ark. Jon decided to stop him despite her reluctance, but failed and Superman after being confronted by the entire Green Lantern Corps decided to drain the Sun.[6]

The survivors travelled towards a habitable planet which was named Earth-2 and made their new home there.[6] Lois eventually rose to become its president and helped defuse tensions with an alien empire based in the same system when it attacked the humans, seeing them as a possible threat. The survivors later learned that Cyborg had started transmitting them signals from Earth and was calling out to the Justice League. Most of the heroes, including Jon decided to leave, though she thought it was dangerous and told him to return as soon as he's finished investigating. Jon told her he disliked it when he was called Superman, and she responded that he should stop thinking if he deserved it.[7]




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