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Lois Lane was a reporter for the Daily Planet who worked alongside her fellow reporter Clark Kent, who was known to the world as Superman.

Lois had an icy relationship with Clark, constantly referring to him as "Smallville" (the town where he had grown up), but had a private relationship with Superman, never knowing but eventually figuring out that he was Clark Kent. She was known as a reporter who relentlessly dogged Lex Luthor in her constant attempts to write exposes revealing the dark nature of his charitable deeds, only for those exposes to be turned down by her editor Perry White, who didn't want the newspaper to be sued for libel. Upset, Lois accuses Perry of being in Lex's payroll.

At the time of the Superman: Doomsday story, Lois was spending some private time with Superman at his Fortress of Solitude when he was alerted to the news of a humanoid wrecking machine referred to as Doomsday which was now in Metropolis. Superman took Lois to Metropolis and confronted the monster alone, finding him incredibly strong to the point of causing the Kryptonian to bleed. Lois attempted to follow the action with her fellow Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen as Superman did all that he could to stop this "Doomsday machine", even to the point of flying him into space and then pushing him back to Earth where he finally dies, no longer a threat. However, this also took a toll on Superman, who collapsed in Lois' arms, apparently dead.

A televised funeral service followed as the people of Metropolis paid their last respects to their hometown hero, during which Lois Lane noticed Clark Kent's adoptive mother Martha, mourning privately as she headed away from the memorial erected in the name of Superman. She traveled to Smallville in order to share her grief of losing the same person that she now realizes is secretly Clark Kent with Martha, who was initially suspicious of Lois' motives at first, but then realized the genuine feelings of her loss and invited her in to share a cup of coffee.

Sometime later, a psychotic criminal known as the Toyman threatened to dump a school bus full of children off the ledge of a high-rise building if the police don't back off from him, using his mechanical spider to make his point clear. With the Toyman distracted, Lois sneaked her way onto the roof to get as many children safely out of the bus as possible, but ended up falling along with the last child when Toyman pushed the bus over the ledge. Surprisingly, the bus was caught and brought safely to the ground by a familiar sight -- that of Superman, now back from the dead. He also destroyed the mechanical spider and delivered Toyman to the authorities before he flew Lois back home to her apartment, seemingly responding to her as if they just met for the first time. However, it turns out that this "Superman" really wasn't Superman, but a clone created by Luthor from D.N.A. taken from Kal-El's blood samples and under Lex's control while the real Superman's body remained in a stasis chamber in the Lexcorp laboratories after it was taken from its tomb -- only to be taken by one of the robot servitors from the Fortress of Solitude that used the Fortress' Kryptonian technology to bring him back to life.

While Lois was still puzzled over Superman's return while not yet seeing Clark Kent return to his work station at the Daily Planet, the cloned Superman overheard through a televised newscast that the Toyman murdered a four-year-old girl at a day care center where he took children hostage. He went over to the police station where he saw the Toyman being taken in by the police and grabbed him, flying him high above the city before casually letting him drop to the ground, killed by the fall. The people watch astonished as the cloned Superman flew off, not caring that he has killed a criminal in cold blood. Lois arrived at the scene, as did Jimmy Olsen, to see the fallen body of the Toyman lying dead on top of the police car.

Later on Lois met with Lex Luthor in his office under the pretense of leaving the Daily Planet for good in order to go on with her own life, but drugged him so that she and Jimmy could go through his files to discover his genetic research laboratory where he was harvesting Superman clones, all for patrolling Metropolis under Luthor's control. Luthor awakened from his drugged state and threatened to kill both Lois and Jimmy, but was stopped by the active Superman clone who then proceeded to destroy the entire laboratory and all the work done in it while Lois and Jimmy escaped. Luthor fled to his special room with red solar lamps and his Kryptonite gloves waiting for the clone to enter in, but the clone instead sealed up the room and wrenched it from the building, hurling it down to the ground with such force that it crippled Luthor.

As Lois and Jimmy watched the cloned Superman take out the National Guard's tanks, planes, and weapons with a sweep of his heat vision, Jimmy spotted a black-clad long-haired person resembling Superman confronting the clone on top of a building. The cloned Superman tried to peaceably warn the real Superman that Metropolis was now under his protection in the hopes that he would back off. The real Superman answered, "Over my dead body," and fired the Kryptonite cannon beam at the clone, who instantly dodged and knocked the cannon out of the real Superman's hand, engaging him in a long dragged-out battle across Metropolis and ending at the site of Superman's memorial. Lois retrieved the Kryptonite cannon and struck the cloned Superman with it, but he quickly destroyed it, leaving only the cartridge containing the Kryptonite intact. The real Superman stuck the cartridge onto the clone's bodysuit and ignited it with his heat vision, enveloping the clone in a thick cloud of Kryptonite that ended up killing the clone. The real Superman then assured Lois that he was really back from the dead by giving her a kiss in public.

Later on in her apartment, after he had showered and trimmed his hair, Superman revealed to Lois that he truly was Clark Kent. Lois told Clark to call his mother.


  • Journalism: She is a Professional reporter and skilled at defending herself.



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