Lola Montressori is the heiress to the Montressori Shipping and Oil Empire.

She frequently visited a nude beach in La Jolla, often in the company of her bodyguard, Hans. One time while sunbathing, a group of Nazi Pirates attempted to kidnap her for ransom, because her father was incredibly rich. While two of the pirate commandos were taking her back to their submarine, one of them shot Hans, but Grunge attacked the two commandos, defeating both of them. Lola repaid him by kissing him as the submarine surfaced. They then fired a torpedo, but Grunge was able to turn it around and it struck the submarine, destroying it and the crew.

Lola continued flirting with Grunge, however, Roxy arrived at the beach to pick up Grunge. Jealous of Lola's flirtatious behavior, Roxy caused Lola's breast implants to gain 100 pounds. Lola then collapsed to the ground and was unable to get up.

  • Though her citizenship is not stated, English is her second language, and Italian is her first, though she uses English more often as she spends a lot of time in California. Montressori is also an Italian surname.



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