Lonnie Machin was a political activist in Gotham City in the time of Bruce Wayne's tenure as mayor.

He hired Catwoman and James Gordon to acquire Wayne's secret plans for a project that would put a chemical in the city's water supply that would immobilize people with criminal tendencies. He then holds a meeting with a large group of traditional Batman villains to formulate a plan to stop Wayne from releasing the chemical. The day of the operation, Lonnie deduces that Batman is just a puppet acting for Jonathan Crane. With the aid of Killer Croc, Clayface, and Penguin, Lonnie is able to enter the Gotham sewers and confront Crane and Batman as they are about to release the chemical. During the fight, they are gassed with the substance, but Lonnie is unaffected because he is a minor. Crane then takes Lonnie's Hologram belt that projects his Anarky costume. The unmasked Lonnie then explains his motivation for rebelling, and activates an explosive in his belt, killing Crane, and freeing Batman from his control. Lonnie is then allowed to go free.


Hologram Belt



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