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The Red Tornado is a goverment-created android with the mind of the deceased Lois Lane.

Early History

As a child, Lois Lane accompanied her father, Samuel Lane, in his military service around the world, and seeing him fly in fighter jets made her love the beauty of flying at an early age. In one of those moments of childhood, in the Arabian desert, little Lois was visited by the Greco-Roman gods Mercury and Eurus. As an oracle predicted for the girl a future both bright and tragic, there would be a time when she should live beyond death, and Mercury bound the spirit of Eurus to hers, to help her. The oracle saw that she would become one with the East Wind, and Eurus would help her to survive that torment. After that Mercury left, making Lois forget for now the gift of the gods that she had received.[1]

As a grown woman, Lois was the wife of Clark Kent, who was known to the world as Superman. During their married life together, she and Clark raised his cousin Kara Zor-El as if she was their own daughter, leading to her eventually becoming Supergirl and later Power Girl. Lois died during the events of the first Apokoliptian invasion under undisclosed circumstances at the Daily Planet, and Superman himself would later follow as he sacrificed his life to save his adopted world.

The Red Tornado

The Red Tornado was an android which grew out of the World Army's "Red Files" initiative. In the spirit of other heroes such as Red Arrow, this android was built but never successfully activated. The android was requisitioned by Terrence Sloan and was activated to be used in battle between Fury and Mister Miracle and Barda.[2]

The Red Tornado was devoid of emotion until an intervention from General Samuel Lane, who, with the help of Dr. Robert Crane, transfered the mind of his deceased daughter Lois into the android. Lois was forced to accept her new existence as a robot just as what appeared to be a brainwashed Superman destroyed the Arkham facility and killed Sam Lane.[3] Lois helped another Kryptonian, Val-Zod, become acclimated to using his powers for the sake of good, while later discovering that the so-called brainwashed Superman really wasn't Superman, but a clone that was given Superman's memories.

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  • Android Body: Lois' mind was uploaded in the Red Tornado after her death, making her an android.[3]
    • Computer Interfacing
    • Self-Sustenance
    • Superhuman Durability: Lois could survive a building collapsing on her with no sign of damage.[3] She aslo showed remarkable resistance to War's apokolitpian weapons which while able to cause her physical pain could only scratch her android chassis.[4]
      • Energy Resistance: Weak energy attacks will harmlessly bounce off her while stronger energy attacks will hurt and temporarily stun her.[5]
    • Superhuman Strength: Lois' android body is far stronger than that of a common human and can easily lift and move large slabs of concrete.[3]
    • Enhanced Vision: Lois has thermal vision and can pick up heat signatures through buildings.[6] She also possesses a form of telescopic vision to see farther than she normally could.[7]
  • Divine Empowerment: Lois had the spirit of the Olympian god Eurus, the East Wind, bound to hers, which gave her special gifts.[1]
    • Aerokinesis: Lois can generate and control wind currents.[8]
      • Air Blasts: Lois can project powerful air currents out of her body for offensive purposes. Her air blasts were powerful enough to destroy Brutaal's body after it had started to weaken.[9] While under War control she displayed enough raw power to defeat both Batman and Superman.[4]
      • Tornado Creation
      • Flight: By emitting strong wind currents under her Lois can achieve self-propelled flight.[8]




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