Loki is one of the men hired by Mr. Macquarrie to kidnap Thomas Blake, Jr., the son of Catman and Cheshire.

With his associates Mr. Wallace and Claudio Rinetti, Loki attacked Cheshire to kidnap her child and left her seriously wounded. With the child in their hands, they called Catman, whom they were told by their employer was fat, useless and weak, to manipulate him into killing the Secret Six. The plan failed, but Loki and his associates finished their job by giving the child to Mr. Macquarrie. After that, Loki left for his hometown in South Africa, unworried at the idea of Catman potentially being after him. It didn't take long for Catman to find him and attack him by surprise as Loki left his town to hunt. The fight was short-lived and after Loki spilled out what Catman wanted to know, he got eaten alive by a group of lions.[1]




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