Loma is a citizen of the planet Meta whose consciousness currently resides in the body of the Earth girl Megan Boyer.

Early Life

Coming from a race of aliens called "Avians", Loma was sent away from her own planet and landed on the planet Meta with her birth parents. However, because her parents' alien way of raising her was not condoned by the Metan government, Loma was taken away and given to a native Metan husband and wife. Always an outsider growing up, Loma was rebellious and found herself constantly in conflict with her adopted parents to the point that she was abandoned by them when she was a teenager.

Living alone but forced to continue schooling by the Metan government, Loma became cold to the world and began doing drugs and sleeping around, one of her partners being Lepuck Lado, who sought a more serious relationship with her that she wasn't comfortable with. [1]

Adopting the name Loma Shade in honor of her favorite poet and adventurer Rac Shade, Loma tricked Lepuck into helping her steal the M-Vest from a museum on her homeworld to replicate Shade's adventures. The vest transported her consciousness into the body of the 16-year-old Earthling Megan Boyer, who had been brain-dead for five months after a drug overdose. Attempting to fit into society in this strange new world, Loma, posing as Megan, insisted she be called "Shade", despite never revealing, not even to the girl's family, that she was not of this world. [2]


  • Avian Physiology(Formerly): Shade was an Avian, a bird-like alien native to the planet Meta.
    • Wings: Shade had wings, though they were clipped at some point in her childhood.[3]



  • Loma's original body, after being separated from her consciousness for so long due to the effects of the M-Vest, died on Meta in Shade the Changing Girl #11.



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