Lois Lane is a Daily Planet investigative reporter. As her city Metropolis was consumed by organized crime under Karl Mannheim's Intergang, Lois took an on-the-field approach in exposing Intergang.

One day, Lois received a tip on an Intergang arms deal in which she fatefully encounter the Apokoliptian soldier Kal-El in which she saved him from being drown to death. Lois witnessed Intergang receiving their weapons from Apokolips and was in turn saved by Kal-El from the mobsters until the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit arrive and busted Intergang. Lois was initially skeptical of Kal-El's alien background until witnessing his superhuman abilities and the presence of the New Gods on Earth.

Lois eventually come across with Kal-El again and learning from him about the war between Apokolips and New Genesis, which is threatening to come to Earth. She and Kal-El tried to find the New Gods to seek for their help in defending Earth. The couple did find the New Gods in Metropolis' abandoned World's Fair, but the New Gods blamed Kal-El for being responsible for the destruction of New Genesis. The situation was calmed when it was revealed that Kal-El is chosen by The Source to oppose the Dark God Darkseid. After hearing more of Kal-El's life, Lois tried to convince Kal-El that he is free to choose his own life.

Inevitably, Darkseid succeed in wielding the Anti-Life Equation and use it to control Earth. Lois joined the New Gods in their resistance against Darkseid. The reporter seen through the entire liberation of Earth as she witnessed Kal-El aiding the New Gods in finally defeating Darkseid.




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