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Lois Lane is a reporter of the Daily Planet and the love interest of Superman, who is secretly her co-worker Clark Kent.

Lois and her friend Jimmy Olsen were covering the Korean War. At the end of the war on July 27, they were in the middle of traveling to Seoul on helicopter when their pilot was contacted into rescuing downed air pilot Hal Jordan as they were closest to him in North Korean territory.[1]

In 1957, Lois was invited with Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen to watching a boxing tournament between Ted "Wildcat" Grant and Cassius Clay in Las Vegas. There she reveals that was very inline with America's then bias position against unregistered vigilantes, even when regarding the Flash who arrived to stop Captain Cold.[2]

A year later in 1958, Lois and Jimmy interviewed the Challengers of the Unknown at Challenger Mountain. The journalists were given a tour around the Mountain by June Robbins. During the tour, June introduce them to Professor Walter Haley. At that moment the Challengers were alerted to Florida's Cape Canaveral due to a dinosaur attack in the form of a mutant pterodactyl. Lois and Jimmy tagged along with the Challengers to the scene and witnessed Superman in subduing the creature. Following this, the military at Canaveral were then alerted to a large and unseen object heading to their position. Lois browse her way in letting herself and Jimmy in riding a recon helicopter in seeing what is coming to Florida. Which she made a live television report on the object to be the Centre as it and its prehistoric creatures easily overcome the U.S.'s military might. Later Lois was among the gathered crowd of soldiers and heroes to hear Superman's speech of absolute cooperation between military and costumed heroes and shocked to see him being struck down by the full energy blast of the Centre.[3]

Lois was stricken with grief over Superman's apparent death while reporting humanity's strategic plan against the Centre after all searches for Superman's body remain without any luck. She then suffer an emotional breakdown before being comforted by Jimmy Olsen. During the assault against the Centre, Lois remained on the ground covering the said events. After the destruction of the Centre, Lois and the heroes were met by King Arthur of Atlantis who brought along a still alive Superman. Lois was happily reunited with the Man of Steel as seen on the front page cover of her exclusive coverage titled "Heroes".[4]