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Lois Lane is a reporter who ended up with the Resistance in the Atlantis-Themyscira War.

In an effort to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash, Flash unknowingly changed reality, drastically altering the lives of many people, Lois included.

In this new world, Lois's life with her father was still the same, however, her father was a member of Project Superman, a secret government project to create a supersoldier that could be used against America's enemies. Due to her father's involvement in the project, Lois did not spend too much time with him.

On his birthday, Lois sneaked into the project facility and entered her father's office to bring him a birthday cake. Suddenly, Kal-El entered Sam's office and the two saw each other for the first time. When they were about to grab each other's hands, Subject Zero enters the room. Zero, wanting revenge against General Lane for the experiments he endured, tries to kill Lois, but Kal-El defends her. In that moment, General Lane enters the room with a device that seals him and Zero in the Phantom Zone.[1]

When she reached maturity, Lois became a reporter for the Daily Planet. At that time, the Amazons and the Atlanteans were waging war. She and her partner, Jimmy Olsen, are sent to Paris, France, to report a fashion show, when the Atlanteans flood Western Europe. Lois, along with all the women present are saved by the Amazons, but Jimmy and the men are left to die.

Lois is taken to a concentration camp in New Themiscyra, formerly England. There, she receives a transmission from Cyborg, America's greatest superhero, in Jimmy's camera. Cyborg reveals to Lois that Jimmy was an agent trying to make contact with the Resistance movement in England. Lois offers to continue Jimmy's duties, and Cyborg agrees.

Over the course of 24 weeks, Lois reports to Cyborg that the Amazons declared martial law and recruited women to fight the Atlanteans, using technology to give the recruits Amazonian powers. However, there is a high failure rate in the process, which transforms women into beasts that they use to train recruits with. In week 32, Lois is scheduled for procedure. She manages to escape with the help of Penny Black, a British Navy officer.[2]

Lois escapes to the sewers and manages to make contact with the Resistance, led by Grifter. She shows the Resistance a recording made by Penny, in which she reveals Lois's status as Cyborg's agent to Grifter. As they walk across the sewers, Grifter tells Lois about his first meeting with Penny, revealing that she is in fact the superhero Britannia. Their mission in England is to help Penny recover her Britannia armor so that the tide of the war can turn. The Resistance gets to a secret room, where Penny is healing from injuries she received when she was helping Lois escape. Penny uses Lois's camera and discovers that the armor is hidden under the Westminster Palace.

Using Zodiac boats, the Resistance gets to the Westminster Palace, but as soon as they get to a secret entrance to the palace, the Amazons ambush them. Bobbie Stephenson, also Resistance member Miss Hyde, reveals that she told the Amazons about the Resistance's plans because they offered her a cure to her Miss Hyde persona. She threatens the Resistance to surrender, holding a knife against Lois' throat.[3]

Fortunately, Miss Hyde regains control of Stephenson's body, allowing the Resistance to fight the Amazons evenly. While the Resistance defeats the Amazons, Lois takes Penny to an underground bunker, where the armor is located. Suddenly, Artemis attacks Lois while Penny puts the suit on. Just as Artemis is about to kill Lois, Penny, wearing the armor, kills Artemis by ripping her in half.

While Britannia goes to help the Resistance, Lois gets to a comm station in the bunker. She uses the transmitter to broadcast a message to the entire world, revealing the Amazons's war crimes and the Resistance's efforts to free England. Suddenly, a group of Amazons sneaks up behind Lois and tries to kill her.[4]

However, Kal-El appears and saves her. Reuniting after several years, Kal-El tells Lois that he came to take her away so that she can be safe. However, Lois refuses to leave, saying that she needs to stay so that the Amazon-Atlantean war can finally end. Suddenly, Subject Zero appears and tries to kill Lois, but Kal smashes him with a car. As Kal and Zero fight, a group of Amazons appear to take control of the situation, but Zero quickly kills them. As the fight between them resumes, Kal discovers that Zero's body is beginning to overload from the energy he absorbed from his dead opponents. Kal manages to destroy Zero in a massive explosion. Unfortunately, Lois is caught in the blast, and Kal cradles her in his arms. Lois dies but not before begging Kal to use his powers to save the people. Kal, honoring her last request, becomes a Superman.[5]




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