Lois Lane was a reporter for the Daily Planet and the wife of Superman.

Lois was murdered by the Joker -- she was stabbed through her heart with her own name plate at her desk.[1][2] But before she died, Lois and Superman had their last moment together, which she tells her husband not to avenge her death by killing the Joker outright and from losing his humanity. Lois's final words to Superman was "don't lose."[3] However, the anti-hero known as Magog avenged Lois' death by killing the Joker.

The combination of Lois' death and Magog's slaying of the Joker greatly contributed Superman's guilt and disenchantment with Earth. It wasn't until Reverend Norman McCay carried on Lois's words in convincing Superman from venting his rage on the United Nations for the mass deaths of the metahumans at the Gulag, and choosing a better path.



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