Lois Lane was the fiancée of Oliver Queen and a one-time employee of LuthorCorp Media.[1]

At her engagement party to Oliver, Lois was kidnapped by Clark Luthor, whom she realized was the villainous "Ultraman". However, Clark soon revealed that he was Clark Kent, Luthor's benevolent counterpart from Earth-1, who needed her to acquire a mirror box, so that he could return to his native reality.[1]

After Clark Kent returned to his reality, Lois returned to her normal life and married Oliver. However, their time together proved short, as Clark Luthor had been returned to Earth-2 and killed Oliver, for revealing his identity and telling the public how to kill Clark Luthor.[2]

At the funeral, Lois stopped Clark Luthor and attempted to kill him with Green Kryptonite. However, she quickly realized that still was Clark Kent, whom Luthor had banished to Earth-2. She allowed Kent to live, allowing him to return to his own universe and stop Luthor from hurting his friends.[1] Lois was killed when Earth-2 was destroyed by the Monitors.[3]



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