Lois Lane is a reporter working at the Daily Planet.

Superman Family Adventures

Lois began to suspect that her colleague, Clark Kent, was secret connected to Superman when she noticed that he was suspiciously missing during all of Superman's recent outings. Afraid she was close to figuring out his dual identity, he instructed Superboy to send out a Superman Robot. Unfortunately, a malfunction caused the an army of Superman and Clark Kent robots to be deployed. Encountering the Clark Kent duplicates, Lois angrily dropped her investigation.[1]

When Otis was siphoning the strength of Metropolis citizens, Lois and Jimmy Olsen went to wake up Clark. Olsen gave him coffee and he appeared to fly, which didn't surprise Lois. After Otis absorbed a part Superman's powers, he also absorbed a portion of his personality. Confronted by Lois, Otis expressed feelings for her and Lois realized that Clark found her beautiful.[2]

After Superman was corrupted by Periwinkle Kryptonite, he used his charisma and dancing skills to charm Lois until the effects wore out. Lois was able to acquire a piece of Periwinkle Kryptonite and used it on Clark Kent to get another dance.[3]

Superman eventually went to reveal his secret identity to Lois, but she stopped him as she already knew his secret. Lois leaned in for a kiss, and upon Batman's insistence, Superman and Lois kiss.[4]




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