Quote1 I respect order, discipline. All you represent is anarchy. Quote2
-- Damien Darhk src

Lonnie Machin was a criminal who used to work for a man named Rick Pinzolo. Lonnie was looking to join the organization known as H.I.V.E. and tried to impress its leader Damien Darhk by attempting to stop new mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth from running using any means necessary. Darkh, however, did not approve of Lonnie's ways and told him to clean up his mess. Lonnie kidnapped Jessica's daughter Madison to pressure Jessica into withdrawing her candidacy. Though it worked, the intervention of Green Arrow and Speedy led to Lonnie being burned badly and knocked unconscious. However, on the way to the hospital, Lonnie killed the paramedics and escaped the ambulance, leaving behind a red anarchy symbol.[1]



  • Electric Baton: Lonnie possessed an electric baton that could also transform into a staff.



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