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Lois Lane is a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist employed at the Daily Planet. Raised in the military as the daughter of General Sam Lane, she is more than capable of handling herself in almost any situation, though this doesn't stop her from commonly being abducted by super-villains. She is the long-time romantic interest and eventual wife of Superman. She is also the mother of their son Jonathan Samuel Kent.

Original Origin

Lois is the older of two children, born to Sam Lane, a career military officer, and Ella Lane. Her father, who desired a son but instead received two daughters, subtly resented his children and treated each of them as if they were members of his unit during their childhoods. This included combat training, and, Lois once admitted, even teaching them to throw knives with their toes. This harsh upbringing made Lois believe that she had to fight to get her rightful share from men in the world.[2]

With her father in the military, Lois and her family moved around a lot while growing up. At the age of fifteen, while her family was living near Metropolis, she approached Perry White at the Daily Planet and asked him for a job. Lois lied and said that she was nineteen, but her sister Lucy told Perry the truth. Overhearing some reporters say that whomever got a scoop on Lex Luthor would get on Perry's good side, Lois decided to attempt the seemingly impossible and sneaked into Luthor's tower after dark and tried to steal some files. She was caught by Luthor himself however, who gave her a paddling and sent her on her way. Perry was so impressed that he agreed to hire her anyway.[3]

Lois would quickly rise as a reporter at the Daily Planet, winning a coveted Pulitzer Prize early in her career.

Lois Lane 0018

First meeting Superman

Eventually, Lois was invited aboard an experimental space shuttle, the Constitution, that was supposed to land at Metropolis Airport. Unfortunately, the shuttle collided with a civilian aircraft that had somehow slipped through the security cordon and began to crash. Suddenly, a mysterious flying man appeared and grabbed hold of the shuttle, guiding it to safety. As soon as the shuttle was on the ground, Lois bursted out of the shuttle to meet her savior, and the two instantly had a chemistry. Lois got the byline for the front-page newspaper story MYSTERIOUS SUPERMAN SAVES SPACE PLANE! and thus became the first to call him by the name the whole world would soon know: Superman.[4]

After many unsuccessful attempts to track down Superman, Lois decided to fake an accident to get his attention — she drove her car into the bay, though she had an oxygen tank with her. Superman was right on cue and, after pulling her and her car from the water, he agreed to a brief interview. Much to Lois's chagrin however, when she tried to file the story with Perry, she found that a new reporter Perry had just hired had beaten her on the exclusive story — a young reporter named Clark Kent.[5]

It took Lois quite some time to forgive Clark for beating her to the punch, but eventually she got over it and they became good friends and even began dating.

Lois was one of the first people from the outside world who got to visit Themyscira on Paradise Island. As a gesture of goodwill, Wonder Woman invited twelve hand picked delegates, each representing different respected perspectives to come to the island for a tour. Diana initially asked Clark Kent to come, but, as he was busy, he suggested Lois go instead. While on the island, Lois had to help Wonder Woman fight against Eris, daughter of Ares, who was sowing discord among the Amazons and the delegates.[6]

Revised Origin

 Main article: Superman: Secret Origin

Eventually, Superman's history was inexplicably altered, and Lois' along with it.

Shortly before Superman's debut in Metropolis, Lois worked at the Daily Planet, which was having financial problems. Lex Luthor owned every media outlet in Metropolis and used it to enforce his public image as a wealthy benefactor, and the Daily Planet was the only source not controlled by him. Lois, as the Planet's best reporter, had also written several articles against Luthor. However, this rebellion had lead the Daily Planet to the brink bankruptcy.

Despite this, Clark Kent was hired on as a reporter anyway, and Perry White introduced him to Lois and Jimmy. Lois offered to show Clark around the office, and the two bonded, even agreeing to do some covert work together to investigate Lex Luthor's shady business practices.

Superman 0071

First meeting with Superman, revised

Lois and Clark sneaked into LexCorp after dark and witnessed the unveiling of a powered exoskeleton the company created. However, when Lois was discovered by security guards, she ran and tripped off the top of the building, falling dozens of stories towards the ground, but was thankfully saved by a mysterious flying man with an 'S' on his chest. Lois and the public were amazed by the new hero, but, before anyone had the chance to ask him questions, he flew away.[7]

The next day, Lois and Clark were ordered to report to Lex Luthor at LexCorp to explain themselves. The reporters obliged, believing they could turn the tables on the interrogation by asking Luthor about his illegal activities, until, when they arrived in Luthor's office, discovered that Lois's own father General Lane had been working with the corrupt businessman to design weapons for the military.

The reporters conducted the interview anyway, until it was cut short when Rudy Jones, a Daily Planet janitor mutated by radioactive waste, attacked the building. The unnamed new superhero quickly arrived on the scene and, bringing the fight to the streets, defeated the monster.

Afterwards, Lois wrote and published an article about the flying man and gave him the name the world would soon know him as: Superman. Perry White would then assign Jimmy Olsen as Lois's photographer partner. The article was a success and skyrocketed the Daily Planet's reputation as the only honest news source, saving it from bankruptcy.[8]

At the Daily Planet, Lois was visited by her longtime suitor John Corben, a US soldier and friend of her father's, who kept sending her flowers against her wishes. When Corben became slightly aggressive towards Lois rejecting his advances, Clark stepped in and intimidated John with an almost superhumanly firm handshake. Lois was beyond impressed, and Clark asked Lois on a lunch date, which she accepted.

Clark and Lois's lunch date went well until the hero-in-disguise heard a cry for help and was forced to come up with an excuse to spring into action. Lois, unaware, was frustrated at getting left behind.

Shortly after, Superman was antagonized by the US military, specifically headed by Lois's father, and Lois was detained for all the information she had regarding the hero.[9] In her interrogation, Lois defiantly asserted that she trusted Superman more than she trusted her own father, and, thanks to a distraction by Jimmy Olsen, escaped to find Superman.

On the streets of Metropolis, Lois witnessed the fight between Superman and a new glowing green super-villain calling himself Metallo. Lois warned the Man of Steel that the government was coming for him and he needed to hide. During the fist-fight with Metallo, Superman removed his mask, revealing his identity to be John Corben. Lois was horrified, and Corben, furious at the woman who rejected him, tried to blast her with a Kryptonite laser beam, only to be saved once again by Superman.

As General Lane arrived with his troops and attempted to arrest Superman for beating up US soldier John Corben. Lois stood up to her father and scolded him, saying that Corben was endangering innocent people. Civilians gathered around Superman to protect him, causing a standoff between the people of Metropolis versus the US military. Superman, flattered by his acceptance by the public and not wanting to fight, inspired the civilians with the message that they were Metropolis' true protectors and flew off.

The next day, Superman and Lois finally got the opportunity to have a conversation with each other on the roof of the Daily Planet as the hero repaired the broken planet statue that adorned their building. Lois thanked Superman for inspiring her with so much hope. As Superman and Lois were about to kiss for the first time, Jimmy Olsen interrupted them, and Superman departed - only the start of a long relationship.[10]


Superman went on many adventures encountering several of his soon-to-be iconic foes, and Lois was always steps behind him, reporting on his exploits for the Daily Planet. At some point, Lois began dating Clark Kent, unaware of his dual identity.

Lois and Clark Engagement New Earth 0001

Lois and Clark get engaged

After being together for some time, Clark proposed to Lois with the Kent family engagement ring. However, Lois was distracted at the time because her mother was sick and did not answer until later that night when she realized Clark's devotion to her and agreed to marry him.[11] Jimmy Olsen threw the couple an engagement party at the Planet the same day that Lex Luthor apparently died in a plane crash.[12]

A few weeks later, Clark finally revealed his secret identity as Superman to Lois[13] and, realizing that he had been using his powers to get a leg up on her in the workplace, developed a professional rivalry with her fiancé.

Around this time, the Daily Planet employees went on strike over a labor dispute. The strike organizer was a man named Jeb Friedman, a southern "good ol' boy" who took a strong interest in Lois, despite her engagement to Clark. Lois befriended Jeb after Superman saved her father from a supervillain attack, which made Clark a little jealous.[14]

A man claiming to be the son of the late Lex Luthor - also named Lex Luthor - arrived in Metropolis, and Lois was immediately suspicious of the man's intentions. However, she couldn't find evidence of any obvious wrongdoing or his mysterious past.[15]

Death of Superman

Death of Superman 01

The Death of Superman

After an intense battle with the monster Doomsday, Superman died in Lois's arms at the foot of the Daily Planet building. Having been on the scene, Lois was given the heart wrenching task of writing the story about the death of Earth's greatest hero.[16]

Devastated by the loss, Lois realized she also had to keep up the pretense that Clark and Superman were two different people. She attended his funerals, lost in the crowd of many thousands of people, and then called the Kents to grieve with them.[17]

When Superman's body was stolen from the tomb, Lois followed the trail and learned that Project Cadmus had stolen it. When she broke the story, Supergirl recovered the body and returned it to the tomb.[18]

Weeks later, when Jon Kent collapsed of a heart attack, Lois went to Smallville to be with Martha. Jon survived, and Lois returned to Metropolis where, upon visiting Superman's tomb, found that it was empty yet again.[19]

Not only was there a new Superman flying around, there were fourThe Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton, The Man of Steel, and The Metropolis Kid. Lois interviewed them all, but, despite the first two claiming to be Clark, she was skeptical that any of them were the real Superman. As a matter of fact, she was among the first to recognize the Cyborg Superman for the villain that he really was.

Superman Returns

Eventually, a fifth person — wearing a black costume and not having superpowers — showed up in Metropolis claiming to be the real Superman returned to life. Lois was one of the first people on the scene to meet him. She was again skeptical, thinking it was a trick like the others, but this one knew far more about their relationship than any of the others and reaffirmed his love for her.[20]

Once he was back in costume and fully powered, there was not a doubt left in her mind that he was the real Superman, back from the dead.[21] Lois helped work out the cover story for Clark's secret identity reappearing - claiming that Clark had supposedly been buried in rubble leftover from Doomsday's rampage while Superman was dead.[22]

The New Luthor

Upon Superman's return, Lois began a series of investigations regarding LexCorp and suspicions of insurance fraud. Lois did some digging and found her suspicions to be true - several owned buildings had been destroyed and the damage blamed on Doomsday.

Lois attended the "Welcome Back Superman" party the new Lex Luthor threw aboard his private blimp, and he agreed to an interview with her the next day. During the interview, Luthor Jr. denied any relation to the insurance fraud attempts. She filed her story with the paper, although she chose not to publicly accuse Luthor without enough evidence.

The story developed as Lois learned that the foreman of the site she had interviewed for the fraud story was almost killed by a group called Nuclear Waste. Superman saved the foreman, and Lois talked to him again in the hospital where she learned that he had been personally fired by Luthor. Lois was convinced the businessman was behind the hit.[23]

Lois heard from Cat Grant following her son's death about Sasha Green, a former personal trainer of Lex Luthor II's that had gone missing. Lois decided to do some digging, talking with another of Luthor's trainers as well as one of the cleaning women for LexCorp Tower. Lois remembered meeting Sasha once at Superman's tomb where she got in an argument with Luthor before disappearing.[24] The only other clue Lois had was that Sasha's gym bag was left behind at LexCorp.[25]

When Luthor decided to try and create another clone of Superman, his failed creation rebelled and fled from LexCorp. The clone, known as Bizarro, had jumbled memories of the real Superman's adventures and showed up at Lois's apartment and kidnapped her.[26] Bizarro took her to a warehouse where he recreated scenes from Superman's life as best he could remember. Lois managed to escape on her own, and Bizarro was recaptured by Luthor.[27] Believing that Bizarro wasn't bad and merely just misunderstood, Lois and Clark broke into LexCorp to free the clone. However, the rescue went awry, and Bizarro died in Lois's arms. During the excursion, Lois learned that Lex Luthor II was badly ill.[28]

Thanks to a mysterious contact calling themselves "Deep Quote", Lois learned the horrible truth that Lex Luthor II was really the original Lex Luthor, just in a clone body. She attempted to out Luthor as a fraud but, because Luthor buried the evidence, Lois was publicly discredited.[29] Luthor continued scheming to make Lois look more and more crazy as well as planted evidence implicating her for embezzlement at the Daily Planet. Franklin Stern discovered this false evidence, and Lois was fired.[30] Luthor's tirade against Lois wasn't over though and even fire bombed her apartment, destroying incriminating evidence against himself.

With some more help from her contact Deep Quote, who was eventually revealed to be Dr. Gretchen Kelley, Lois managed to prove to Stern and Perry the truth about the cloned Luthor and also exposed his work at discrediting Lois. She also uncovered Luthor's plan to detonate bombs all over the city.

Luthor turned Metropolis into a battleground once he realized Lois was about to expose him and launched several missiles into the heart of the city, destroying most of the major buildings--including the Daily Planet itself. Lois was saved from being crushed by the Daily Planet's globe by Superman, and Luthor was finally apprehended.[31]


Adventures of Superman Vol 1 525 Textless

Lois and Clark reunited

Thanks to a villain named Shadowdragon, Conduit learned that Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same and targeted everyone he cared about. Lois managed to elude him at first, but the villain managed to track her down and detonated a bomb as Superman was rushing to the scene. Superman was lead to believe that Lois had died in the explosion, but Lois, ever resourceful, escaped in time.[32]

Because Conduit also thought she was dead, Lois was free to track down Clark and his parents, who had gone into hiding. During her search, she met Shadowdragon himself, who told her that he had purged all of Conduit's information on Superman so that he couldn't share it with any one else.

Lois finally managed to track down the Kents outside Fawcett City, ecstatic they were reunited. When Clark expressed a feeling that he would have to give up being Clark Kent and just be Superman to keep his loved ones safe, Lois talked him out of it, showing him how much he would be missing.[33] Conduit made a final play for Superman's loved ones but died in the battle, restoring their safety yet again.

Broken Engagement

Things became very strained between Lois and Clark over time. Clark seemed to find less and less time for Lois, spending much of his time as Superman.

Matters got worse when Superman's mermaid ex-love interest Lori Lemaris showed up in Metropolis unexpectedly. Against her better judgment, Lois decided to let Lori live with her for a while.[34] Lori later revealed to Lois that Clark had actually asked her to marry him at one point when they were younger. Lois was upset that Clark never mentioned that and the many other secrets he could possibly be keeping. She was later shocked to witness Clark and Lori secretly kiss; Superman incorrectly assured Lori that no body saw.[35]

Things took a turn for the worse when Lois was poisoned by the Joker in an insane plot to get Superman to murder him. Thanks to Batman, Superman did not kill Joker, even to save Lois's life. Though Lois made a full recovery from the poison, she was shaken by Clark's decision to not to anything to save her.

Action Comics Vol 1 720

The engagement's off

Lois voiced her concerns to Clark, saying she was not worried about his connection to Lori and knew everything was a misunderstanding, but about his emotional distance in their relationship in general. Though he tried to listen to her, when Clark heard another emergency and tried to rush off mid-conversation, Lois broke off their engagement and handed him back her ring.[36]

Despite Clark's best efforts to patch up their relationship in retrospect, Lois remained adamant of their breakup. Even the limitlessness power of Mister Mxyzptlk was unable to get them back together.[37] Clark offered to give up being a superhero forever to be with Lois again, but Lois denied him, saying he would always be Superman. The two spent some time apart, with Clark focusing on his heroism and Lois focusing on herself.[38]

Lois began investigating crimes associated with the new head of LexCorp following Luthor's departure. She developed a bizarre frustration with Superman - getting mad at him for saving her, for not saving her, and anything else he did. She finally decided that she just needed some time away from Metropolis and took a job as a foreign correspondent. She said goodbye to her friends, and a heartsick Clark saw her off at the airport.[39]

The Wedding and Beyond

With enough time away to realize how much they meant to one another, when Lois returned from her time abroad, she re-accepted Clark's wedding proposal, and they expedited the wedding to happen right away.


The wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Days before the wedding, Clark lost his superpowers due to a conflict with a suneater. Lucy Lane and Jimmy Olsen were the Maid of Honor and Best Man. Lois got into a fight with her father during the rehearsal dinner, prompting him to almost not come, but he showed up just after it began. After a traditional ceremony, Lois and Clark were finally married. Lois decided to keep her maiden name, going by "Ms. Lane."

Among the wedding gifts, Batman surprised the couple by allowing them to lease a spacious apartment at 1938 Sullivan Place (owned by Bruce Wayne) in Metropolis, and Lois's sister Lucy got the newlyweds tickets to their honeymoon in Hawaii.[40]

While in Hawaii, the pair were attacked by terrorists, and Clark was kidnapped. "Mrs. Superman" sprang into action after her husband and single-handedly rescued him from the kidnappers.[41]

After the honeymoon, Clark got his powers back, but they seemed to go haywire, forcing Superman to phase in and out of reality.[42] As his situation worsened, the Atomic Skull escaped custody and kidnapped Lois, thinking she was his long lost love Zelda. Superman managed to get her back though, and, in increasingly worsening condition, was saved by a containment suit created by Lex Luthor, starting the era of Electric Blue Superman.[43] In this new phase of his life, Clark could turn his powers on and off, and Lois taught her husband how to be a normal human.

The situation escalated when Superman was split into two personalities - Superman Red and Superman Blue, though eventually he was merged back together into one being and everything went back to normal.

Superman Rex

Superman was drawn into a plot by the villain Dominus which altered Superman's perceptions of reality, causing him to live in four different time periods: the 1940's, 1960's, late 1970's, and the distant future. Lois existed in each of these, of course, and was just as strong willed and determined as ever. In one of the realities, as Superman and Lois battled the Nazis in WWII, they kissed--and their kiss broke through the illusions of Dominus's power.[44]

Lex Luthor became more vindictive and bought the Daily Planet, which was struggling for money, and subsequently shut it down. He fired everyone but Lois, Jimmy, and two others, whom he transferred to his new company, LexCom.[45] Luthor had no room for traditional journalism, however — the job at LexCom involved scouring the Internet for stories as they happened and posting them together on LexCom's website. Lois was miserable, but Luthor restricted elevator access in the building to keep her from going out and doing any real journalism.[46]

The day they took the globe down from the Daily Planet, Lois discovered that her sister was pregnant and that Ron Troupe was the father.[47]

Superman soon started to act strange — believing that he was having prophetic dreams. He began a frantic 24/7 patrol of Earth, trying to stay one step ahead of every disaster. Lois was shocked when he announced that he had to give up being Clark Kent and to live at the Fortress. She refused to go there with him, thinking that something was terribly wrong with her husband.[48] Lois joined Clark's parents in trying to talk some sense into him, but they were as unsuccessful as the rest of the Justice League and the Superman Family.[49]

As Superman continued to sink farther in his obsession to keep the world safe, building an army of Super-Robots to help him patrol the earth, Lois wrote a scathing article denouncing this change in his attitude, citing that the last thing the world needed was a "Superman Rex."[50] As Superman and his army continued to go out of control, Lois decided to take matters into her own hands.

With some help from S.T.A.R. Labs, she ventured to the Fortress of Solitude, arriving and discovering that it has grown substantially and had incredible defenses.[51] Tearfully, she confronted her husband on what he had become, and after kissing him, Superman seemed to come out of a trance and realized the depth of his mistakes — and that he had been manipulated by Dominus all along![52] After a tough fight, Superman managed to win the day, returning his life to normal, much to Lois's joy.[53]

However, Superman's reputation had been tarnished, with many people feeling they could no longer trust him. Lex Luthor offered to allow Lois to host an interview with Superman for LexCom, giving him the opportunity to explain himself. Lois realized, however, that Luthor had planned on releasing Metallo into Metropolis while Superman was doing the interview, making him look even worse for not being there to save the day, so Superman had to cancel the interview.[54]

New Secrets, New Lies

Shortly before the end of 1999, Lex Luthor made a deal with Lois Lane - he would return the Daily Planet as an independent publisher, but she would have to bury one news story about him at any point of his choosing, no questions asked. Lois agreed without telling her husband, and Luthor therefore sold the Daily Planet building to Bruce Wayne for $1. All the old staff was hired back. Clark was assigned a new position as a foreign correspondent, and Lois got her job on the city beat again.[55]

Lois was in Metropolis when Brainiac 13 upgraded the city during Y2K. During the upheaval, Lois saved the life of Lex's infant daughter Lena Luthor. Lex, grateful, suggested that he would be willing to drop Lois's end of their secret "deal", but Lois refused this offer, angry at the insinuation that she only saved Lena because of her debt.[56]

Superman v

Superman vs. ... Lois Lane?

Later during the crisis, Lois was abducted by the Parasite, who developed powers to replicate people's appearances and access their memories. Taking on Lois's persona, the Parasite learned Superman's secret identity and impersonated his wife for days while he kept Lois hidden away. Clark, unaware of the situation, believed that his wife was growing cold and distant towards him, until he discovered the ruse. A mysterious Kryptonian illness that Superman was harboring accidentally killed the Parasite before the villain could reveal where he had hidden Lois. [57]

Superman, who had in fact been ill since just after Y2K, steadily grew worse as he literally began to glow green. Superman turned to Batman to track down his missing wife, who found her hidden in a cave outside Metropolis.[58]

Superman was rushed to STAR Labs for treatment for his illness, which was discovered to have been given to him by La Encantadora as a plot to kill him. The villainess furthered her plan by hiring Deathstroke to kill Lois and keep her out of the way. Deathstroke successfully stabbed Lois in the chest, but she was saved by Supergirl and brought to be with her husband. Seeing each other gave the two the strength to make full recoveries. [59]

After months of delays and pressure from her family, Lucy Lane and Ron Troupe were finally married in a small ceremony during Lucy's ninth month of pregnancy. Lois and Lucy crashed Ron's bachelor party the night before, hiding in the giant cake. Lois was at her sister's side when she gave birth a few weeks later.[60]

President Luthor

Lois was as annoyed as everyone else at the Daily Planet when Lex Luthor lead a successful campaign and was elected President of the United States. To make matters worse, Luthor named Lois's own father Sam Lane as his Secretary of Defense, further straining the relationship between father and daughter.[61]

Wonder Woman 0093

Interview with Wonder Woman

Lois then investigated who hired La Encantadora to poison her husband. Lois went on an incredible adventure, matching wits with an assassin in Africa[62] until she found the culprit to be a villain named Kancer in the country of Pokolistan, a small former Soviet satellite state. Lois relayed the information back to Superman, who brought a team with him to apprehend the criminal, but the heroes were forced to retreat when Superman thought he saw his long-dead enemy General Zod.[63]

Lois also had the opportunity to do a long-form interview with Wonder Woman that began with an around-the-world tour and ended in a game of pool in Suicide Slum. Lois, having been jealous at times towards the Amazon Princess due to her closeness to her husband, took the opportunity to clear the air.

Lois learned a lot about Diana personally, and that, one adventure, Superman and Wonder Woman had been trapped in Asgard for 1,000 years yet Clark remained faithful to Lois. Dia.[64] Diana admitted that she used to have feelings for Clark in the past and regretted not making a move when she had the chance, but the two women put that aside and bonded as close friends.[65][66][67]

Death in the Family and Time Abroad

Soon the world came under invasion again, and Superman was needed more than ever to defeat the coming of Imperiex. As battles erupted across the globe, Lois made her stand at the White House. While trying to rescue Hippolyta, thinking that she was actually Wonder Woman, Clark failed to hear Lois's calls for help as the White House came under attack by the invaders - and Lois was forced to watch as her father sacrificed his life to save the capital. Despite their often-rocky relationship, Lois was devastated at the loss of her father.[68]

Soon after the invasion's conclusion and Sam Lane's funeral, Lois told Clark that she decided to take some time off work to travel the globe with her mother to process her father's death.[69][70] Lois and her mother traveled extensively throughout Europe, including visiting Rome and Venice. Because of their apparent disconnect from one another, people back home began to question the strength of Lois and Clark's relationship, but Clark was adamant that the time apart was good for the both of them.[70]

In Vienna, Lois changed up her usual look and dyed her hair black.[71] Though Clark came to visit her a few times on her trip for romantic dates, Lois requested that he stop and give her more space.[72]

As Lois's mother suggested they finally return home at the end of their trip, Lois stated that she didn't want to and wondered if she and Clark hated each other. Ella stated that she stuck by Lois's father for as long as they did because they could solve any problem together and real marriages can last through any difficulty. Upon reunited with her husband, Lois admitted her secret resentment of him - that despite his almost limitless powers, he was still unable to save her own father - and said it was something that she was determined to work on together.[73]

Investigating President Luthor

Lois began to investigate President Luthor, as she suspected that he knew about the initial Imperiex invasion beforehand but purposefully said nothing. Amanda Waller sent the remnants of her Suicide Squad to try and scare Lois off the trail.

Luthor's personal bodyguard Hope briefly became Lois's key whistleblower for the story, though she wasn't able to offer any concrete evidence.

Lois was contacted by President Luthor, who demanded that she live up to the secret deal they made to bury one story of his choosing.

Deciding to beat the devil by his own rules, Lois agreed to drop the story but handed it off to Clark to write anyway. However, because he had no evidence to corroborate the story besides his wife's word, Clark was publicly discredited and fired from the Daily Planet. But, Clark's termination was only ceremonial, as Perry White secretly kept him on the staff to work undercover in his further investigation of Luthor.[74]


Superman was approached by a group of gods who offered to elevate him to godhood so as to help them better understand the modern world.

Across town, Lois was being interviewed by a young journalism student, who questioned her about Superman and her father's death. Lois admitted that it was hard to truly understand her husband sometimes, given how much power and responsibility he wielded. The student asked Lois, if she had the opportunity, what would she choose to become the goddess of. After a minute of thought, Lois responded by saying "the goddess of integrity."

The student, secretly one of the gods that approached Superman, transported Lois to the others and granted Lois immeasurable power. However, as it turned out, the "gods" were actually demonic deities, and Lois, half crazed with so much raw power, attacked them in return.

Leaving her husband to fight the demons alone, Lois went to her father's grave and pondered how she could resurrect him now that she had the power to. However, Wonder Woman arrived at the cemetery and discussed the decision with Lois, eventually talking her out of it. After Superman defeated the evil gods, Lois rejected their power in her heart and reverted back to normal.[75]

Ending Battle

Manchester Black, longing for revenge against the Man of Steel, decided to strike back at him where he knew it would hurt the most. Using his vast mental abilities, Black was able to either control or convince nearly all of Superman's enemies to attack Clark Kent's relatives and friends. Lois in particular was attacked at the Daily Planet by Evil Star. Superman removed her from the building, quickly explained the situation, and asked her to implement an emergency plan they have prepared in advance.

Action Comics Vol 1 796

The Death of Lois Lane (or is it?)

Lois made a series of phone calls, disguising her voice and referring to herself as Superman's Security Coordinator, and rounded up dozens of Clark's friends and family members at Steelworks. With them safe, Superman was able to go on the offensive. Despite her safety at Steelworks, Lois became impatient and left the base. Obviously, she was captured by none other than Manchester Black himself.

Black tortured her both physically and psychologically - showing her images of her father severely beating her, as well as Superman and Diana sharing an embrace. When Superman finally defeated Black's legion of villains, he raced to their apartment but found Lois, dead at Black's feet. Superman fantasized about killing Black but refused to do so, saying that if he did it would not bring Lois back - it would only disgrace her memory. Stunned at Superman's true goodness, Black dispelled the illusion - Lois was not dead, Black wanted Superman to kill him as his ultimate plot to ruin him.[76]

New Daughter, New Son

Naturally, Lois was a bit distressed when a young woman calling herself Supergirl showed up in Metropolis claiming to be Superman's daughter - actually, she was very put out. Before Lois could become too suspicious of her husband's possible lover, her shock was only made bigger when Cir-El claimed that she was from the future and that Lois was her mother.[77]

Superman confronted the girl, who claimed her name was "Cir-El", having come back in time with the Futuresmiths from a possible future where robots took over humanity. Though the Futuresmiths claimed that killing Cir-El would stop their horrible future from happening, Clark brought her to safety. S.T.A.R. Labs confirmed that Supergirl was his daughter, but that Lois was not actually her mother. Cir-El soon prevented herself from being born, sacrificing herself to save the future.

Lois and Clark took the 'next step' in their relationship and adopted a newly arrived Kryptonian boy, who they named Chris Kent. However, the boy was discovered to be the biological son of Superman's nemesis General Zod. Although initially uneasy about raising a super-powered boy, Lois had shown immense aptitude of being 'Mommy Lois'. However, following a devastating battle with Zod, Chris sacrificed himself to seal the Phantom Zone rift, trapping himself inside with Zod's forces, leaving Lois without a child yet again.

Final Crisis

During another massive multiverse crisis, Lois and Perry were caught in an explosion triggered by Clayface that destroyed the Daily Planet. Lois in particular was seriously injured, and, when Superman arrived on the scene, only his heat vision was able to keep her heart beating.

Clark was visited by a mysterious phantom who insisted that he had to depart Earth immediately if he was to save his wife's life. The Monitor stopped time around Lois, allowing Superman to leave her as he went on a mission with other Supermen of the multiverse.

After facing off against the dark Monitor Mandrakk, Superman brought back a distilled drop of The Bleed and administered it to Lois through a kiss, restoring her to full health.

However, the multiversal crisis wasn't over, and, as Darkseid threatened to destroy every universe in existence, Superman decided to risk his life to activate the Miracle Machine to stop him. Lois gave her husband a good luck kiss before he did so, and, thanks to his determination, Superman's plan worked; the multiverse was saved.

Conspiracy of New Krypton

After an encounter with Brainiac resulted in the bottle city of Kandor being properly resized near the North Pole, the inhabitants, about 100,000 Kryptonians, reconstructed a planet in the solar system that they dubbed New Krypton and invited Superman to join them, on the condition that he relinquish any connection to Earth. Though Earth was obviously his home, he agreed, believing the cost was necessary to keep an eye on his longtime Kryptonian enemy General Zod. Before he set off, Clark, retaking his birth name Kal-El, secretly confided in his wife how much he loved her and that he would return.

Lois reunited with adopted son Christopher Kent, who had aged to adulthood in the past months and became the new Metropolis hero Nightwing.[78]

Lois Lane 0009

Uncovering a conspiracy

Lois was given the news that her sister Lucy Lane was killed during battle with Supergirl, though she refused to believe it until she had irrefutable proof.[79]Upon investigating, Lois was pursued by the US military, who aimed to silence her. She was captured and, when she came to, she found herself in an interrogation room with her father - General Sam Lane, who she thought was dead. Though she was elated to see her father alive again, he threatened to make her disappear forever for coming too close to a government conspiracy that he claimed was in defense of the entire planet.

Lois was released from custody and determined to still break the story, temporarily quit the Daily Planet to do so, believing any connection she had to the paper could put its staff in danger.[80][81]

Looking deeper into the story, Lois discovered that her father had organized the destruction of New Krypton, having provoked the 'War of the Supermen'. However, her sister Lucy, who faked her death, kidnapped her and brought Lois back to the secret military base.[82] There, Lois argued with her father, accusing him of his war crimes.

Supergirl, furious that her planet was destroyed again, located them and threatened to kill Sam, though Lois begged to stop, swearing he would be fairly tried for his crimes. However, Sam did not have the same intentions and killed himself with a nearby gun.

In the aftermath, most of Earth believed that General Lane was the true hero for what he'd done, though Lois swore to write an expose of his true actions because it was the right thing to do.[83] Lois visited her sister in prison and expressed that, though she would not miss her father, she would miss her sister.[84]


Superman began a journey across the United States to reconnect with the American people, and Lois, though confused at first, supported his choice.

While he was on his mission, Lois traveled to Rushmark, where Superman was supposed to make an appearance. There, she found an old college friend of hers named Brian, who invited her to have dinner with him and his wife Huong. There, Lois admitted she had been having doubts about her current life. Later, she caught Brian and Huong having a marital argument of their own, so she left their home. She reconnected with Superman, and, after the change in perspective, the two proclaimed their love for one another yet again.[85]

From there, Lois joined Superman on his cross-country journey. Their first stop together was Chicago, where Lois herself assisted her husband in arresting a violent father that had been abusing his wife and son.[86]

Later, Lois and Superman investigated a factory in Des Moines, where the workers were responsible for dumping waste in the river. However, if the factory was shut down for health violations, many people in Des Moines would lose their jobs. Lois wanted to publish an article exposing the story, but Superman requested she not do that, for the greater good of the Des Moines people. Feeling betrayed, Lois returned to Metropolis without her husband.[87]

On a trip to Seattle, Lois was kidnapped by Lisa Jennings, a woman who wants to destroy Superman.[88] However, Superman rescued her and took Jennings to a hospital so she could receive medical attention.

With the danger over, Superman apologized to Lois about what happened in Des Moines. However, Lois replied that she wrote the article anyway, saying that she was a reporter before she was his wife. Having realized she had done the right thing, Superman kissed her, and the two returned home.[89]


Convergence Vol 1 0 Textless
This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear.

Two separate versions of Lois from two points in history were abducted by Brainiac and held on the sentient planet Telos for a year as an experiment.

Her earlier self encountered the Superman of Earth-22 and Superboy. She was accidentally injured when Superboy smashed a rock over Superman's head and was hit by a fragment. She was rushed to the hospital by Earth 22 Wally West.[90]

Superman 0189

Jonathan Samuel Kent, son of Lois and Clark

Meanwhile, the older versions of Lois and Clark, due to the power-dampening nature of living on Telos, were able to finally conceive a child. Over the course of a year, while they were trapped, Clark fought crime in their bottle city as a masked vigilante with his pregnant wife's help.

Nine months later, the dome around Gotham disappeared, and Clark regained his powers, enabling him to be Superman again. While Superman went off to explore the land beyond Gotham's outskirts, Lois suddenly encountered the an alternate Superman, who insisted Lois come with him.[91]

The alternate Superman took Lois to the Batcave of the Batman of his universe. When her Superman arrived on the scene, he convinced the alternate Batman to help him deliver their son. After a few hours, Lois gave birth to a healthy boy, and the new parents named him Jonathan Samuel Kent after both their fathers.[92]

Due to a series of heroes going back in time and stopping the First Crisis, reality was fixed, and the captured residents of Telos were dispersed back into the multiverse.

Life on Prime Earth

Lois, Clark, and their young son Jon were a unique case. Instead of being returned to their original Earth following Brainiac's abduction, they were placed on the new Prime Earth that had been created after the Flash altered and restored reality. Because there were different, younger versions of both of them on this world, Lois and Clark had to hide their identities and changed their last names to White to settle into this new world.

Action Comics Vol 1 965 Textless

The new, old Lois Lane

For a time, Lois worked as the mysterious Author X, writing about Intergang. They kept their son in the blind about their origin, but he eventually caught on as he started to connect that his parents looked like the Superman and Lois he saw publicized on television. Lois explained the situation to her son and showed him a scrapbook of his father as Superman.

Superman Reborn

After the near-simultaneous deaths of the Superman and Lois Lane of Prime Earth, Clark and Lois came out of hiding and took over their counterpart's places. However, a mysterious, apparently human Clark Kent appeared, claiming that he was the real Clark Kent.

That Clark Kent turned out to be Mister Mxyzptlk, who was imprisoned by Mister Oz and sought to punish Superman for not rescuing him. Mxy also revealed that Clark and Lois were split when the Flashpoint happened, and that their original, deceased Prime Earth counterparts were actually their other halves of one true Lois and Clark. After defeating Mxyzptlk, Jon merged his parents' essences together; Superman and Lois were reborn and the timeline was unified.[93]

Superman Prime Earth 0002
This history is continued in The New 52 at Lois Lane (Prime Earth)#Reborn.
The DC Universe was rebooted in 2011 as part of the Flashpoint event. This was an attempt to simplify continuity, and make DC Comics more accessible to new readers. Prior to this, mainstream comics took place in New Earth continuity since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The continuity established following Flashpoint is Prime Earth.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced):[94] Lois has extensive combat training: from an early age her father taught her how to fight and how to handle guns and knives; Lois later trained with the Special Crimes Unit and is a Black Belt in at least one form of martial arts.[95] She even managed to single-handedly rescued her husband Superman from the foe Rajiv and his small militia, when he was powerless and beaten.[96][97] She was also trained by Batman who remarked that she was the fastest non-combatant learner he had ever saw.[98]Lois has also received training from a Green Beret.[99]
    • Karate: Lois is trained in Karate and has admitted she has been a black belt for years.[100]
    • Torquasm Rao: Allows her to tap into her instincts and separate herself from her body, allowing her to cross dimensions like Hell or the Phantom Zone. Unfortunately, Torquasm Rao can be dangerous to humans, and she admits she's barely a novice when using it.[101][102] [103]
  • Investigation: Lois also has extensive investigative skills owing to her long career as an investigative reporter. Like she is a reporter, she is skilled in investigating the cases she writes for the Daily Planet.
  • Journalism: Lois Lane is the best reporter in the Daily Planet. She is known to do anything to get a story even risking her own life to get it. She apparently won a Pulitzer-prize for her journalistic skills.

  • She drives a Lamborghini.[104]


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