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Lois Lane was a friend of Clarc Kent-son, the Master of Metropolis.

Lois is a teacher from the undercity and the leader of a workers' revolution who sought a better treatment for Metropolis's lower class and prophesied of a mediator, a Super-Man, who can bring about an understanding between the workers and the makers of the city. She met Clarc Kent-son, son of Jon Kent, the Master of Metropolis, and inspired him to become aware of the social inequality and as well gaining his affection for her. Lois was kidnapped by Lutor, the scientist and true rule of the city, who saw her as a threat and used her to create a robotic duplicate which he names Futura that will lead the workers to their doom. However, Lutor's plans were then foiled by Clarc, becoming Lois's foreseen hero Super-Man, and battled the villain and saving Lois after she dislodged Lutor's kryptonite heart from his machine body, causing his death. Both Lois and Clarc became the new, enlightened rulers of a reunited Metropolis.

Lois later researched the history of Metropolis with the help of architect Steve Trevor-son. They discover information about the three founders of Metropolis, Jon Kent, Lutor and Paula von Gunther, who crossed the "black sea" after the "time of smoke and soot" to create the city.