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Long Shadow was a member of the Ultimen, a superhero team created by Project Cadmus and financed and endorsed by Maxwell Lord as an alternative to the Justice League.

He and his teammates were artificial beings; given false memories and raised by actors to help them properly acclimate with the general public; in Long Shadow's case, his was being given his powers by his father when he was a child. Eventually, the Cadmus scientists noticed that all Ultimen were undergoing cellular atrophy with complete metabolic failure. It was only a matter of time before they died. Long Shadow and his team members discovered the truth for themselves and decided to destroy Project Cadmus. However, Long Shadow had earlier befriended the Justice League and brought in some of its prominent members to help the Ultimen find a solution to their deterioration. Unfortunately, its leader Wind Dragon decided that they should fight the Justice League in order to make a name for themselves. Long Shadow bravely stood against his teammates and helped the Justice League bring them into custody with Project Cadmus. Long Shadow was granted autonomy and membership within the League for however long he had to live.

Some time later, when Lex Luthor hijacked control of the Justice League Watchtower's fusion generator cannon to strike at Project Cadmus, clones of Ultimen including copies of Long Shadow were sent to penetrate the satellite and attack the Justice League.


  • Size Alteration: Long Shadow was able to increase his physical size and mass by force of will. The limits of his power is unknown though he could reach heights greater than the super-villain Giganta.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Long Shadow's strength increased to superhuman levels as he grew in height.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: Long Shadow's resistance to physical harm increased to superhuman levels as he grew in height.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Long Shadow developed super-humanly keen hearing. This was a side effect of the cellular atrophy that ultimately lead to his death.[1]


  • Cellular Atrophy: Like all the Ultimen, the cells in Long Shadow's body suffered from steady and irreversible deterioration. This atrophy was the result of the imperfect genetic engineering process that created the Ultimen. The cellular breakdown reached its final stage when an Ultiman's powers began to mutate; in Long Shadow's case, it was developing enhanced hearing. Premature death would then occur within a relatively short time.[1]



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