Quote1.png You know something weird? I've had the same dream almost every night ever since I was a little girl. I dream I'm falling through the clouds and the Earth's getting closer and closer, but I'm never afraid because I know that you're there to catch me. Can you believe that? You catch me almost every night. Always in the nick of time... and now you're real, Superman. As real as any of this. Quote2.png
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Lois Luthor was the wife of American scientist Lex Luthor. She was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor at the Daily Planet.


Her marriage with Lex was sometimes tense because he often remained busy in other things. She shared a connection with him childhood, dreaming of him always being there for her. Though Lois was the ancestor of Superman, a fact they were both unaware of, they felt attracted to each other since they first met when he saved her. Inspired by this, a poet would later make it the fictional basis for a romance between them centuries later.

She later grew more distant from her husband because of his obsession with Superman as well as his work, but they remained married and had a son. When Lex Luthor became President of the United States, she became the First Lady. After Superman attacked the nation, Lois stood outside the White House with Luthor's one last weapon against him: a letter. As he suddenly weakens and she opens it, she realizes it was a reference to Brainiac who turns hostile after Superman realizes what he had done was wrong. She attended Lex's funeral along with her son and felt a sense of deja vu upon seeing a disguised Superman, but couldn't recognize him.


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This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear.

During the Convergence arc, Moscow of Earth-30 was plucked by Braniac and Telos, along with other inhabitants including her along with Lex while the two were still in their middle ages, and placed inside a dome which negated any superpowers. She berated him for his anti-Soviet attitude while they lived in Moscow and she was one of the few civilians to see a prototype invisble jet built by Lex for them.[1]

After an announcement mandating superheroes to fight for the survival of their respective cities, she and Lex were attacked by Soviet troops under the orders of Joseph Stalin who was tired of Luthor's disrespectful attitude. Lex however had all the soliders killed in a surprise attack by his new invention: the G.I. Robots and had Stalin arrested, though Lois criticized him for this.[2]

Luthor forced Stalin to give him entry into Kremlin's secret room so he could nuke Metropolis of Earth-Two and save Moscow as well as her, though she unsuccessfuly tried to dissuade him. He was however stopped by Power Girl and Superman of Earth-Two as well as Wonder Woman of Earth-30.[2]


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