Lois Lane was the daughter of a military man whom Clark Kent met on a junket in Gotham City as one of the winners of the Gotham Gazette's essay contest held by its owner Bruce Wayne. While she was touring the city with Clark Kent, hoping to head toward Metropolis to be a news reporter for the Daily Planet, they both saw a robot running amok through the streets causing damage. Clark tried to keep Lois safe while he transformed into Superboy to contend with the robot, which he found out was being controlled by his nemesis Lex Luthor, but Lois chose to come out of hiding and was grabbed by the robot's metal claw. Superboy was soon joined by Bruce in his masked identity as Robin, who forced Lex to abandon the robot and let it continue running amok until Superman carried it to the moon and dumped it there after breaking off the robot arm still clutching Lois. After Lois was freed from the claw, she joined Superboy and Robin in investigating where the robot came from, and they tracked it to the lab of Dr. Erwin Stanislaus, who turned out to be Luthor in disguise. He tried to take off with Lois again with a portable helipack, this time holding Superboy at bay with a piece of Kryptonite until it was knocked out of his hand by a curved piece of metal thrown at him by Robin. Superboy cut off Luthor's escape and turned him over to the authorities, and Lois gave Superboy a goodbye kiss before he departed.

In 1939, Lois Lane was working as a reporter alongside Clark Kent, investigating the Electrox robot that went berserk at the Metropolis World's Fair -- the same robot that Superman had stopped by crushing him into a metal ball and throwing him into the river -- when they came across Batman at the display building. He took the piece of evidence Lois had found while Clark made it look like Batman had knocked him down, though he was impervious to the blow itself. She followed Bruce Wayne into the display building the day after, listening in on some of the Ultra-Humanite's henchmen talking. She was soon abducted and held hostage in the Ultra-Humanite's hideout until Superman and Batman found out where it was located and rescued her.

Lois fell in love with Clark and married him during the 1940's, when he revealed his Superman identity to her. In 1949, Lex Luthor and the Joker held Lois Lane (at that time pregnant with Joel Perry Kent) captive while exposing her unborn child to Gold Kryptonite radiation, causing him to lose his powers. With the help of Batman and Robin, each of which posed as Superman to distract both villains, Superman managed to rescue his wife, though now with his unborn child now completely human, he and Lois vowed they would never reveal to Joel that Superman was his father.

Lois retired from the Daily Planet and lived as a homemaker, giving birth to her daughter Kara three years later and helping her get used to her emerging Kryptonian powers. In 1969, she was diagnosed as having cancer, which she suspected came from her habit of cigarette smoking. Her daughter Kara overheard this and promised that her father will find a cure for her mother, to which Lois said that all the cures Clark had found only worked on alien physiology. She was resigned to her fate to die until the day of Dick Grayson's funeral, when the Kents received a telegram reporting Joel Kent as being killed in action.

In 1979, while Lois was undergoing treatments for cancer, she and Clark attended the wedding of Bruce Jr. and Kara -- a happy moment that was brutally shattered by a man wearing a green and purple battlesuit who struck Clark down with intense Kryptonite radiation, exposing his identity as Superman. The man in the battlesuit, who later revealed himself to be his son Joel, blasted Kara as Supergirl away and then later ripped her heart out of her chest, killing her. Clark in his weakened state watched as Lois' physician Dr. Holurt revealed himself to be Lex Luthor (who in actuality was really the Ultra-Humanite using Lex Luthor's form), trapping him and Lois within a force field long enough to break Lois' neck before he teleported away.


Lois wore a pendant made by her husband that emitted red solar radiation that prevented her at-the-time unborn daughter Kara from developing superhuman powers without causing her permanent harm.

  • This version of the character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.



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