Lola Dent was the wife of former New York detective Harvey Lee Dent, who became the Superman. Initially Lola was very taken aback by her husband's new powers, but managed to have a stable relationship despite the oddities that comes from Harvey. But over time, Lola noticed that Harvey became more distant in their marriage as his powers becomes more evolved than before. After Harvey discovered his origins, he re-created the Miraclo Solution and gave it to Lola so she could evolve to his level and join him. At this point, Lola gained the same powers as her husband who in turn took over Earth in laying a utopian foundation following the supposed defeat of the Ultra-Humanite in which Lola supported Dent's actions. But Lola was later very perturbed in seeing her husband ultimately created an untouchable police state and killed thousands in his wake, and eventually left him. It was then established to the public's belief that Lola died from taking the Miraclo Solution.

During the ten years under Superman's tyranny, Lola lived in seclusion before being confronted by the Batman of New Earth, and her native Batman (Sir William) and Manhunter who requested her help in stopping Harvey from conquering New Earth. Lola was initially hesitant in helping them, but was convinced after the New Earth Batman drew his facts for her reasons for leaving Dent which emotionally shocked her.[1] Lola joined the heroes of New Earth and Earth-9 and confronted Dent, declaring she would not let him destroy another world distracted Harvey long enough for the New Earth Superman to subdue and defeating Harvey. After Harvey's defeat, Lola and the heroes of Earth-9 returned to their universe in rebuilding and restoring freedom to their world.[2]


Lola Dent shares the same powers as Harvey Dent from taking the Miraclo Solution.



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