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During his quest for power lost in Blackest Night, Lex Luthor takes a Brainiac Probe stored in LexCorp and a sample of Lois Lane's DNA, to create a robotic version of her that served as his Conscience. Before having his programming completed, Lex Luthor is held hostage by bandits controlled by Mister Mind and put into a mental illusion. The Lois Lane Robot activates all its weapons systems and defeats all the thugs. Facing Mister Mind, the Lois Lane Robot manages to bring Luthor back to reality.

Soon after traces of the Black Ring energy are found in Antarctica, the Lois Lane Robot, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and LexCorp's scientist go there and find a black orb. A mere touch of the orb causes Deathstroke and all his crew to lose control and attack each other. The Lois Lane Robot was the only one not affected, because she's inorganic.




Known weapons are automatic machine guns and miniature torpedoes.

  • Due to its ability to have independent thoughts, no one knows for sure if the Lois Lane Robot has a Responsometer or if its programming by Lex Luthor is responsible for its actions.



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